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Most Interesting Movies of 2019

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Almost everyone enjoys watching movies and every year we look forward to seeing the best movies. Sitting down to see a movie or to just binge john your favourite series is one of the ways that you can unwind when you feel down, and you’re not in the mood for noisy bars or clubs.


The 2019 Oscars ceremony is just behind us and now the time has come for us to take a quick look at the most interesting and highly anticipated movies of this year.

Around the globe every year there are thousands of movies that are released more and more diverse movies are made available for you to choose from and that number only keeps going up by each passing year. There are some people who have a favorite genre of movie, and that’s where their interest lies specifically. Which means, every other genre of movie will never catch the attention.

For some others, they are only interested in seeing movies by their favorite directors or actors. But for people in my category, we can’t wait for the latest installment of our beloved franchise.

The most famous movie franchise in the world right now is the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). Everyone right now is super excited because the new avengers’ movie will be released this year and finally we will all have answers to the questions we have been asking all these years you also get to know what happens to your favorite superhero at the end of the film.

If you are a fan of the British TV show Downton Abbey, then I have good news for you because this year you can finally get to watch it on the big screen. And for those who are huge fans of Stephen King’s horror stories, in this year 2019 “It: Chapter Two” will hit the theatres.

These days almost everyone is a lover of animated movies and if you plan on enjoying some of these movies with your family then get ready as Disney is set to release some of its classics such as Aladdin, the lion king, toy story 4, and dumbo this year.

Laughter as we already know is the best medicine so for those of you who are huge followers of comedy you will be most excited to know that “men in black: international” will be released this year and also “isn’t it romantic will be hitting the cinemas soon.

These are only a few of the movies that are set to be released this year. All over the world, movies will be released and some of them would even be in your local language so if you’re interested all you have to do is go online and search for the movies that would be released in your locality and wait till they are available for download or check your local cinema to watch them.

Things to the era of technology in which we live you can now decide whether you want to stay at home and watch a movie on your TV you can choose to stream it online or even go to the cinema and what is in 3D or 4D. If you are someone who would feel more comfortable in his or her own living room and couch, or if you feel most comfortable putting on your pajamas and just being able to pause and play your movie whenever you decide, then there are quite a number of apps that you can choose from to stream all your favorite movies and cartoons. One of the apps you can use is cartoon HD it gives you the option of watching all the latest cartoons by simply searching the title. And if you are in a nostalgic mood, you can also watch all of your old animations on the platform.


Nevertheless, if you feel like watching the entire franchise before the arrival of the new movie you can also do that using this application for iOS and android system. There are a lot of people who want to watch the entire franchise all over in a cinematic experience having powerful speakers 3D glasses and a giant screen. It is said that no cinema at this time would want to show you the entire franchise, but you can set up a projector in your home and have a mini cinema experience with your friends.

You can share all of your emotions with other people if you’re at the cinema plus there will always be that person who shares the same impression of the movie with you so do not let the inability for you to watch the entire franchise all over the cinema the terror you from going to watch the expected parts.

Some individuals think that watching movies is just a silly excuse to waste time, but I strongly disagree. It is one of the ways to relax and have fun after a stressful day or a stressful week.

Movies provide you with an opportunity to relieve someone else’s life and even stand a chance of learning something very important that you can use in your own life. It is also never too early for you to start picking your favorite movies for the academy awards of next year. So, do not hesitate to start searching and watching all the best movies that 2019 have to offer you can also view this page for movie reviews so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to selecting movies to watch.

We hope that you find this article interesting, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section provided below and also share on social media.


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