The Best 5 Money Counting Machine

Money Counting Machine

Money counting machine provides cashiers with an easy way to process and counts large amounts of dollar denominations. It is essential to know that these accountants cannot simply top up non-selective sums of money and spit back the value to you.

What they do is get an invoice number for a lot of money. So you will have to order 1, 5, 20, and 100 dollars before you put it in the machine, which will count it, and for that, you can calculate it or load it into the hopper.

One of our favourites money counting machine that we reviewed was the G-Star Money Meter, available in Standard, Deluxe, and Elite trims.

One difference between the money counting machine is that the standard model can work up to 2 continuous hours, processing 1000 bills per minute, while the Deluxe model can work up to 4 straight hours, processing 1200 invoices per minute, and the Elite can work six continuous hours while processing 1,200 tickets per minute.

The Best 5 Money Counting Machine

1. The G-Star Technology Money Counting Machine

The money counting machine provided by G-Star Technology is well designed, precise and efficient. Users appreciate the ease of operation and the price, but some point out that it’s not the amount of money that matters, just the account number.

Measuring 14x13x10, this meter features counterfeit UV and magnetic detection sensors, and an easy-to-read LED display and self-test capabilities.

The G-Star meter is available in three different models: standard, elite and deluxe, and can count between 1000 and 1200 banknotes per minute. Users generally agree that this automatic money counting machine is fast, accurate and efficient.

The customer mentions that the money counting machine correctly detects counterfeit and damaged money and is very helpful in his store. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable forex accountant.

However, some customers complained that the money counting machine stopped working after a few weeks and that they were having issues with the counterfeit detection feature. Some also complain that the machine smells terrible.

2. Cassida Money Counting Machine

If you are considering for a fast and reliable money counting machine, you can check out this currency counter offered by Cassida. Users like what calculates the value of the money, but some point out that the device is often stuck.

Measuring 15x15x12x, this machine can count up to 1300 cash in one minute and features UV and magnetic sensors for account authentication and infrared sensors for half, double and chain accounts.

The Cassida parts making machine comes with four different working modes: counting, adding, grouping and adding + series, and if you have any problems, the device has a self-diagnostic system and a front cover, which opens easily.

In general, users are happy with the accuracy and speed of the Cassida counting machine, but some complaint about its performance. A lucky customer shares that this money counting machine is well built, quiet and counts money so fast it’s a pleasure to use.

Another reviewer mentioned that the value function saves time and hasn’t miscalculated so far. The buyer also claims that the cash register is easy to use, solidly built, and the batch function comes in handy when you want to have dozens.

However, some customers have complained that it crashes regularly and doesn’t reveal fake money as it should. Some people also notice that the error messages are not easy to understand and do not have a mixed billing feature.

3. The Hardware Factory Store Worldwide Money Counting Machine.

This money counting machine offered by the Hardware Factory Store is efficient, reliable and convenient for anyone who regularly processes large amounts of money.

Users like the price and speed of calculations, but some believe that the HFS meter does not add bills. Measuring 13″x11″x8″ and weighing 13 kilograms, this banknote counting machine can count up to 900 banknotes per minute and has a self-diagnostic function, UV and magnetic sensors and a monitor.

You can also use it to count various types of currencies, which makes it useful if you have regular foreign exchange transactions. Customers are satisfied with the efficiency and accuracy of the HFS currency counter, but some complaint about its performance.

A lucky customer comments that since he got the HFS counting machine, it works in minutes, not hours, and works excellent with Venezuelan currency.

Another reviewer mentions that he likes the cash register to come with extra parts and is an invaluable tool for spotting fake money. The user shares that this defender has no problem using Brazilian money and calculating accounts with precision and precision.

However, some users have complained that the machine is running too fast and not giving them enough time to reload their bills properly. Some users also claim that they will miscalculate one to five counts and that the count must be repeated several times to be correct.

4. The TriGear Money Counting Machine

If you need to count large sums of money regularly, you can try this money counting machine offered by TriGear. Users like the different modes available, but some find it more difficult than expected.

Measuring 16.5x10x13.5 inches and weighing 15.6 kilograms, this money counting machine features an external counter display, counterfeit detector and easy-to-view LED display, read and use and can count more than 1000 tickets per minute.

There are three modes available: counting, adding, and volume, which can be useful for anyone who wants a cheap counting machine.

Overall, customers are happy with the functionality and ease of use of the TriGear Counting machine. One user said it was a massive and sturdy counting machine and was extremely surprised with its quality and accuracy. Another customer mentions that this cash register table is straightforward to use, and you don’t have to read the instructions to find out.

One reviewer also claims that the TriGear money counting machine is perfect for any small business owner and takes 30 minutes instead of a few hours. The client also points out that lunch is handy if you want to take it with you.

However, some users have complained that it sometimes crashes and sends invoices on the go. The customer also complained that it stopped working after two days of use.

5. BlueDot Trading Money Counting Machine

This money counting machine offered by BlueDot Trading is reliable, well built and precise. Users prefer a lightweight and portable design, but some feel the manual is useless.

Measuring 10x6x6 centimetres and weighing 11 kilograms, this wallet counting tool has automatic UV and magnetic sensors to detect counterfeit bills, automatic detection of half accounts and three modes: counting, adding lots and capacity.

Although suitable for most of the world’s currencies, this ATM meter does not add value to the account.

A satisfied user comments that he uses the BlueDot counting machine every day and that counting is no longer a tedious job. The reviewer also claims that the device never stops counting and recommends it to anyone looking for the best banknote counting machine.

Another customer shares that the ATM is fast, quiet, very accurate, and no problem even when you use it a lot. The user says he was wary of the low price, but in the end, he was pleased with its performance.

However, some customers are disappointed because they do not recognize the denomination and because it automatically starts counting money before they can properly organize their accounts.


If you’re looking for a money counting machine, take a look at some of the money counters we’ve reviewed. Be sure to read the reviews on the individual product pages to get an idea of what other customers are saying.

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