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Kylie Jenner Biography and Net Worth

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Kylie Jenner has been in the news lately for what I can say is all the right reasons. As one of the Kardashian family, Kylie is not always far from controversy despite the ongoing coronavirus that is on rampage all over the world.

Kylie Jenner was surprisingly wrongly sealed her billionaire status according to Forbes, only for her to be removed from list of billionaire celebrity around the world a week later.

Many of the celebrity’s fans have been thrown into a state of confusion trying to know the exact value of Kylie Jenner net worth. This article is here to debunk any kind of confusion and set the records straight by giving you the correct estimate of Kylie Jenner net worth.

But before then, we will give you a brief overview of her early life, education and career.

Kylie Jenner Profile

  • Full Name: Kylie Kristen Jenner
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • State of Origin: Los Angeles
  • State of residence: California
  • Marital status: Single
  • Occupation: TV celebrity, Model, Business woman

Kylie Jenner Age

Kylie Jenner was born to her parents on the 10th of August, 1997 and at the time of writing of this article, she is 22 years of age.

Kylie Jenner Education

Kylie Jenner had her education initially at the Sierra Canyon school and according to her, she was part of the cheerleading team, acting roles in short plays in the school.

In 2012 however, she quit the Sierra Canyon school to enroll for a home education program where she did her home schooling and graduated with a high school diploma at the end of the program through the Laurel Spring school, Ojai in 2015.

Kylie Jenner Career

Kylie is well known today as one of the youngest and richest female celebrities in America with a net worth that is way beyond her own age of 22.

This adds to the exceptionally career that she has had so far and what’s more? There is a lot more to come from her because she is still so young and active. Kylie Jenner net worth is also expected to keep growing over the years.

Kylie is a celebrity, business woman, model, media personality who started out her career in 2012 when she was aged 14 at the time. Kylie and her sister, Kendall collaborated with a clothing brand called PacSun, thereby creating the clothing line referred to as Kendall and Kylie.

Three years later, Kylie went ahead to create her own cosmetic line of products referred to as Kylie lip kits, which was later rebranded as Kylie Cosmetics in 2016. The rebranding also involved the launch of a mobile app, which was grossly downloaded by users, making it the number one app on the iTunes app store.

Even before launching her personal cosmetic brand, Kylie and Kendall made the list of Time’s most influential teens in the world because of their worldwide influence on youths on social media networks.

By 2019, Kylie Jenner became one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram behind the superstar footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2017 also, she made it to Forbes Celebrity 100 list, featuring as the youngest on the list of most influential people in the world.

A spin off series about Kylie Jenner was released in 2017 called the life of Kylie, which was a reality TV show about her professional and personal life. The series premiered on the entertainment Channel, E!. Later in 2018, she became the most influential celebrity in the American fashion industry according to the New York Post.

Her career has not been without controversy as in 2017 when she and Kendall released a vintage T shirt line featuring pictures of the likes of Tupac, Notorious BIG and so on. She was condemned and sued by the families of the rock artists whose images were used. Apologies were made and the Tshirts were withdrawn from the market.

Also in 2017, a suit was filed against Jenner by a popular Australian artist called Kylie Minogue for a name trademark, Kylie after Jenner filed for a US Trademark application of the name, meaning that no one else would be able to use the name for trading in the US.

She however lost the suit since Kylie Minogue already owned the trademark name Jenner wanted for advertising services and also endorsement services.

Kylie Jenner Relationship

Kylie Jenner was known to have dated Tyga who was also a celebrity rapper from 2014 till they broke up in 2017. She then later had a relationship with another rapper in Travis Scott and they both have a daughter together.

They dated until September of 2019 when they officially broke up.

Kylie Jenner Achievement

Kylie Jenner had a lot of nominations and won awards through her celebrity reality TV shows including the popular Keeping up with the Kardashians and her self spin off series called the life of Kylie.

Her nominations includes;

The 2013 female choice TV reality star which she won, 2014 female choice TV reality star, 2015 choice instagrammer and Choice selfie taker, 2017 choice instagrammer and Choice snapchatter, and the 2019 Choice social star.

Kylie Jenner Net worth

Kylie Jenner net worth

Figures released according to Forbes in late 2019 showed Kylie Jenner net worth to be estimated at $1 billion, making her the youngest self made billionaire.

However, controversy spread when Forbes stripped her of the Billionaire status after they discovered that many of the documents handed over to them had values doctored by her.

Also, many people argued about the fact that she was acclaimed to be a self made billionaire due to her inheritance and the fact that she was born into a very rich family.

She has however moved to debunked the stories as untrue and she planned to sue Forbes to take down their statement, a suit which they lost.

Today however, Kylie Jenner net worth is estimated to be worth an outstanding $900 million, which is a quite impressive figure considering her age. She also has net worth better than the female music greats, Beyonce and Rihanna.

She definitely deserves some credit for her achievements so far in her career.

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