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Harmattan & Winter Hair Routine: Keep Your Hair Healthy All Season

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The winter or harmattan months are not the friendliest to our hair and skin. The cold weather outside, coupled with the heat inside can make your strands suffer from split ends breakage and dryness.

If you thought hair damage was a Sumner tproblemoblem, then you’ll have to rethink because all hair types can experience it in the winter months. If you’d love to have fabulous-looking hair all year round, then you should read on and try out our tips.

1. Switch to an oil-based moisturizer to lock in extra moisture

No hair type ever benefits from blasts of dry air. Whether you have relaxed, wavy, coiled, or curly hair, when it is exposed to cold, it becomes sensitive and prone to split ends and breakage. Extra moisture is the only way to combat the effect of dry air on your hair.

If you can get a heavier than usual hair moisturizer that is oil-based, that should work correctly for your winter or harmattan hair troubles. This kind of moisturizer not only protects your hair texture but evaporates very slowly.

2. Shampoo less frequently to help fix itchy, flaky scalp

It is not uncommon for plaques of skin to smother the scalp during winter or harmattan. Not only will it cause itching and flaking, but lead to suppressing growth as well.

If you notice flakes on your scalp or you experience itching during the winter months, all you have to do is reduce the number of times you shampoo.

Look for a shampoo that works great for all hair types and use you at most twice a month. You should also drink water and watch your diet if you have other scalp concerns.

3. Engage in weekly treatments to keep hair hydrated.

When there is dry air, it also means that all textures of hair need extra weekly attention and treatment to replace lost moisture.

There is never enough moisture during the winter or harmattan season, and this is the primary reason why a good conditioner should always be handy. Get a rinse out and leave in conditioner for when you wash your hair and for when you condition your hair weekly.

Call this “the hair pampering” weekly routine. Deep conditioning and other hair treatments will help to keep your hair soft and shiny all winter.

4. Use a leave-in conditioner to treat static

A primary sign of hair dryness is the floating free strands that occur commonly during the harmattan or winter season.

Instead of going with the static and dry hair, make sure that you keep your hair hydrated all the time with a good leave-in conditioner. Massage your conditioner into your scalp correctly, and cover with a bonnet if possible.

5. Exchange platinum hair color for a darker hair colour this winter

Colored hairs look super cool, but winter or harmattan period isn’t the best time to bring out the rainbow pony in you.

Opting for a darker hair dye instead of that blonde color you’ve been eyeing may be the perfect thing for your hair in the cold season.

If at all you musty switch your hair color, make sure that you leave the roots natural and opt for a demi permanent hue till the weather changes. With this, the hair due washes out, and you can get the color you want in the future when the weather permits.

You may also want to consider cutting down the number of chemical hair strengtheners you use. The fewer chemicals on your hair, the longer it is able to retain moisture and lessen hair breakage. Get milder or softer hair products and seek the advice of a professional for application.

6. Reduce your heat-heavy styling routine

All the dryness and heat of the harmattan season will cause breakage and split ends. Avid use of heat protection with a good leave-in conditioner will help to prevent hair breakage.

There are great conditioners in the market that will work fine for your hair type. You should also try out protective hairstyles such as twists, braids, buns, and ponytails, which will protect your hair and keep it looking great all season round.

7. Never go outside with damp hair to prevent hair breakage

Time is indeed of the essence every morning, but you must properly dry your hair before running off into the cold. The primary reason why this is vital is that everything that gets cold expands.

That is precisely what occurs when you go into the morning cold with your wet hair shaft, and it puts you at risk of breakage and fades out your hair color faster. Take enough time to dry your hair correctly, as it will save you the extra salon time and money.

8. Line your winter hat with silk or satin to stop split ends

Warning: Bear in mind that cotton, wool, and any other course fabric can make your hair have split ends and suffer breakage. The outcome is even worse if you have natural-textured hair or curls.

You should always line your acrylic, wool, or cotton hats with satin or silk. If you already own some hats, you can sew in a vintage scarf or a satin blouse to make it more comfy and safe for your hair.

We recommend that natural and curly hair girls make use of oil-based hair moisturizer before they put on a hat.

For ladies with straight hair or smooth textured hair, it is advised that they use a silk scarf to cover their blow out or sew it underneath their scarfs. There are several fantastic ways to use satin scarves in harmattan or winter season if you do not want to wear hats.

9. Use dry shampoo for volume if your hair has gone limp

People with oily hair may discover that their hair becomes extraordinarily limp, most notably when the feared “hat head” is involved, and it can not only ruin your style but your entire mood and day.

You may have to do more shampooing and less conditioning, especially at the roots of your hair. If you want to build up your style and add a beautiful volume to your hair, you can opt for a good thickening tonic or spray.

Dry shampoos are excellent for styles like this as they keep your hair fuller, expand the hair shaft, and make it look more robust.

10. Hydrate hair overnight with an oil or serum

The dry night air is almost unavoidable, and it is notorious for draining out moisture from your hair and skin.

This is why night serums and creams were made specially. You may be scared that your pillowcase will get soiled, but it worth the extra work if you want to have healthy-looking hair all winter long.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a special pillowcase for nights when you have to hydrate your hair. Get the very best of night hair serum and apply it to your hair on nights when you want to hydrate. Make sure your serum is applied on dry hair instead of wet hair.

If you are a relaxed, curly, or texture strand girl, get a light oil that is high in omega fatty acids to hydrate your hair every night. There are great oils that come with extra protection for hairs like yours.

Make sure that after hydration, you cover your hair nicely with a silk scarf or asleep bonnet to avoid friction. This kind of coverage will also keep your moisture levels intact.

These harmattan and winter hair care tips are the best you can find, and they are also cheap to carry out. You do not have to deal with a bad hair day every single day of the season when these tips are right here waiting for you to use them.

Leave a comment below if you have other tips, you would like to share or if you have questions you want to ask.

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