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Kuda Bank Mobile Banking App: Features and Download Links

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They are the only online bank in Nigeria; They are the only digital bank that works mainly on smartphones. They do not have or need a physical location to provide their banking services.

Before becoming Kuda Bank, they were known as Kudimoney. The Central Bank of Nigeria fully licenses this digital bank.

To be clear, this unique digital bank is not a mobile wallet or directly a mobile application that sends pigmentation to an existing bank. It’s a real bank; it’s just a digital bank.

Kuda Banks offers current accounts with no monthly fees and a free debit card, with plans that offer consumers savings and P2P payment options.

Where it is written that:

  • There are no ATM maintenance fees
  • No cash withdrawal fees
  • No transfer fees to other banks (When users receive two free transfers to other banks per month. After that, each transfer to other banks costs N10).
  • It encourages Free deposits (Kuda account holders can invest free of charge in more than 10,000 branches in Nigeria).

Features of Kuda Mobile Banking App

In the Kuda Mobile Banking App, the features are well ranked. So you have your home page, your payment page, your budget page, your tab page, and various pages where you save cards, chat services, security settings, references, account restrictions, legal information, and a disconnection.

  • You can open a bank account in five minutes
  • Customers can do all KYC in the app
  • They do not charge unnecessary bank charges, such as card maintenance fees, account maintenance fees, etc.
  • Transfer funds to your account or another account
  • Payment of Bills.
  • Mobile top-up
  • Withdraw and send money.
  • Invite and Redeem

How to Get Started on Kuda Mobile Banking App

  • Go to the store and download Kuda Mobile Banking App.
  • Once you download the app, launch the app.
  • You will be asked to register/open an account. You will need your BVN, phone number, email address, and photo (to verify your identity), and other essential information.
  • After finalizing the process, your account number would be sent to your registered phone number, and you can begin transactions.
    PS: When you open an account, you will have the option to update the report. You will need to add a government-issued ID card to upgrade your account.

Download Links for Kuda Mobile Banking App

What fees do Kuda Mobile Banking App Charge?

  • Kuda Mobile Banking App offers you 25 free transfers each day if you register via your confirmation number (BVN). You can find more information on free transfers here.
  • Without your BVN, you will receive two free transfers each month.
  • Additional transfers will cost you each naira.
  • Everything else is free: use your account, use the Kuda card, and withdraw money from our connected ATMs.

How do I invest money in my Kuda Mobile Banking account?

Kuda Bank mobile app
  • You can transfer funds to your Kuda Bank account from any Nigerian bank using a banking application or via Internet Banking.
  • You can also add money to your updated account with most debit or credit cards. Tap Add money on the Kuda Mobile Banking App Platform and select the Add option on the tab.
  • Adding money to your card account is free up to a total of N100,000. After that, we will no longer cover the payment fees charged by the company linking your card to your account.
  • If you have money, you can deposit it in your Kuda Bank account in our partner banks. Tap Add money on the Kuda Mobile Banking App and select Add instruction, then follow the instructions.
  • You can send money from a GTBank account by dialing * 737 * 50 * the amount * 416 # from the telephone number associated with this account and following the instructions on the screen.

How can I make money with Kuda Mobile Banking App?

  • Open a Kuda account and log in with your email address, phone number, and a photo of your face.
  • Update your account with a bank verification number (BVN) and a valid government-issued identity card (your electoral card, driver’s license, national card, or international passport).
  • Go to kudabank.com/partner and enter your Kuda account, the location, and the area to which you will refer Kuda.
    Kuda Bank will pay you 200 naira for each person who opens a Kuda account through their recommendation. The amount depends only on the amount you earn each day. The more you recommend, the more you will get paid.
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