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Ways to Keep Your Mac Protected From Hackers

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Keeping your data secure and maintaining privacy is inevitable. Most of us did little or no attention to keeping our mac safe from hackers.

From a security standpoint, we can say that apple’s macOS is privileged, but its security is most times overlooked. Do we have been slack for a long time, it is high time we took mac security more seriously.

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There is no doubt that the macOS has some really good third party apps as well as host tools in system preferences which sometimes encounter privacy breaches. With the rise of phishing scams and other platform agnostic threats mac users now have several reasons to lock up their devices before they go online.

If a hacker has direct access to your mac, he or she can hack the device via email. So if you must keep your device secured you just might have to take the steps below to minimize the risk of you getting hacked.

1. Surf the web on your Mac using only Safari browser

To enjoy maximum safety and privacy, what you need is a trusted graphical web browser and Safari which is a web browser developed by Apple.

The recent safari with iOS 12 provides:

  • Powerful tracking prevention
  • A stronger password suggestion
  • Support autofill from a third-party provider

With safari browser, you can show that cross-site tracking is prevented, and you can also avoid access to location tracking. The browser also has a built-in password generator which reduces the chances of phishing and also protects you from fraud website.

Files that are downloaded using safari I usually screened by macOS which will determine whether or not it contains executable files. You can then later decide whether to cancel or run the program.

2. Turning the privacy and security settings

Make sure that the settings for security and privacy for your mac and watertight.

Below is how you can achieve that.

  • From the Apple menu on the top left open system preferences
  • Click on security and privacy the Polycom Security on privacy
  • So change the settings for general privacy and file vault, go to the padlock at the bottom of your screen and click then type in your credentials.

Below her mum methods to help you secure your mac

3. Do not download softwares that you do not trust

Some applications are known to use erratic promotional behavior and a lot of them and malicious in nature. To keep your Mac safe from all of such apps it is recommended highly that you do not download them without first verifying them with the app reviews that are available on different platforms.

Preferably you can ask your IT stuff to help look into the software and also test it on individual systems before further making recommendations. Some applications may include security solutions and special offers these options will later on too especially if you already have one installed that has the same kind of features. Having more than one of such kind of happening caused a memory leakage or even mark crash. It is wiser to read the app description before making any move to download it.

Also, remember that the best of the internet is malware; a variety of things including malware must be avoided at all cost.

4. Antivirus is everything wonderful

In this digital era where hacking has become a well-known and fully grown business, the importance of antivirus can never be overemphasized. Every Mac user should ensure that an anti-malware solution is provided not just because it blocks malware and protect backups but also because it gives you an online shopping experience that is secure.

Unlike other devices mac devices mostly do not have an antivirus free installed and that is why they are the least targeted.  Mac comes with a robust defense mechanism that protects it from any potential malware attack. If you know you have clients information and any other information or details that are critically vital, then the best thing you can do is to go for the most secure antivirus available in town.

5. Check Safari privacy settings

Did you know that the Safari browser offers several settings for privacy? First of all the new privacy window that is shift + command + n, will allow you to visit any website without having to leave traces of you behind.

Secondly the clear history in your safari menu which if click on a periodical basis will delete cookies and cache data from all the sites you visited, will as well take them out from the history

This is good because in safari preferences that privacy section is designed to prevent website from being able to track you, and better still he can control which website can store cookies on your Mac device.

6. Always look out for a mac update

While it is common for a lot of people to overlook software update, it is something that should be handled critically. You never can tell when Apple will roll out a new update, and usually these updates are designed to make your OS safer from hackers.


You can prevent data breaches and even data loss just by following all the steps we have mentioned above keeping your Mac safe is not only beneficial to you but also to your company.

If you have any contributions or would like to drop some suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us via the comment section.

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