10 Most Expensive Lingerie in the World

most expensive lingerie

It might sound surprising that people spend millions on underwear.

Lingerie should be basic wear that people believe they don’t have to cost much.

However, some people don’t mind spending a fortune on them. This has made us compile the most expensive lingerie in the world.

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1. The China Gold Lingerie Set

The producers of this luxury lingerie set made it in China, and it is one of the most expensive lingerie. It has about 3kg of gold, and five jewelers made it within six months.

This piece is so beautiful and glows, no matter how you view it. Unfortunately, this gold set lingerie couldn’t attract buyers due to poor advertisement. Thus, becoming a work of art.

2. Red Hot Fantasy Bra

Red Hot Fantasy Bra is one of the most expensive lingerie in the world. This expensive underwear costs about 15 million dollars.

However, this bra has more than 1300 stones and was made with red satin. When this design was ready for an advert, they hired a top Brazilian actress and supermodel, Gisele Bundchen.

She wore the bra for Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand in the year 2000. 

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3. The Very Sexy Fantasy Bra

This lingerie features a mesh design with jewels and is one of the most expensive lingerie in the world. It also has a variety of colors, making it stand out.

Heidi Klum, the highest-paid model in the world at the time, was the face of this custom Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bra.

Also, as the wearer walks, the diamond swings from a bejeweled rope.

4. The ORRA Diamond Bustier

This beautiful lingerie costs $1.3 million. A renowned designer, Anamika Khanna, designed this bustier, and it has more than 500 karats of pure diamonds.

However, this design took 6months of the designer’s time. 

5. The Sexy SplendorFantasy Bra

This bra costs $12.5 million, which makes it among the most expensive lingerie in the world.

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Various precious metals and flashy gems, like rubies and diamonds, are all set in a white gold underlayer.

Further, in a 2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Heidi Klum wore this blood-red bra and pant set.

6. The Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini

Thin diamond ropes virtually hold this stunning bikini together.

It is one of the most expensive lingerie. Diamonds of all sizes are arranged in an intricate suit that you can wear or model as you please in this upscale designer lingerie.

However, the price of this stunning lingerie is estimated to be around $13 million.

7. The Heavenly Star Fantasy Bra

This lingerie set is one of the most beautiful and expensive lingerie. However, they made it from metals and gems.

This diamond bra became the talk of the town when Victoria’s Secret released it. It costs $12.5 million.

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8. Kate Middleton’s Bra and Briefs Set

The designer of this lingerie had no idea it would be such a big deal. It came as a surprise. However, it costs $125000.

Further, Kate Middleton wore this lingerie at a St. Andrews University fashion show in 2002.

9. The Hearts on Fire Diamonds Fantasy Bra

Even the name of this lingerie sounds expensive. It has a 10-carat diamond brooch at its center. It is one of the most expensive lingerie in the world.

However, it took the designers more than 833 days to complete the design of this lingerie. Also, Karolina Kurkova modeled this lingerie.

10. The Millennium Fantasy Bra

This lingerie set is the last on our list of the most expensive lingerie in the world. It costs about $10 million. This Millennium bra debuted in 1999 and has increased in value ever since.

Diamond-cut sapphires and diamond ropes fill the sultry two-piece bikini, which is both sexy and pricey.

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