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Technology Trends You Should Watch Out in 2020

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We are aware of the latest innovations and run the tidal wave of the techie by the invention of the social robots and personal assistants to the one-day delivery services by Amazon Prime along with the voice search.

So, what’s next in technology? Are you ready to adopt new digital technologies? Does it boost your business foundation for SMAC to drive the post-digital wave?

Do you have an equivalent workforce for offering customized products and services to adapt to the changing trends?

Living in a digital era often makes a human fear missing out on the latest trends and thereby opts for the technology with a sense of eagerness.

In this fourth industrial revolution where technology is getting evolved faster than ever, organizations and every individual need to keep up with the major trend to let the risk run behind.

By adapting to these trends, businesses and people are allowed to get prepared and grasp new opportunities. There are loads of trends and technologies to make the way but we are unsure where to focus on more.

In this article, we will be looking at the future-oriented technology trends to look after in order to stay abreast in this competitive world.

Let’s get started.

1. M-Commerce

After the worldwide success of the online business stores – eCommerce; next comes the era of mobile commerce.

It has been edging into our lives for quite a long time and the people are liking the idea of shopping on their phones using attractive apps and mobile-friendly websites.

Nowadays, people are tired of visiting the brick and mortar stores for trying variant products and buy the one.

Instead, the ability of mobile commerce allows having the time flexibility along with the product preview before purchasing to attain a higher satisfaction.

The M-Commerce comes with easy payment abilities by substituting the brick and mortar stores using the Apple Pay and Google Wallets.

The online payment facilities of cash and the cardless world have made life much simpler and what to say about the humble QR code as it can be used by panhandlers too. With so many services on your mobile device.

2. 5G Network

In the world of 4G network speed, 5G wi-fi is going to be a boon to the internet world with its lightning-fast speed.

There’s a lot more to expect of the 5G network in the future. However, by providing tremendous benefits to the digital world, it has got some controversies.

It is claimed by some people how bad the 5G network waves can affect your body by rolling the tidal wave.

With the expanded data transmission of the 5G systems, you can utilize rambles and driverless autos by enabling them to quickly speak with other brilliant vehicles in their region which is an essential part for the advanced and more astute urban communities.

Super-fast data networks do not only give you an ability to stream faster movies and music within high quality but greatly impacts on the mobile network speed.

With the help of increased bandwidth, the users can enable robots, machines and autonomous vehicles to collect and transfer more data than ever thereby shifting towards the IoT and smart machine advancements.

3. Prescriptive Analytics

Since the data analytics products are proliferating, prescriptive analytics has turned out to be the holy grail.

Till now, the analytics tools were focusing more on the predictive and descriptive applications thereby allowing the past data to get it represented in a better way for better understanding.

Prescriptive usage is where the tool delivers efficient options for how to take advantage of predictive and descriptive analytics results.

If this is similar to the predictive analysis, then you are going wrong as it is already being applied in the oil and gas industry and healthcare. This kind of analytics can be used for predicting future possibilities in order to save you from any accident.

Analytics is vital for the growth and measurement of the companies across the world as it does not only showcase you how successful your business is in the market but also predicts the future market moves.

Basically, analytics runs on a seeming surface which involves a significant amount of the data processing for turning out the large bits of raw data into an actionable and useful one.

With the help of innovative technologies like big data, IoT and cloud computing, the data is getting murky and clouded for identifying issues along with the desirable actions.

4. AI-As-A-Service

The combination of the SaaS business model with the artificial intelligence services helps to race ahead in exclusive fields thereby lacking in a few others.

Presently, there are multiple AI-based platforms that offer services like processing-intensive GPU workloads which is utilized by tech-giant companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and much more.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most transformative tech development of our time. Fundamentally, every one of the associations has begun to use the advantages of AI for improving the client experience by streamlining their business tasks.

Numerous AI applications will be proceeded as a supplier of as-an administration stages to just encourage in the information and pay for the calculations or other figure assets we use.

With the boom of artificial intelligence services, we can see a better improvement and better life ahead in the digital world. AI has potential benefits to provide maximum user satisfaction by fulfilling their needs.

5. Extended Reality

It is a term that covers all the new and rising advancements that are utilized for making increasingly vivid computerized encounters.

When all is said in done, stretched out reality alludes to the enlarged, virtual and blended reality. VR (Virtual Reality) gives a completely advanced and vivid experience where you can enter a PC produced world utilizing the headsets to mix this present reality.

AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that overlays digital objects onto the real world using smartphone screens or filters whereas MR (Mixed Reality) is considered as an extension of AR by interacting with the digital objects that are placed in real.

These technologies are around for many years now but are largely confined to the entertainment world with the Vive headsets and Oculus Rift in video games and smartphone features of camera filters and games.

It is expected for all the enterprises to grip the exciting possibilities which are offered by both the current forms of XR. Virtual and augmented reality is increasingly prevalent for simulation and training by offering new ways to interact with the customers.

6. Blockchain

Not a single list of changes in technology is ever completed without mentioning the cryptocurrency and blockchain.

It is a digital ledger that is used to record the transactions by providing high security with an encrypted and decentralized system. Some users argue that blockchain is over-hyped and can not be as useful as it is depicted.

Still, big companies like IBM, Walmart, Mastercard, and FedEx continued to show real-world results if they manage to prove its case which leads to an increase in adoption by the small businesses.

Bitcoin is said to be dominating the crypto market whether you think bitcoin is a giant Ponzi scheme or if its the future of money. With the rise and fall of the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is making a market dominance of around 69 percent after being as low as 35 percent.

A little surge in the price of the cryptocurrency can raise questions towards bitcoin for being a new kind of digital gold.

We are likely to witness more of blockchain technology in more practical applications in healthcare, intellectual property and asset management for a life-changing trend.

The Future Ahead

Here, we come to the end of the article. All of the technology trends in 2020 are going to come with both the amazing innovation and intricate connectivity by drawing a special responsibility of the businesses in order to respect the ethical lines of the consumer data threats.

It is predicted that the analytics will see a drastic change for the businesses in terms of product modification.

The future seems to be more fascinating with the use of these innovative tools and technologies which are meant to bring an easy wave in our daily lives.

With such huge numbers of changes, the innovation is quick moving toward the individuals for offering them better functionalities. Successfully utilize them to make progressively out of it.

While this implies increasingly modern shopper fulfillment and better business, it additionally makes one wonder of what is the genuine expense of purchaser examination in 2020 gathered for these administrations.

In 2020, business not just needs to meet up to shape a digital secure biological system yet additionally audit their interpretation of information examination.

For that to occur, the present staff should be very much prepared for the most recent patterns in innovation and ought to be prepared as needs are.

The rundown above features a portion of all the more fascinating improvements, however, is a long way from thorough.

Whatever occurs, 2020 will be an intriguing year for significant tech organizations and growing business people the same. Till then – keep learning!

Author Bio:

Harley Marsh

Harley Marsh is a Technology Trend Observer at eTatvasoft a mobile app development company. He likes to write about Technology Trends, Leadership, Social Media, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Business Trends and many more things about IT services. He is an avid reader of blogs related to technology and business development. Please visit this link to know more about his company.

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