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Learn Programming From Beginner to Pro Using These Android Apps

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Programming has captured the hearts of many people as it gives them the ability to think, visualize something and achieve it. Many people choose to learn programming for different reason ranging from career development, as a hobby, for a job, for studies, to help to think, to have a sense of fulfillment, solve problems, etc.

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Whatever reason it is, you have to start from somewhere, and we have compiled a list of apps (in no particular order of preference) to help you start with the right foot.


Sololearn Programming

Sololearn is a programming community that teaches you programming whether you are a beginner or pro. The app has inbuilt IDE, tutorials, contents that you can personalize and even a place for code wars to challenge an opponent. The app is made up of all the 12 different Sololearn programming apps on the Playstore that has been fused into one. More programming languages are being added.

The tutorials and examples are spot on, you learn at your own pace, and there are quizzes, content creators can also earn a living here by uploading contents to enable them to get popularity. You can get support from anyone on any problem, anytime, with a userbase of over a million code enthusiasts. Apart from programming, there are general computer science contents that you can go through such as machine learning, big data, fuzzy logic, etc. Some of the languages currently supported are; Web Development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, Kotlin, C++, C, C#, PHP, SQL, Algorithms & Data Structures, Ruby, Machine Learning, Design Patterns, Swift, Git etc. and you can code all these in-app.

With over a thousand courses, ten thousand quizzes and 20 million users, solo learn might just do it for you all for free. Download Here


Encode Programming

Encode programming app seeks to teach newbies the basics of programming. The app is interactive, the codes are bite-sized and applicable to real-life situations, and you just learn to code by coding. The examples are self-explanatory, and it supports only three paths namely; Javascript, Python, and Web (HTML and CSS).

Most of its basics contents are free and has enough information to make a newbie hit the ground running. To access other advanced knowledge contents requires you to upgrade. The app can be used offline which is a plus. Download Here




Grasshopper, made by Google’s area 120 teaches introduction to coding in a puzzle game like manner. Focused mainly on Javascript, you learn using animation and graphics, walking through simple challenges and a lovely simple study guide. With achievements to be unlocked, you wouldn’t know when you will breeze through the code. The best part, the app isn’t meant to take your time so you can learn while seeing a movie, on your bed, on the bus, cooking, etc. Download Here


The Udacity app gives you access to the Udacity online platform on your phone. You have access to all the online materials; you can download the courses and use them offline. For beginners, most introductory courses are free or on free trial while those in the intermediate category or above will have to pay to access contents.

Apart from programming, there are other courses you can take to compliment your coding skills. Udacity peers with a mentor you can chat with so you have someone to monitor your progress and tell you what you are doing wrong. Download Here


Coursera programming

Coursera offers online contents for programmers to help them grow. The courses are split, and you learn by following the syllabus. There are videos and materials included with each course and also the total duration to complete a course. Joining is free, but you will have to pay for courses or choose a specialization and subscribe to it so you can access materials from that field. Download Here


KhanAcademy is one of the few platforms that allows you to learn everything for free. Ther are lots of free videos on Programming, business, machine learning, etc. The platform has materials for even Kindergarten so be assured that you can find something for your seven year old that is interested in coding and your uncle that is interested in learning HTML.

 It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, homeschooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology—Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge. – Khan Academy

Contents are available both online and offline and are mostly focused on JS from beginner to pro level. There is also a section for parents and teachers to learn too. Download Here


Code Hub Programming


Code hub is meant for people who want to learn about basic programming. It focuses on The Web, HTML 5 and CSS3 (more are being added). The app has 50 lessons with videos and a help button for users. Each course is divided into Lesson, Video, Examples, and Practice. It is available offline too and free. Download Here

C Programming

C Programming

CodeSpot C Programming app is strictly for people interested in learning the C Language. The Language is so powerful it is used to develop Operating Systems and Embedded Systems, and it has also served as the mother of different other Languages like Java. C programming has all the materials you need to go from novice to a code master.

The app has over 150 C programs with examples all precompiled and spread across over 14 categories all for free. With this app, you can learn Basic C, Array, String, Recursion, Sort, Pattern, Pointer, Number, conversion, Loop, File Handling, Functions, Formula, Data structure amongst others. Download Here


Many of us probably use a laptop to learn to code, and without it, we will not do anything. DCoder IDE changes the way we learn programming as we do not need to wait for a laptop to code, but we can do it with our phones.

