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Linode Review 2021

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Linode is a web hosting company and it is based in New Jersey, USA. The company started its operation since the year 2003 and since then they have specialized in the provision of Linux web hosting arrangement.

They offer various services such as dedicated, VPS as well as cloud hosting plans and so on. Most importantly, the company offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of services they provide.

What are the benefits of choosing a Linode hosting company?

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Here are some of the great benefits you can derive from engaging the services of the company:

  1. First is that the company specializes in Linux. If you want Linux SSH and even root access, the company is good for you.
  2. Secondly, when it comes to the cost, the company offers one of the cheapest prices in the industry. Great for dedicated and VPS web hosting services.
  3. Most importantly, you are going to get unlimited power over the servers. This means that the company offers top-notch performance.


  • If you want a managed plan it can cost more
  • They charge for automated backups.
  • As said, the company has its beginning in New Jersey way back in the year 2003. Today, they can boast of more than 400,000 customers are these are located in all parts of the world.
  • The hosting arrangement is one hundred percent Linux cloud. If you are beginner, this might not be the best option for you.
  • This is because it does not feature cPanel-like frontend,
  • It does not feature one-click installer
  • There is no website builder
  • You must do everything right from Linux distro, this process is not easy for beginners.


One thing good with the company is the varied services they provide their customers. Presently, they make available about 15 plans and these have their various CPU cores, RAM as well as transfer allowance and storage and so on.

The price can start at $5, which is indeed a low rate for one month, and at that price, you would get 1GB RAM as well as 1TB transfer and 25GB storage.

All the plans are good, and you can choose based on the nature and volume of business you do. The good thing about the company is the quality network. The speed is about 40Gbps for traffic as well as 1000Mbs to 12000mbps for its outgoing traffic. This is the best compared to what you get from other providers out there.


The company currently provide global business, and this means that you can connect to them from all parts of the world. Presently they have nine data centers and these are spread across Europe, America as well as Asia. If you want a cloud hosting platform, you discover that it is more complex than the shared hosting arrangement.


When you are choosing a web hosting company, one of the key features to consider include the quality of support they provide for their customers. Linode is not lagging behind here, this is because the customer service department is up and doing.

They are available 24/7. There are various means of communication with them and they include a telephone call which is the fastest. You can also send a ticket and they would respond to your query in record time.


One of the greatest incentives of the company is the money back guarantee which they offer to their unsatisfied customers.

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The guarantee period can last for 7 days. If you are not satisfied with the quality of service you receive from them, you can inform them and ask for your money back. This would be done without any question asked.

Getting started

If you want to use their services, then you must first signup or register for that service at their website. You must register with the personal information such as your address, name and telephone number and other important details.

Remember that before you can access that service that you must provide your payment details. Currently, they accept credit cards. However, you can transfer your money from your PayPal account.

Once you make your payment, it would be easy for you to start to use their services. Then next thing to do is to create your Linode server and this is not difficult for you to do. You must first select your resources, as well as your data center, and input every other information required from you and your server would begin to run.

It features a dashboard, and this is where you see everything about your server. Such information like network traffic statistics would be displayed as well as storage information. The system displays in graphs and it would indicate CPU as well as the network load.

Most importantly, you can observe all the server events like disk creation, shutdowns as well as boots and other important information.

Manual installation

It is said that this platform is not good for beginners, but experienced users would like it because they can manually set it the way it can work best for them.

As you are already aware it does not feature any of the frontend properties that facilitate server installation. For instance, it does not have softaculous, plesk as well as cPanel. This implies that you would do that installation manually.

It features Linode Shell and this gives you access to the setup. If you want to shut down the system, you can use the custom commands. In the same way, you can use the same command for such other operations like reconfiguration, reboot and so on.

All the default setting would be available at the distro. If you want, you can easily install software updates. Fortunately, the company provides every training and useful information you need to get started. The tutorial teaches everything that you need to know, and it can facilitate the installation process.

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All that you need is to follow the tutorials and instructions as provided and have the system setup and running. Managing your server is not difficult once it is up and it is running. Most of the basic tasks can always be handled through the dashboard. Join Linode Now.

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