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Types of Kisses

10 Different Types of Kisses and What They Mean

You can agree with me that kissing is great! Don't get red in the face, I know it, and you do too. Kisses have different...

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Oh, the power of a good night’s sleep. A whole gamut of positive benefits can be seen from getting enough rest, but for many...
Shopping Destinations

Top 10 Shopping Destinations in the US

Every person has his own fashion statement and style, when it comes to shopping. Shopping is a very fun filled thing to do. Every...

10 Common Personal Hygiene Mistakes We Make

Right from when we were kids, we have been taught the basic personal hygiene procedures like brushing daily, bathing daily among others, building them...
Personal Hygiene Tips for Ladies

Personal Hygiene Tips for Ladies

Cleanliness, they say is next to Godliness. Being clean isn’t only about staying in a clean environment or bathing daily, but it also refers...

Reasons to Start Icing Your Face

Water, in its many forms, has proved to be a solution to many beauty problems we face and many problems we are trying to...

9 Common Bathing Mistakes to Avoid

Its expected to bathe every day to get rid of germs so that we may stay cleaner, fresher, healthier and beautiful and doing this...
Thanksgiving Messages

70 Best Thanksgiving Messages of 2021

Thanksgiving is so much more than feasting on delicious meals. It is the day when families, well-wishers and friends come together to have some...
food spring colorful easter

Origin of 10 Famous Easter Traditions

In a few weeks, a lot of people would find themselves gnawing the ears of a chocolate rabbit and searching their yards for plastic...
Dark Humor

Why Dark Humor Isn’t Funny to Some of Us

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine and comedy is one thing that has brought smiles to people's faces for a long time. Dark humour...
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