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Message to the Youth: Why You Need to Leave Your Home?

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I have not been posting as I should on this blog, my apologies to all those who waited this long to read from me. This topic gnawed in my spirit that I have to send it to my WhatsApp contacts.

However, I thought it best to share it with everyone, including you ;).

However, the importance of moving out of your comfort zone may not be the flattery talks you are used to, but it will help you to grow into the man or woman you want for yourself.

Besides, Message to the youth-Why you need to leave your home cannot be overstated, it is healthy for anyone.

This message is to the youth; we need to know why you need to leave your home.

My Hostel Life

During my stay at the University of Benin, I lived in the school hostel, I met girls from different backgrounds- rich, middle-class, not-so-middle-class, and they all have their distinctive characters.

Mind you, the reason for this is not because there were no funds to rent outside the school campus, but some of us wanted to experience what it feels like to live with other people in one room- trust me.

There is a lot you will learn. Of course, I learned about other girls, and myself too. There are traits I never knew I had until living with other people brought it out.

I guess that is the reason some parents want their children to live in the hostel, even though they can afford to rent a duplex for their kids.

Level of Maturity

So, why am I telling you this? The point is, we need to move out of our comfort zones and interact with other people from different backgrounds; you will be surprised how fast you grow.

I admire young people who against all the odds move out and decide to stay in a place far from home; it is not because they are not wanted at home, but because they need to go on a journey which no one can go for them.

Look around you, check your friends, compare those who are living, and sorting out their bills themselves, to those who are still asking for their parents or guardians for everything.

You will see the level of maturity the former exudes over the latter.

With Responsibility comes Power

Contrary to the way of the world, which states “with power comes responsibilities” the truth is, with responsibilities come, power. I and some others will testify to this statement. Let me explain; the universe will only “bless” you according to the level of responsibilities you are WILLING to take. Even in an organization, your employer will never promote you until you show that you are capable of handling such a position.

You cannot be getting free meals and expect more blessings- yes! Even if you pray for more blessings, the blessings will go to those feeding you; this is because they are the ones who are willing to take the responsibilities. Sometimes, if not all the time- the open doors you seek will not surface until you move, and by the move, I mean until you are taking responsibilities.

Tough Love

It hurts to see youth, with no disability whatsoever, fighting for their father’s inheritance! THIS IS WRONG! I don’t care about the kind of home you are from, but it is wrong to start calculating how wealthy you will be when your parents leave the face of the earth! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Your parents worked for those things you are fighting for. Fine, even though you come from a line of wealthy generation- it takes the mindset of a smart man to manage, and increase wealth. In essence, even though, the wealth your father is enjoying now is as a result of the inheritance his father left for him, the reason you can still find wealth around him is that he was able to manage it. Note this: Money does not live in the house of a fool.

Go Back to the Days of Our Fathers

In the days of our fathers, boys ( I am not playing the gender game here) moved out in search for greener pastures, and when they come home, they return as men- this culture is that is dwindling so fast, which is unfortunate. Before you roll your eyes, this is not a “poverty-inspired culture” so if you are saying it happened because of the high rate of poverty those days, you are wrong; Lions do it

Wait a min’ lions are animals are you calling us animals? Calm down. It is not animalistic of you to leave your home (comfort zone). If you are a Christian, you should know that Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, all did it; even life had to force Uncle Joseph to do it.

This generation has zero tolerance for discomfort; that is why the suicide rate is high among the youth! Show me a 70 years old man/woman who has committed suicide. I believe if Joseph was in our generation, he would have committed suicide when his brothers ganged up against him or when Potiphar’s wife lied against him.

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Those days, you see children around old men, women listening to their tales- the battles they have to face when growing up. The challenges they passed through in order to become the men of valor that they are, and when you look at the children’s faces, you will see the undying desire to be strong like their fathers. These days, we have nothing like that anymore- instead, we have youths who cannot live without their phones- social media, et al.

Take up the Challenge

I am challenging you today, if you are 25 years old and still living with your parents, or still letting your parents pay your bills, leave! Leave your comfort zone and face your destiny. Now don’t get me wrong; it is not a crime to come from a wealthy background, but it is a crime if your father did better than you at your age. So, move out of your comfort zone.

In conclusion, you may not like what I am telling you now, but you will thank me later when you take this challenge. Moreover, you now know why you need to leave your home. Life is a bed of roses, yes it is- and roses have thorns. My question is- are you willing to handle the thorns?

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