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Korean Celebrities Secret to Glass Smooth Skin

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Every girl’s dream is to have smooth, soft skin that will be the envy of others. And whenever we see our favourite celebrities looking all clean and fresh with their supple glass smooth skin, we mostly zero our minds to think that it is due to genetics and it is impossible for an average person to achieve that kind of perfection.

Well, as absurd as it may seem, it is actually one of the most natural things anybody can achieve as long as you’re ready to put in dedication and patience.

Most of us have no idea how much celebrities have to work just to keep their skin looking perfect for the big screen.

In fact, your favourite stars have to follow very strict skin care regimen and maintain a healthy lifestyle to have their skin at a very top notch level and keep it that way.

Korean celebrities are not only very wonderful people at their craft; they have also been seeing as a definition of beauty because of their wonderful body shape and even their beautiful skin.

We are very lucky that some of them have been generous enough to share their skin care secrets that hopefully will help us achieve that radiant complexion that we want and also maintain it for a long time.

Below I feel of Korean celebrity skin care regimen that you would find very interesting, all you have to do is read further.

1. The 424 cleansing method

A lot of us already know that using the double cleansing method is one of the primary principles when it comes to Korean skin care routine.

However, the beautiful Korean actress Bae Suzy told us that she takes the double cleansing method a little further by engaging in what she calls the 424 cleansing routine.

This method involves gently massaging a cleansing oil into your skin for a total of 4 minutes, then following up with a cleanser that is water based for another 2 minutes before finally finishing off with water rings that should last another 4 minutes.

Bae Swiss that the skin care routine is the best way to completely read your skin of any traces of oil dirt and makeup. Meticulous cleansing is very important if you must keep acne away and also prevent clogged pores; this is a guaranteed way to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

2. It is important that you always stay hydrated

We have all been told time and again that it is important to drink as much water as possible every day.

But the question is, does drinking water to stay hydrated make any difference in our skin? According to the beautiful Song Ji-Eun who is a member of the Korean girl band secret, committing to drinking enough water every day is the bold step she took to achieve radiant and glowing skin.

Song shared with us that she drinks as much as 3 or 4 litres of water daily to help keep her skin hydrated and she believes strongly that the differences she notices in her skin are as a result of her healthy hydration habit.

3. Be consistent with your use of moisturiser

Most of us used our moisturiser every day. But for top Korean actress Ha Ji-won, using moisturiser has become an obsession. This beautiful woman has shared that she never allows our skin stage right for longer than 30 seconds.

According to won, she immediately applies a jelly after her cleansing routine so that she can get all the moisture back into her skin.

She also recommends that everyone keeps a mist spray on hand so that you can easily add moisture to your skin. What she’s trying to tell us where is that consistent moisturization is the magic she uses to achieve a healthy glow.

4. Don’t ever skip the face masks

I am one of the thousands of people who believe that face masks are just another trick to get you to buy more beauty products. However, it turns out that the face mask actually is an important part of the Korean skin care routine.

Peach and Lily are one of the best Korean skincare experts and they recommend that you have a variety of sheet mask on hand if you really want to combat issues immediately they start to show up.

Song Hye-Kyo is one Korean actress that users face masks religiously and she has even gone as far as making her own homemade face mask. Go Hyun-Jung is another Korean actress that swears by her use of face mask as a matter of fact she claims to use a two-step masking routine to not only nourish your skin but to keep them looking healthy every week.

Another Korean actress recommends that you apply a face mask every morning she believes strongly that face mask in on a daily basis is what has helped to keep her skin from looking fatigue because of her hectic lifestyle.

One other thing that is highly recommended by some Korean celebrities is sleep masks. These masks are a wonderful replacement for moisturizers at night.

Whether you use a face mask daily or you just use them occasionally these masks are packed with targeted active ingredients that will give you a very nice skin after use.

5. Your diet makes all the difference

I know this is a tip that you saw coming, but there are lots of celebrities that actually clean eating a healthy diet is one way they have been able to maintain radiant, glowing skin.

Feeding on plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is number one on everyone’s list even though they still have to use different facial products and engage in some slightly complicated routines.

You may have to start consuming as much cooked tomatoes as you can and also avoid all oily or fried foods so that you do not have to deal with acne breakouts.

6. Wash your hands before you wash your face

A lot of us begin our skin care routine by washing her face; however, it is best that you wash your hands thoroughly before you wash your face.

Our hands are always everywhere. As a matter of fact, I think they are the part of our body that we use the most because we touch things every single minute.

Because of how much we use our hands, we can easily pick up germs and bacteria and transfer them to our face when we wash our face without washing our hands first.

7. More isn’t always better

So some people may decide to follow a ten-step skincare routine just because I have said it is good to follow these techniques if you want to achieve good skin. But what you need to understand is that more isn’t always better.

All you need to do is follow the basic things that are required to give you good results. All you have to do is make sure that your skin is clean morning and night and wear as little makeup as possible you should always get enough sleep as it would help to improve your skin.

8. Try salt water to combat breakouts

One way you can treat breakouts is with saltwater according to a Korean actress whenever she notices pimples on her skin she dates the area with lukewarm salted water as it helps to get rid of bacteria and also reduce inflammation and redness.

9. Oil isn’t your enemy

I understand that many of us try to avoid products that contain oil. But Seohyun is one Asian actress that makes us understand that one way you can achieve a supple moisturise the skin is by making use of facial oils.

According to her, she uses facial oils to help seal moisture into her skin and leave it glowing. Always use a very thin layer of oil whenever you want to moisturise your skin after cleansing. When you use too much of oil in might end up plugging your pores, and you don’t want to do that.

10. Don’t complicate things by mixing too many products

In the quest to achieve a spotless and beautiful skin a lot of people make the mistake of using too many products.

Doing this would only complicate things and worsen the condition of your skin. So it is better that you opt for natural products and just stick to the basic skincare routine.

We hope that you find these tips interesting, and also very useful please feel free to share other tips with us by leaving a comment below, and also do not hesitate to share this post with your friends on social media as they might be able to learn a few things too.

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