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Cause of Jackson Odell’s Death Finally Revealed

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Jackson Odell, an actor and a songwriter who was found dead in a sober facility a couple of months back had recently been concluded by the coroner’s office that he died due to substance abuse. The announcement was made by the coroner’s office and was released by the office just today the 27th August 2018.


The Goldberg star allegedly died of cocaine and heroine overdose. He was said to have died of drug toxicity and the manner of his death was considered accidental. Shortly after his death, the department called in and told the outlet that Odell had a drug addition and that the result of his drug test was clean. There was also no drugs found at the location of his death and there was also no signs of foul play in his death.

Shortly after odell’s death, his family gave a statement to the media recounting the loss of their son and brother. “He had so much to share. He was a willing, talented, loving and brilliant soul”.

Just after the news of his passing, his friend and writer Ariel winter said that his death was a very difficult one for her and that she doesn’t know how to get passed it. “I knew Jackson since we were 12years and he had even appeared in an episode of Modern family. When we got into high school, we weren’t much of friends and we didn’t get to talk but then I’m glad we got to finally spend sometime with him and also get to know him before he died. It saddens me to hear about the passing of a promising young fellow ” wrote Ariel on her Twitter page.

The actor and songwriter was only 20 years of age before he died. He had entered into the industry as a young boy. At the age of 12years, he was already in the show industry. He had starred in great movies. Series such as the ABC comedy series where he played a role as Ari Caldwell from the year 2013-2015. He had also appeared on other shows such as iCarly, Modern Family etc.

The Colorado native was not just a successful actor but he was also a successful song writer and a singer. Before he died, he wrote so many songs for the song track of my forever girl which was eventually released this year.

During this difficult time, we send our condolences to his family.


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