Technology in a Ring – The New Motiv Smart Ring

Motiv Smart Ring

When it comes to wearing technology, many of us want something that is light and not bothersome. Sure, anything new will take some time getting used to, but with the instant results that we are used to, we want to adapt to new things as soon as possible.

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While the smartwatches and fitness bands are cool, we all agree it bothers us on our wrists for a while before we get used to it. That is why when the Motiv Smart Ring got launched, it was almost a cause for celebration.

With this light, subtle and pretty ring adorning your finger, you can have everything – from your heartbeat to you sleep – monitored. Not detailed, but you get a snapshot, and hey! That’s all we have time for anyway these days.

Details and specifications

The ring is only 2.5mm in thickness and relatively lighter than some other smart rings in the market. That is why you get used to wearing it almost instantly. It’s so light, you don’t even realize it’s there.

Take your time to decide which size would be the best for you. The brand provides you with a kit with several sizes of test rings. Ensure you choose the right size to have the best experience with this new ring of yours.

The ring is waterproof up to 165 ft. and carrying out your household chores with the ring on – such as washing the dishes – might bring about a few scratches here and there but will have no impact on the performance of the ring.

There is a black LED light band on the front of the ring which shows you your charge levels, but even if it shifts and moves towards the back, it will not affect how the ring tracks you throughout the day.


If you like your accessories to be classic, simple and minimalistic, then this is something you will love. It is made of titanium and has a brushed metal appearance. It is available in two shades – the currently extremely popular rose gold shade and slate grey.

However, it all also makes the ring a delicate one and some have noticed the outermost layer beginning to peel off after just a few days of wearing it.


Unfortunately. The ring can only be used by iOS users, so Android fans will have to wait for a while. Different activities will be visible on the dashboard, such as heart rate, sleeping status, activity levels and so on.

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Syncing is one of the most interesting and fun features of this ring. All you have to do is twist the ring a few time around your fingers till you see a flash of purple light in the black LED strip and syncing is done! That’s it!

The app on the phone will look good with bright colours, minimalist and friendly user-interface. What this ring does is give you just a brief recap of your activities and other information.

So if you want a detailed sleep report, like you’d get on Fitbit, or if you wish to analyse it over a long period of time, then the ring is not going to make you happy.

Battery life

One of the biggest peeves of wearables is the whole complicated charging process with unnecessary accessories accompanying it. However, the charging process of this ring from Motiv is as clean and hassle-free as possible.

Moreover, it gets powered up in as little as just 90 minutes and lasts for the next three days!

Bottom Line:

If you want to wear an accessory that is light, simple and helps you stay up-to-date with your fitness and health levels without going too much into detail, then this smart ring will become one of your favourite accessories in no time!

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