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Karla Souza Gets Set for a Triathlon 5 Months After Child Birth

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Karla Souza has a lot on her plate as a new mom, and she is equal to the task. While Karla has been filming a new episode of “How to get away with murder”, the actress also has a beautiful baby girl at home who requires attention.


However, when the opportunity came for Souza to take part in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon presented by Bank of America in Malibu, the actress was super excited even though she had very little time to prepare.

“I’m going to be brutally honest. I had not prepared, which is really weird because both years before this, I was doing training every Saturday and all this stuff,” Souza shared with E! News exclusively from the set of her hit ABC drama. “And it’s like, ‘Welcome to motherhood.'”

When Karla isn’t filming, she shared that she spends time engaging in strength training and trying to complete exercise circuits in her trailer. Karla tries to climb the stairs at the lot where she works in between scenes.

Karla can go swimming in a pool near her house and go on a few runs. However, the actress is focused on staying hydrated as she is still breastfeeding her daughter.

“As a breastfeeding mom, that can really be a game changer. I have Pedialyte as much as I can and lactation bars,” she explained to E! News “And eating as many calories as I can so that I can keep my hydration and my sodium up so that I can still have supplied for feeding my baby and not lose that.”

Discussing on her preparation for the triathlon, Karla told her fans that it is essential they bear in mind that every pregnancy is different and it is advisable to check in with your doctor to know the kind of activities you are fit to engage in. Above all, Karla believes that self-care is more important than any exercise you want to engage in after childbirth.

“If they decide not to do exercise, there are as badass as if they did do exercise,” The new mom explained to E! News. “I would definitely advise new moms to reach out to other moms. Sometimes we feel like we’re on our own and this is a race we’re running on our own. It’s emotional, and we have hormones all over the place, and it’s definitely hard.”

Karla is also excited about how she would explain things to her daughter once she is old enough to understand the world around her fully.

“I want her to learn that giving is far better than receiving,” the actress shared. “And that standing up to things like cancer are things that we must do to just be there for other humans.”


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