Kiddwaya Biography and Net Worth


Kiddwaya is a handsome, young man who was born into the cosy arms of wealth. He became popular after taking part in the Big Brother Naija season 5 that was tagged “Lockdown”.

Apart from being born into a wealthy family, he is also very good looking and loves working out; it is not a wonder why he has a well defined muscular body.

In this article, we will discuss facts about Kiddwaya’s biography and net worth.

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Kiddwaya Profile

Net Worth$70, 000
Full NameTerseer Kiddwaya
Date of Birth (Age)27
OccupationEntrepreneur, Executive director of Valley Foods and co- founder of AK- Exports.
Years Active2020 –

Kiddwaya Age

Kiddwaya was born in Lagos state on the 5th of March, 1993. He hails from Benue which is located in the North Central region of Nigeria. Kiddwaya is from a major ethnic group in Benue state known as the Tiv ethnic group.

Kiddwaya was born into a wealthy family and his dad, Chief Terry Waya is billionaire who have a high taste for Versace brands.

Kiddwaya grew up in Lagos but as the years went by, he relocated to Europe and reside in London for a period of six years. However, he has residency in the two countries Nigeria and United kingdom.

Kiddwaya Education

Kiddwaya went to Dover College from 2004- 2011. He obtained an Advanced level result in Business, Economics, English, Physical Education, Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts and General studies.

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After he obtained his A-level results, Kiddwaya got admitted into Nottingham Trent University in 2011 where he studied Business Management and Marketing Business/Managerial Economics.

In 2015, Kiddwaya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Nottingham Trent University. His quest for knowledge spurred him to go for his Master’s degree.

In 2017, Kiddwaya went to Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University where he obtained a degree in Master of Science – MSInternational Business in 2018.

Kiddwaya Career

Kiddwaya had a good start in life since he was born into one of the most dreamed families. From 2011-2014, Kiddwaya put together a company called VIW-company in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

This company was into events organization such as talent hunts, promotion, marketing and organizing public or private parties.

He was also opportuned to experience behind the scenes of My Music X (MMX) when top artists are performing. His other behind the scenes experiences are the MMX- Fashion Show Dubai 2013, MMX- EDMX Event 2013, MMX-LIVE 2013 and MMX- Live Workshops.

Kiddwaya is also passionate about agriculture and consumables. He holds key positions in an agricultural related company and exportation company.

In 2016, Kiddwaya co-founded an exportation company known as AK-Export. This company deals with the exportation of any type of agricultural produce, farming and packaging of agricultural products.

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In September of 2018, Kiddwaya became an Executive director of Valley Foods. This company is into large scale agricultural investments, livestock, food processing and is joined to other allied industries.

Also Valley Agriculture & Foods Co. is considered as Africa’s number one future city whose mission is on Integrated Livestock Production, Agriculture and Technology.

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Kiddwaya’s company focuses on building self sufficiency in food production, agricultural industrialization and job security via the creation of sustainable African food and beverage products that aids the ecosystem.

In 2020, Kiddwaya stepped into the spotlight as he became one of Season 5 BigBrother Naija housemates.

During one of Kiddwaya’s conversation with another housemate Erica, he expressed his opinions about how he perceived things. In his own words Kiddwaya said “I know what I have outside; my net worth cannot be compared with them outside here””.

This comment made fans to have a mixed veiws about him, some perceived him as being proud, while some wonder why he signed up for the reality show, others saw him as being real.

However, his behaviour in the house did not get him a lot of votes which led to his eviction from the BigBrother house and show.

Kiddwaya Relationship

Kiddwaya has been in more than one relationship. His longest relationship was known to have lasted for a period of 4 years

However, Kiddwaya is single and his fans are eagerly waiting for who he will choose as his girl.

Kiddwaya Achievement

According to one of his interviews, Kiddwaya said his greatest achievements are losing weight and keeping fit despite his childhood chubby state.

Kiddwaya Net Worth

Kiddwaya being rich from birth is well to do. Considering his earnings from known engagements, Kiddwaya Net worth is estimated to be worth a whopping $100,000 at the time of this writing.

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