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Most Essential Gadgets and Widgets for Bloggers in 2020

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All it takes is a ladder and a deep commitment to the rooftop. The heat from all the blogging competition was supposed to die down, instead, the whole blogging industry is the ablaze with competition, how then can you keep up with the continuous rapid change?

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You have the SEO idea running through your mind, planning already on how to get to the top of your competitors or you have already finalized on a plan.

Now it’s time to work with your plan and get yourself out of the bluffing rat race, still, you can’t do it all alone.

Getting the best gadgets/widgets for blogging will as much as it can make you have the best blogging experience, make blogging and vlogging a piece of cake for you. Yes, blogging shouldn’t be a nightmare, it shouldn’t be something you should pant over even with the high rate competition rate.

The question now is how to choose the right blogging/vlogging gadgets and widgets. You need not wrap your head around every article to answer the question; what gadget suit my blogging? As I’ve got you covered on that.

The list below is a result of my thorough research, the gadgets listed therein were picked from a handful gadgets team and I have had tested before concluding on these 7 best efficient gadgets/widgets for blogging. Have a pick below.

Popup Like Box Widget For Traffic

Every blogging tutorials on WordPress official page lay credence at driving as more traffic as possible to your site, and this can be achieved with some best widgets for pro bloggers. Among the most used widgets for traffic, the popup like box is the most easy-to-use, safest, and efficient tool for bringing your visitors onboard.

The popup like box allows you get more likes from your pages on social platforms like Eskimi, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest to mention a few. Some months back, it wasn’t available on Facebook but now it is.

Time to make use of your social influence to get more visitors. All you need do is to connect the popup like box with your site and have it appear each time someone get to your site. Apart from the likes, the popup like box among the must-have widgets, can turn a visitor into a hundred, ask me how.

When a socially influential person gets onboard and find a particular page interesting, he uses the popup like box to share the page on his social platform timeline and his friends will be able to get to you through that. Easy to use, a must-have.


Wireless Router (Data Card)

Your blogging experience will be a nightmare soon if a right step is not taken. There are so many things that can make you get weary of blogging, the competition aside.

One of the most popular problems of a blogger is a poor internet connection. As a blogger, being readily available for your audience is a must, it is a Can’t-do-without among other strategies especially if you are a travels blogger or you are running an online store.

Once a customer walks in, he sees your contents, pictures and videos blessing your products, but once it’s time to communicate with you, perhaps to ask for things he missed while reading your product description, and you’re not there, he gets frustrated and look somewhere else.

The bitter truth is, you are never a one of a kind on the Net, whatever it is you are selling there are already some hundred people doing the same, the only way out is the way in. Get a wireless router for a stable internet connection so you can always be available for your customers. Among the most trusted wireless router, Belkin company is producing the best.

Laptop (Notebook)

If you do the right thing you will get the right thing, what you give is what you get in the blogging world. Whether it’s getting your content constructed, adding new features to your site, or attending to your audience, a good Laptop and a netbook is needed.

Once a blogger, always a blogger. One thing you have to know as you walk into the blogging world is the mindset of being active all the time, this is your world and you must live in it.

To stay active at all time, you will need to get a high-end laptop and say goodbye to the old one as you will be dealing with a world that changes every minute, so keeping yourself updated is a must.

Even if you are going to be using your old laptop, you will need a Notebook that is more portable and not as bulky as a laptop, to be carried around you all the time.

External Hard-Drive

Your Cloud password will appear on sale tomorrow on Amazon and you won’t be able to do anything about it. As a blogger, you need to keep a lot of data ranging from; pictures, codes, eBooks, articles, videos, customers list, and a whole lot more, how then can you rest assured of an optimum security over your files?

To know where your mind is wandering off to, cloud! I know you are asking now that what’s wrong with keeping your things with cloud. Well, a whole lot is wrong and few are right.


Cloud is easy to use, that we know, but it is not as safe as they have all pain,ted it. Your password can get hacked easily and your things tampered with. What then can you use? An external hard-drive like WD, Seagate, and transcend may be a good option.

Apps like; Portable, Ultrasurf, and Antivirus will work just great in keeping all your date away from the dirty claws of hackers, virus and even robots.

Wireless Cameras for Blogging/Vlogging

Pictures and videos are important instruments for SEO but they have to be original. So how can you boost your traffic with pictures? Get a good camera. There is a lot of cameras out there that can help you achieve original pictures that are as attractive as they are and also search engine friendly.

People can get to your site via pictures so why not get a good camera for smart pictures? Here are some best cameras for blogging/vlogging you may want to checkout; KODAK PIXPRO, Sony Alpha A6000, cannon EOS REBEL, etc.

Kingsley Felixhttps://kraftysprouts.media
Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I am the founder of Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC (US), i make sure thing run smoothly and well organized in our organization. Follow me on my social media platforms.
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