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Jeff Bezos Net Worth and Biography

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Jeff Bezos is among the top three wealthiest, most influential business men in the world. He is an American technology entrepreneur and CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon.com.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com, which is an online bookstore, and subsequently introduced features like customer reviews, one-click shopping, , and email order verification.

 Jeff Bezos further  expanded it to include various other items such as CDs ,jewelry  , toys , clothing, watches, electronics, and shoes.

He has continuously improved his website and introduced improved facilities for his customers. His childhood dream of aerospace inspired the founding of Blue Origin, an aerospace company developing technology to bring aerospace customers to life.

Jeff is an outstanding personality in the world, and I am sure you are eager to know the net worth and biography of this amazing entrepreneur.

Jeff Bezos Profile

  • Net worth : $184.4billion
  • Full Name : Jeff Bezos
  • Date of Birth : January 12, 1964 (56 years)
  • Nationality : American
  • Occupation : Businessman, Entrepreneur
  • Education : Princeton University
  • Marital Status : Married 1993; divorced in 2019

Jeff Bezos Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964 to Ted Jorgensen (father) and Jacklyn Gise (mother) . His mother’s ancestors were colonist who dwelled in Texas and had acquired a 25,000 acre ranch near Cotulla over the generations.

After the divorce between Ted and Jacklyn, Jacklyn, Jeff’s mother got remarried to Miguel Bezos who was enrolled in Albuquerque University, though he was an immigrant from Cuba.

Following the marriage between Jacklyn Gise and Miguel Bezos was the legal adoption of Jeff. He then became Miguel Bezos’ adopted son  legally after which they family relocated to Texas where Miguel worked as an engineer in Exxon.

Jeff Bezos was later enrolled in River Oaks Elementary School in Houston, from grade 4 to grade 6. He later went on to study electrical engineering and computer science in Princeton University after switching from his previous course of study, physics.

While in Princeton, Jeff Bezos served in a leadership role as the president of Princeton’ students for Exploration and Development of space. Jeff Bezos finally graduated as summa cum Claude in 1986 with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer science.

After graduating, he worked for several Wall Street firms, including Fitel Bankers Trust and investment firm D.E. Shaw. He joined D. E. Shaw & Co, New York in 1990.

There he became the youngest Vice President. Indeed, Jeff Bezos had an highly lucrative career in Finance, but he decided to quit after four years.

 Jeff Bezos started Amazon.com, an online bookstore, in 1995. Market analysts were initially doubtful of the success of Amazon  considering the existence of traditional stores, but he soon outperformed his competitors.

In 1997 the company became well known to the public. Over time, Amazon began to broaden or expand  its portfolio. CDs and videos have been offered since 1998, and clothing was added to the portfolio in 2002.

In 2003, a commercial search engine which focuses on e-commerce web sites called A9 was formed by Amazon. Also an online sporting goods store which offered upward of 3, 000 diverse brands.

Amazon later introduced the Kindle, a handheld electronic reading device in 2007. The Kindle makes use of Electronic ink, E-ink to render text with font size that can easily be adjusted in order to improve easy reading.

The Wylie Agency who gave Amazon the digital rights to works of authors, had Amazon signed a deal with them in 2010. The authors benefited a great deal as sales and readership increased though publishers were infuriated as they were ignored and not recognized.

Bezos introduced a colored touch screen mini tablet computer called Kindle Fire, which also competed with Apple iPad.

The introduction of Kindle Paper white gave e-readers so much convenience and comfort which made it possible for readers to read even in the dark through its illuminated touch screens.

Apart from  LivingSocial, Amazon Local, and Amazon web services, Jeff Bezos also launched the Amazon Studios to add to his portfolio.  Amazon is also aiming towards presenting TV programs through an online video service.

The Washington Post and other publications in association with The Washington Post Co was purchased on the 5th of August, 2013 at a staggering sum of $250 million by Jeff Bezos, therefore bringing to an end the reign of Graham family which has been in control for four generations.

It was disclosed in December, 2013 by Jeff Bezos Amazon Prime Air which is an experimental initiative which makes use of drones to carry weight up to five pounds and which also travels for ten miles to provide delivery services to customers.

In 2000,Jeff Bezos established the Blue Origin, an American aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services which has its headquarters in Kent, Washington.

Blue Origin had operated in secret for a long time. Blue Origin is developing a variety of technologies, with a focus on rocket-powered vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to suborbital and orbital space.

In 2019, Jeff Bezos revealed Blue Origin’s vision for space and is also planning a lunar lander which he called the “Blue Moon” which according to him should be ready in 2024.

Blue Origin’s National Team which consist of Northrop Grumman, Draper and Lockheed Martin, was awarded the sum of $579 million on April 30, 2020, to build an integrated human landing system as part of NASA’s Artemis program to return humans to the moon.

Jeff Bezos Achievements

  • In 2008, Jeff Bezos received an honorary doctorate award in science and Technology from the Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Jeff Bezos also received an innovation award for Amazon Kindle, from The Economist in 2011.
  • In 2012, he was named  by Fortune as the Businessperson of The Year.
  • In December 2012, the National Retail Federation named Amazon as the top retailer of the year, and awarded him the Gold Medal Award, given to an individual who has served the industry with distinction.

Jeff Bezos Personal Life

Jeff Bezos got married in 1993 to MacKenzie Tuttle. Their union is blessed with four lovely children. Sadly though, on the 9th of January 2019, they couple announced their divorce.

It was later reported that the world’s richest man is dating a former helicopter pilot and TV host Lauren Sanchez.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

In 2020, it was reported through Forbes that the CEO of Amazon.com has a mouth watering Net Worth of $184.4 billion.

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