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Melania Trump Planning a Divorce?

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With the current high rates of divorce, apparently Melania Trump is planning to join the group of divorced women. She is planning to separate from her husband. A close source to her claimed that she even hopes her husband will not be elected for the second term, she dreads it and even fears the occurrence or even its possibility.


Apparently tired of her husband’s ways, she is currently considering if she would ever go long-term with the president. The source disclosed that Melania is considering her future with her husband alongside what she would exactly do once her husband is out of the presidential seat.

“She is currently getting ready for the time where she would no longer be the first lady anymore”. She is already trying out possibilities of how her life would turn out when she leaves the white house and that life will just be her and their son, Donald may not be involved in that picture. She is also weighing her options and looking for ways to stay out of the eyes of the public, fame and politics.

Her major concern is for her life and her son’s Barron Trump. She is looking to find a suitable place of settlement for them to call home. Concerned about their safety, and how to have a normal life that is peaceful, the source said that Melania is hoping and expecting for that life to be very soon.

Divorce is currently on the table for her and she sure is considering it alongside the effects her decision will have on their kid. All she is waiting for is for her husband to get out of The office and her worst case scenario is for Donald to be re-elected. It is a thought she can’t even bare.

The source claims that it will be a very devastating news for her to learn that Donald has been re-elected into office the second time. Melania can not simply withstand an extra four years under all his pressure, close watch and scrutiny.

Earlier, reports have it that Melania was sorely disappointed and very upset at how her husband, the president of the United States of America Donald trump handled and reacted to John McCain’s death. Donald’s pettiness was all over the headlines recently and how he took to his Twitter account to reply to the late senator’s daughter’s eulogy at her father’s burial.

Earlier Donald was banned from attending the senator’s burial by the senator himself while he was still alive. Melania says she really hates the fact that Donald has the ability to hold a grudge as well as his show of pettiness.

The source said that Donald believes that every time he act like this, it makes him look strong especially when he never changes his decision and always hold on to his own opinion even if she pleads with him. But for her, she believes that it just makes him look sad and she stands for the exact opposite of his character and attitude.

Concerning his response to the late senator’s daughter, she totally doesn’t support his take and role in the whole issue.


Sources: Hollywoodlife.


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