The mobile compiler compiles code just as its laptop counterpart will. It has editing powers like sublime text and will rival the eclipse compiler; it has support for over 33 languages including JS and Node JS, Kotlin, Ruby, Php, Java, Python, C#, F#, vb.Net, Perl, Pascal, Swift, Assembly Language, etc.

Along with it’s compiling abilities, you can also Learn Html, CSS, JS, Ruby, C Programming, Python, Java along with many more programming languages in-app. Download Here

Tynker – Learn To Code

Tynker Programming

Tynker is built to help kids to be interested in programming from an early age. The app uses games to teach kids the fundamentals of programming by having them solve puzzles, build their own games, control robots and drones in-app, and it has over 50+ starter templates that kids will definitely like. Download Here


Programming Hub

Programming hub is a free app that is created by using research and collaborations with Google. The app offers awesome contents that will users become pro in no time. The courses are interactive and easy, split into a syllabus that you will have to cover and also lots and lots of codes that serves as examples. It also comes with its own inbuilt compiler to make studies easier. There are many courses you can learn at your own pace offline with over 5000+ programs.

Some of the languages supported are; Java, C Programming, C++, HTML, Javascript, R Programming for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting, CSS, VB.net, C# (C Sharp), Python 2.7, Python 3, Linux Shell Scripting, Swift, SQL, Jquery and Assembly 8086 and you can get certified at the end of a course. Download Here

W3Schools Full Offline Tutorials

W3Schools programming

W3Schools is one of the oldest online web platforms that teaches programming for free. The W3Schols offline tutorial app contains all the contents that you will find in the online site for HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, SQL And MYSQL, CSS, HTML5, JQUERY, Bootstrap, XML, W3CSS, Angular, and ASP.NET and can be used as a study or a reference material. Download Here


Codenza Programming

Codenza is a guidebook for programming and can be used by programmers in different levels from basic to complex level. The app has instructions for Computer Graphics using C, C++ & Java, PHP, Python, C#, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, Assembly, HTML, Ruby,C, C++, Java, Data Structures using C, C++ & Java, Artificial Intelligence, Lua, Algorithms in C, C++ & Java, R Programming, MYSQL, Computer Networks, System Programming & Compiler Construction(SPCC), Digital Signal Processing, Parallel & Distributing System, Operating System,SQL, PLSQL, Datawarehouse & Mining, Microprocessor, Cryptography & Security, Big Data. Download Here



Codemonk by Hackerearth gives you an excellent way to have fun while programming. Codemonk offers newbies a weekly challenge series in Java, C, C++, Maths, Algorithms, etc. to hone their skills all round to make them better programmers. At the end of every week, there is a programming contest to test your knowledge on what you have learned, winners move up the leaderboard and also get vouchers, t-shirts, and other goodies. It is available offline and online. Download Here

Enki Programming

Enki Programming


Enki Programming gives users access to learn more programming tips and tricks. There are different materials to help users discover tricks, know best practices, get advice and help and also learn about topics ranging from Python, CSS, Linux to git. Download Here


Study Tonight Programming

StodyTonight is dedicated to providing materials to enable young students to become inventors and creators. THere are many tutorials neatly arranged to make learning very lovely. Tutorials and tasks range from Android with MIT app Inventor Tool and Servlet, Game Development with Unity 2D and 3D, SCRUM framework, APacheb Cordova, Data Structure, GitHub, REST Web Services, Maven, Jenkins, Drools, DBMS, Ruby, C++, C, to Core Java, etc. It is available offline too. Download Here

Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point Programming

Tutorials Point is arguably the greatest platform with free programming contents, and their app gives you access to all those contents. Think of any language, and I bet it is on Tutorials Point. Everything on computer science is readily available, and there are not enough words here to describe the contents, although it tends to favor those who have basic coding experience as some examples can be a bit technical. Download Here


There are many other notable apps out there like the Udemy App, CodeMania, and Learn Programming APP that has interview questions for programmers as well as great contents.

If you know any app that fits into this list, or any inquiries, please let us know by using the comment box below.

Laurence Inyanghttps://rencetek.com
Laurence is a computer science graduate, an anime otaku, web designer, curious cat and wordpress lover. He loves writing about smartphones and few other opinions. He is here to give accurate information and also help people with his articles. You can reach him via any of the social media handles.
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