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Top 8 Magento Extensions for Securing Your E-commerce Store

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The number of e-commerce stores is increasing day by day since a lot of people are interested in selling their products online. With so many people turning to be business owners, the need of thousands of servers to protect the data of their customers is also increasing.

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Magento is one of the popular platforms of building e-commerce store. But merely owning a Magento online store is not enough, you must think of securing it as well since there are many hackers sitting on the other side trying to attack your online stores.

It is the utmost necessary today to secure your e-commerce store because if hacked by the internet hackers, your website is at the risk of losing confidential information about your business and its customers while it is likely to get blacklisted in the search engines.

There are several Magento extensions that can be used to secure your e-commerce store. Following Are Some Of The Best Magento Extensions For Protection Against Online Security Attacks.

1. IP Security

One of the best extensions for securing your online store is to block the IP addresses that are fake and malicious. The hackers often use fake credit card on e-commerce stores.

With the help of IP Security extension, you get the power of blocking those people who fill false data on your e-store. This blockage will protect your website from getting damaged due to such malicious content.

This extension sends you notification whenever there is an activity of suspicious nature. IP Security is one of the popular extensions, which is also recommended in a number of articles on the web.

This extension works on the principle of setting a restriction rule triggering which leads to redirection of web page into a blank page, custom page or website maintenance page.

2. Bot Blocker

Bot Blocker is a perfect extension for blocking all the spamming bots and other bots. These bots actually increase the server load on your website, reduce its speed and spam your store.

Pages containing contact forms or review forms are the most attacked areas in your website that prevent you from responding to the messages received from your customer in a timely manner.


By installing Bot Blocker, you can add hidden form on your e-commerce store which is capable of identifying such bots and improve the overall performance of your website. These hidden forms remain invisible and work continuously to protect your store.

Captcha Plus is another extension with functionality similar to Bot Blocker and can be used for installing contact form or review form for better captcha security.

3. Fontis Secure Pay

Fontis Secure Pay is a must have extension for an online store that accepts online payment transactions.

Being a business owner, it is extremely essential that you ensure safety of your customers’ information including personal data and credit card details. For this reason, installing a Fontis Secury Pay extension would be absolutely an excellent choice.

This extension processes all the payments in a secured manner using SecureXML gateway. It ensures keeping your customer data safe and secured.

Other than this, there is a similar extension named Secure Trading that has the same functions of securing transaction of online payment without the need of making the web pages PCI compliant.

4. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authetication provides excellent security to the admin panel of your Magento e-commerce store. Configuration of this extension is easy and involves verification through OTP at the backend level.

Firstly, you can go to the “Users” section and click “create security key”. This security key is only valid for 30 seconds. You are able to login into your account for a limited time after the process of installation and configuration is done.

The verification method using the phone ensures that only you can login into your account. Using this extension, you can also protect PHP and HTML codes from external attacks.

5. Spam Killer

If you are not a tech-savvy person, Spam Killer is the best Magento extension for you. It is very easy and simple to install. You don’t need to be technically skilled for installing this extension.


There is no need of Captcha or editing in the front end. It does not require you to take a lot of time in moderating reviews of your customers. On using Spam Killer extension, spamming on your e-commerce store is reduced to a much greater extent.

For this reason, it is termed as “Spam Killer”. When spamming is reduced, overall performance of your website gets improved a lot. Above all, ranking of your website in search engine also gets improved.

6. Geo IP Ultimate Lock

Geo IP Ultimate Lock is an extension that blocks unwanted traffic coming from a particular location.

It works on the principle of blocking the IP addresses and uses the functionality of Magento catalog prices. Through this extension, you get the options of blocking access from different IP addresses based on different product attributes such as colour, price, SKU and others.

The advantage with this extension is that you benefit from lifetime support at no cost and can upgrade your account also. The Geo IP Ultimate Lock extension supports multiple languages and multiple stores.

Moreover, you can also create several ACL (Access Control Lists) for a particular region and then prioritize them as per your needs.

7. Mage Report

Mage Report provides excellent information and details about security status of your Magento store, other than just detecting the issues.

As the name suggests “Mage Report” provides a complete insight about security attempts. Not only this, the extension also lets you be informed about the extra information on how the possible vulnerabilities can be fixed.

Being a product of Byte.nl which is a leading hosting service provider for the Magento stores, Mage Report also uses latest releases and security trends. This is why you get notification of new threats as well as patterns of attack quite fast using Mage Report.

8. Secure Frontend Cookie

The best way of securing your front end is to secure the front end cookies. By installing this extension, you can secure the cookies on the front end of your e-commerce stores that run your whole website on HTTPS address.


When you have installed this extension, you get an alternative option which is to secure the front end cookies in the Magento admin panel of your e-store by first clicking on ‘System’, going to ‘Configuration” option, Choosing ‘web’ and then selecting ‘Session Cookie Management’.

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