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Jake Paul Net Worth

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Jake Paul falls among the most controversial millionaires globally. He was born on 17/ January/1997 in Westlake, Ohio, and he is a son to Gregory Paul and Pamela Stepnick.

You must know that Jake has a single brother called Logan, famous and a YouTube star. Jake Paul is also a celebrity, and he is far much beyond the YouTube realm.

In 2013, he commenced his career on Vine and YouTube and became the most popular social media platform personnel.

On the other hand, he has ventured on Disney Channel and later emerged a semi-famous boxer. Bear in mind that his career has earned him a lot of money.

Most people know him because he falls among the most well-paid online celebrities under the digital age, with a net worth of $20 million.

Therefore, his net worth will continue to go up if he continues to play his cards correctly.

What’s Jake Paul net worth?

This celebrity became famous when he began her career at Vine. When it reached its peak, he had gained over a million followers on his entire app.

Suddenly, Vine was shut down, and Paul lost numerous followers, and his net worth commenced fluctuating continuously.

He late ventured to YouTube fully now that Vine was no more. You must know that Jake Paul and Logan Paul, his brother, were very famous individuals on the entire YouTube.

As years went by, they continued growing popular on YouTube. He decided to come up with a team of 10, who would spend their time in the house mostly on YouTube.

They had a collection of hype beasts who worked on various videos starting from prank to story-time videos. In 2018, Jake Paul reached his YouTube fame height, hence becoming somehow steady.

Besides, you have to understand that Jake Paul lost many subscribers because his target audience got aged, and the content did not suit them anymore.

His content was primarily for teens as well as preteens. These kinds of demographics usually age, and it is hard to maintain.

This celebrity has also been found with many controversies since he has faced sexual assault and racism allegations. All these allegations drove his fans to hate him with passion.

However, this did not stop him from being a star. He earned a spot in a traditional spotlight when he got a role on a Disney Channel show.

The Bizaardvark show aimed at Disney and Jake Paul to share an audience of preteens. This show obtained mixed ratings as well as reviews. Paul enjoys growing famous continuously.

Recently, Paul Jake has joined the sports world. He is a boxer and has even knocked out Nate Robinson with a remarkable memeable punch.

This celebrity is looking forward to continuing his boxing career as time passersby. He constantly tweets and posts about boxing. Moreover, he has grown to earn money through his boxing career.

This celebrity is 24 years old, and he is already a millionaire. Similarly, young money has proven to be faint capital to multiple people like Paul Jakes.

This means he has to manage his fortune with a lot of smartness. Paul Jakes will continue with his career in boxing to emerge as an exhibitionist.

He needs to fight a lot of other boxers to make it an actual career. Most individuals find him an exciting boxer with physical talent, which must be nice because he is still developing his techniques.

With this, you can now comfortably confirm Jake Paul’s net worth. His net worth is $20 million when he is only 24 years old. This is truly an impressive number for someone of his age.

Furthermore, he still has the maximum potential to develop to greater heights, and he can grow his net worth to the moon.


Paul Jakes has diversified income apart from just YouTube. Additionally, he has numerous sponsorship and endorsement deals. The celebrity has also been in the music and entertainment industry and has performed excellently.

Everything he has tried out; he has yield fruits. As mentioned earlier, he has a net worth of $20 million, and it will grow if he puts more effort.

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