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Jennifer Garner Ready to ‘mingle’ After Divorce

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Jennifer Garner Ready to ‘mingle’ After Divorce

Shortly after Jenniffer Gartner finalised her divorce with Ben Affleck, it seems she is already ready to mingle. Just a few weeks after her...

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Shortly after Jenniffer Gartner finalised her divorce with Ben Affleck, it seems she is already ready to mingle. Just a few weeks after her official divorce with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, Jenniffer says she is single and ready to mingle.


Three years ago, both Jennifer and Ben started their divorce journey after splitting up. They finally signed their divorced paper two weeks ago making her legally and authentically single. Now that it had finally happened, the 46-year-old actress is simply ready to dive back into the dating pool.

“It has been a long time since Jen has been waiting to move on, and now that the divorce has been finalised, she can finally get on with her life. For a while before the divorce, she has had no choice but to be patient since Ben needed to finish his rehab treatment and get sane in order to sign his part of the divorce papers. However, while waiting, she had been very ready to sign the papers since. Jen is not ready to be single all her life, and so she is ready to be in a relationship again” A close source to her told the PEOPLE magazine.

Right now, Jenniffer is not only open to dating, and she has even started back into the relationship cycle. According to a close source to her, she has been on dates already; however, she hasn’t come out in the open concerning any new relationship just yet.

According to US weekly, she had started into a new relationship, but the lucky guy is still yet unknown. What we are very sure of, however, is the fact that she is ready to begin the next phase of her life. Though she is eager to start that next phase, but for Jennifer, their kids come first.

A close source revealed that although Jennifer is happy to jump back into the dating pool, however, her kids and her job comes first for her and there is no going back in that. Immediately after Ben opened up about his time in rehab and after he confirmed that he had finished his 40 days in rehab treatment, he and Jennifer had finally signed the papers that allowed them to go their separate ways.

After ten years of marriage, the couple had unofficially split in 2015. In 2017, they decided to legalise their split which led them to file for a divorce which took them about a year to finish sorting out the details and finally getting legally divorced.

Despite their failed romance and ended marriage, the duo had remained close and had done an exceptionally great job at co-parenting their two kids, Violet who is 12 years old, Saraphina who is nine years and Samuel who is six years old.

Jennifer might not be the only single parent here. Just a few weeks back, Ben as well decided to split from his ex-girlfriend model Shauna Sexton. The 46-year-old actor decided to split from his 22-year-old girlfriend after stating the fact that he needed to concentrate on his sobriety and his family as his reasons.

According to Shauna, she said the news of their break-up isn’t accurate, and a source confirmed exclusively to Hollywood life that the relationship hasn’t been cut short. The source said that the couple is on a break and haven’t broken up yet. The source went ahead to say that when Ben is in a better place with himself, he will consider getting back together with Shauna again. “He has always adored her and thought she was fun and really cool,” said the source.


However, for Ben at this point, his health takes the top-most priority. While he is working on that chapter of his life, Jennifer is starting a new phase of her life. We really hope that the duo gets what they are both looking for in record time.


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