Kiindu: New Social Media Platform Set to Promote Positivity


Social media is time consuming, stressful, and most of the time very distracting. In plain english, social media promises to give you a wider connection with the rest of the world and with the people that matter to you.

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But the truth of it is your personal privacy is compromised instead. Social media would make you feel unhappy, put you at risk of online abuse, and make you question your life in so many ways.

So if you have been wondering why people are increasingly taking breaks off social media including celebrities, these are some reasons why:

1. social media account and probably affects everyone’s mental health

Several studies have linked social media with increased levels of anxiety depression and even isolation it’s true that but older and younger users are at risk of breaking down under pressure of a perceived unachievable standard of life.

These unrealistic standards are usually present on social media websites, and it has been discovered that uses which often log in to their different social media accounts are more likely to experience depression and other mental health conditions that people who are less active on social media.

2. Social media is an abode of dangerous situations

A lot of people fail to recognise that bullying on social media platforms is just as harmful and dangerous as building on the roads, in school, and any other form of bullying.

Sometimes, social media bullying can even be worse that can happen partly because it is more difficult to detach from social media and people’s bullying activities can affect anybody regardless of the person’s location or what the person is doing at the time.

Being a victim of social media bullying can be very terrible. And because people are constantly connected to the tablets phones or computers, it only means bullies can get to them more easily.

3. Social media decreases creativity and productivity

Studies have shown that people’s connection to social media websites can have a negative effect on the commitment to be productive, as well as creativity in one’s personal life or professional life.

Because a lot of people spend more time on social media than they think they do it has been discovered that time which is one of the most important resources is constantly being wasted.

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If this is true of all social media platforms and what is so special about this new one that makes everybody see it as the revolutionary social media platform.

What is KIINDU and why should it be considered different?

– If you have discovered that you cannot have a positive look at your life and your environment as a result of all the negative things you get to experience on social media networks, this new social media platform is a community specially designed to create a safe environment for people in your situation.

– The primary aim of KIINDU is to spread positivity and love as well as encourage the flow of positive energy on a daily basis this is a place where you can get motivated share your daily experiences and also get all the inspiration that you need.

– The main aim or mission of the social media platform is to bring positive human beings together so that they can supply and exchange positive vibes.

There will be no feeling of being constantly under pressure to prove that you are better than anyone else there will be no bullying and it will not have any negative impact on a person’s creativity or productivity.

KIINDU is on a mission to inspire people so that they can prosper and feel calm and happy at the same time. You can decide to join the storyboards or even if you order boards like positive affirmation which will provide you with empowerment through spoken words.

The platform has different boards that are designed for various things, and each of these boards would help you gain inspiration and motivation. So if you’re looking for a change, it is best to join this platform so that you can seize the opportunity to become a better person, and also help other people become better.

There is hope for the future with platforms like this coming up, and it seems like the rate of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions that happen as a result of the role of social media on people’s lives would be on the decrease from 2019.

Have you tried KIINDU? Let us know what you think about it.