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Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a Perfect Solution to Gynaecomastia

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The term “breasts” is often associated to women only. However, there are males as well who develop breasts. Women breasts are considered as a beauty asset, whereas male breasts are considered as a point of embarrassment.


Males who develop breasts can now get a breast reduction surgery done like women known as gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia is a medical condition in which excessive fatty tissue develops under the nipples which turns out like male breasts.

Men with breasts are often looked down in public. They are mostly embarrassed to walk in public because they are worried about gaining unwanted attention. Gynaecomastia is a perfect solution for these people.

After the surgery, they can easily enjoy their life without worrying about gaining unwanted attention. Gynaecomastia is a common procedure today in India and is easily available in many cities.

The Gynaecomastia treatment cost is also affordable today as compared to earlier due to the popularity it has gained in past couple of years.

Expectations from the Surgery

Gynaecomastia can be treated with simple breast reduction surgery that can be easily performed by a plastic surgeon in their clinics.

It is as simple as women breast reduction surgery. The motive of this surgery is to remove all the excessive fatty tissue from the chest in a way it is proportionate to rest of the body.

Being a common procedure today, males should not be ashamed of inquiring about the surgery. A lot of males in their teen or mid age develop man breasts today. Getting the procedure in a good clinic would ensure that the whole experience is smooth for you.

Your surgeon would discuss everything related to the surgery as well as answer all your concerns pertaining to the surgery. A reputable surgeon will make sure you feel comfortable by sharing all the details in advance.

Basically, they would set your expectations about the procedure so that there are no surprises later.


Causes of Enlarged Breasts in Male

The condition is mostly triggered in males due to hormonal imbalance. Due to reduced production of male hormone testosterone, the oestrogen levels in body increases leading to formation of breasts.

Other reasons could be gaining excessive weight. Obese males tend to develop breasts and with regular exercise and diet, it can be reduced. Already proportionate men usually develop this problem due to hormonal imbalance. It can cause psychological or emotional problem in men.


Often men don’t realise the problem of gynaecomastia until they experience these symptoms below:-

  • Swelling in breast tissue
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Discharge from either or both nipples

Fortunately, Gynaecomastia can disappear on its own with regular exercise and diet changes. However, if the problem persists, you can get breast reduction surgery done.

The Procedure

Since male breasts are not as developed as women breasts, the procedure becomes much simpler than female breast reduction. With the help of liposuction, small or minimal incisions are made to remove excessive tissue.

The whole procedure takes place under general anaesthesia and patients are required to stay overnight at the hospital after the surgery just to be observed for any complications.

Recovery Time

Since it’s a simple procedure, the recovery time is quite quick. An average male should be able to resume their normal life post two weeks of the surgery.

In case of any discomforts, the patient should immediately consult with the surgeon. Complication with breast reduction procedure is very rare, especially if you choose a well reputed clinic for the procedure.

These clinics will make sure that you have follow-up appointments to help you with recovery and healing. After the surgery, the patient can expect a good quality life.

Treating gynaecomastia can be life changing for men who have always lived their life feeling self-conscious. A good clinic will take all the steps to ensure you have a smooth and pain-free recovery.


The scarring is extremely unnoticeable and after the recovery from the surgery, men should not be ashamed of flaunting their flat chest on beach or anywhere else. Gynaecomastia surgery can help a person feel more at ease than ever before.

So, if you are still in dilemma about the surgery, you should think about all the positive changes that will occur in your life. For doubts, you can always walk up to your surgeon and share your concerns.

Your surgeon should be able to hear you and respond to you in a manner that can make you feel comfortable about the procedure. Discuss all the risks prior to the surgery so that there are no surprises at the end.

Author Bio:

Nancy is a Fitness & Nutritionist Who Believes in Living a Healthy Lifestyle. She Loves to write about mental health and life hacks. She is working with  healthcare centre. She provide daily fitness tips, detailed fitness guides & fitness gear reviews. If you are looking for Male breast surgery, visit https://trueself.co.in


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