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Mackenzie Bezos Net Worth and Biography

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Mckenzie Bezos is the wife of one of the top three wealthiest men in the world, and the founder of Amazon.com, in the person of Jeff Bezos.

Mackenzie Bezos is also an American novel writer and journalist who perfected her writing skills while in school, under the tutelage of famous writer Toni Morrison who had won many Nobel prizes as a writer.

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MacKenzie’s works have been appreciated by ‘American Book Award’ for her excellent achievement in literature, in 2006.

She also reviewed Brad Stone work titled ‘The Everything Store:Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon’, and was highly recognized and appreciated as it zeroed down on the inadequacies in the publication which according to her did not paint the right picture of her husband’s enterprise.

Taking a look at Mckenzie and her husband Jeff, one could rightly tell that they are two unlike poles that form a great attraction for each other as the latter is an extrovert while the former is an introvert who also keeps to herself preferring enjoy a quiet time of her own.

There are exciting facts about this outstanding writer, facts about her Net Worth and Biography, including her achievements through out her career.

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Mckenzie Bezos Profile

  • Net worth: $60.3 billion
  • Full Name: MacKenzie Bezos
  • Date of Birth: 7th April, 1970 (50 years)
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Writer and Journalist.
  • Education: Princeton University
  • Marital Status: Married

Mckenzie Bezos Early Life

MacKenzie Bezos was born the 7th of April 1970, as MacKenzie Baker Tuttle, to Jason and Holiday Baker Tuttle, in San Francisco, California, USA.

MacKenzie’s father Jason Baker was a financial planner while Holiday Baker, MacKenzie’s mother was a house wife and a home maker. She was enrolled in Hotchkiss, a high school in Connecticut where she graduated in 1988.

MacKenzie developed great passion for literature and story writing while growing up and of course her parents who noticed how passionate she was about writing, gave her the best support she needed by enrolling her in the best schools.

At age six, MacKenzie made an attempt in writing by putting up a 142 page manuscript book which she named ‘The Book Worm’. She later obtained her B. A in English from Princeton University in 1992 where she studied under the famous Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison who described her as one of the most intelligent students under her tutelage.

MacKenzie Bezos Career

MacKenzie Bezos kick-started her career by working as Toni Morrison’s research assistant, among other jobs she was involved in.

She really gained a lot of writing experience while working for Toni Morrison. She started working on her first book which she titled ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’ which came to its completion after a decade.

During this time, MacKenzie Bezos was also multitasking as she was assisting her husband Jeff Bezos in establishing his own enterprise the Amazon.com while also looking after four children.

The book ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’ was focused on the trying times in the life of a devoted father when his family and job faced threatening situations.

Indeed the book became a hit as it was received greatly by the public. Following ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’, was MacKenzie’s second piece titled ‘Traps’ which had the makings of a Hollywood Thriller, portraying four women from different backgrounds and endeavors who came across one another on four days road trip.

One spectacular thing about MacKenzie Bezos was that she was always objective when writing. She subsequently reviewed Brad Stone’s work titled ‘The Everything Store:Jeff Bezos and Age of Amazon’, in 2013; which she titled the review as ‘An Amazon Review’.

The review eradicated the misrepresentations a d inadequacies of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. Though not in total agreement, Brad Stone still appreciated MacKenzie Bezos for the feedback on his work.

Apart for being a writer by profession, MacKenzie Bezos is a human activist by nature who kicks against oppression. This prompted her to set up the ‘Bystander Revolution’ ,an anti-bullying organisation’s, in 2014.

MacKenzie Bezos Achievements

In 2006, MacKenzie Bezos received an ‘American Book Award’ for ‘Outstanding Literary Achievements’ for her novel ‘The Testing of Luther Albright’.

MacKenzie Bezos Personal Life

MacKenzie Bezos met her soul mate in Jeff Bezos whom she worked for at DE Shaw, a New York city hedge fund company. In 1993 the pair tied the knot.

Their marriage produced four lovely children. After their marriage they move to Washington where MacKenzie’s husband Jeff established his Amazon.com enterprise which happens to be the world largest online retailer.

Later in 2019 it was announced that the billionaire couple had intentions of separating.

MacKenzie Bezos Net Worth

MacKenzie Bezos is currently the wealthiest woman in the world, with a net worth of $60.3 billion.

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