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Kylie Jenner Getting Engaged Soon?

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For several months now Kylie Jenner and her baby daddy also boyfriend have been in the news, but we haven’t heard of them taking their relationship to the next level. However, things could be heading towards that direction, or so we think.


Kylie Jenner was spotted over the weekend hitting up a jewellery store with Jordan woods who is her best friend. It’s been about 8months since Kylie Jenner, and Travis Scott welcomed their beautiful baby girl, but they haven’t been talking about the next step in their relationship.

The reality star was seen heading towards a jewellery store on Sunday, October 7th 2018 with her best friend in LA. This has however brought about speculations from both fans and the media that the star may be looking for a piece of jewellery which her rapper boyfriend could identify her with.

The beautiful star had dragged her friend along on the shopping trip to maybe help her choose the one which is most appropriate and fancy on her. We, however, aren’t sure in what they looked at in the store.

It won’t come as a surprise to us if engagement occurs between Travis and Kylie. They have after all been together for more than a year and a half now, and they also have a beautiful baby girl as a seal of their love.

While Kylie was at the store, Travis was in New York all weekend where he performed at the Saturday Night Live. Kylie didn’t attend this event however as she stayed home while Travis went for the event. This was in order for her to take care of their baby Stormi Webster.

She instead watched the show live on TV as the program was aired. She had even at some point excitedly referred to Travis as her hubby while she gushed over his performance on social media.

For Kylie, the stay-home weekend was a period for her to bond with her baby Stormi. She went ahead to share some adorable pictures of her and Stormi as well as the fantastic time they had spent with each other on Instagram. Asides this, a video was posted by Kylie where she captured Stormi practising her kisses.

For the outing with her BFF over the weekend, Kylie wore a pair of sweatpants alongside a white crop top. This enabled her show off her amazing post-baby body as well as her fantastic set of body abs. She matched the outfit with a tiny sunglasses. This picture has us gushing and asking questions like how do you give birth 8months ago and still look so amazing?


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