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Let’s Fly a Kite

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When the snow finally melts and the days warm up, the spring winds start to blow. It is time to go fly a kite. Here are some hints to have fun with kites and be safe at the same time. Remind your child to always have a buddy or a few and never fly alone.


Pick an open space without utility wires for your kite flying. NASA reminds us that you can be injured or killed if your kite hits a high tension wire. Also, stay away from trees. According to Charlie Brown, trees eat kites and that would be awful.

Stay away from highways and busy streets. A child might get excited while chasing a kite and run into the street putting himself in danger. Drivers may be distracted by a kite or runner near the car and run off the road or hit something.

Many families head to a wide open space such as a beach or soccer field to fly a kite. These places are also good for playing with airplanes you put together.

A kite needs wind to work properly so pick a day with a good breeze. If leaves on the ground blow around gently and the wind speed is 5–25 mph, it is perfect. If the wind is howling, better wait for a calmer day.

Thunderstorms and kites never mix well. At the first sound of thunder or if you see a flash of lightning, head home.

More things to remember.

Be careful not to scare animals. A horse with a rider may bolt off or throw the rider if it is frightened with a kite twirling around it or landing on it. Birds could get tangled in kite string. Nesting birds could be panicked, so stay away from therm.

Be considerate where there are other people around. Clean up your trash and take it with you or put it in a garbage bin. If you bring food, don’t leave any out for animals. Always ask permission to set foot on private property.

Caution. When other people near you are also flying kites, be extra careful. It is easy to get string tangled and interfere with another kite flyer. You never want to cross the strings.

Collisions with another player can hurt you, or both of you.


A kite can damage a house, its windows, siding, and roof. You may have to end up paying for damages. If it lands on top of the roof, you will not get it back.

Have fun. Go fly a kite. Take a child or two, or six with you. They will treasure the memories all their lives and you will recall them fondly. Stay safe and considerate by following these tips and enjoy a happy springtime with this and other favorite activities.

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