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Home Vehicles Motorhome: Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Motorhome: Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Also referred to as motor coach is a type of vehicle that is self-contained mostly used for recreational purposes? It is a special type of vehicle designed to give living accommodation and is one of the vehicles used as mobile homes including the well-known caravans/tourers.

Depending on the chassis and the frame, motorhomes are categorized into three types; Class A, B and C.

  • Class A– they are the largest type that look like a bus and their length is up to 40 feet. Unlike the other two types, this class has got the most deluxe interior and is one of the most expensive. They are specious and can accommodate large families however; some have few sleeping rooms to keep a small number of individuals due to the high costs.
  • Class B– they are a type of converted vans with their interior made and built like a small home. Just like any other type of vehicle, class B motorhomes consume less fuel, easy to drive and occupy small parking space.
  • Class C– they are the intermediate between the other two classes and can either be a van or a truck cab. They range between 20 and 32 inch in length thus they have much more space than class As and Bs. This type of vehicle is capable of venturing all areas despite of terrain.
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Depending on individual’s capacity, you can choose to take your family to have fun with either of the motorhome classes. However, when purchasing a motorhome you should be aware of the pros and cons that come with them.

Features of a motorhome


Though the three classes have different interior designs, there are general features of motorhomes. They include sleeping accommodation that normally keeps between 2 and 8 persons. Each sleeping space is called a berth and either fixed or removable. There is a kitchen area that has got all the equipment needed for cooking.

In it also is a small washroom with a shower and a sink. With small sized motorhomes, the toilet is designed in a way that it can be swivelled to create more room. For easy emptying the toilets are located outside the vehicle. There is also the cab area that.

This is where the driver and passengers seats are located. These seats like the beds can be folded to create more space. Finally is the dining area with a table and some space where you can sit.


  1. With a motorhome there is nothing else that you may want to add. Unlike other non-motorized RVs you will not be needed to buy a tow vehicle that will help you pull. This is a complete set that once purchased you will not have any other extra costs to incur.
  2. It is not necessary that you have towing skills. Motorhome doesn’t require that you have an extra car. When making an order you are only needed to make a thorough research on the different models. This will help you decide on the type and design of your taste.
  3. They are the most convenient type of travel cars. With everything inside, motorhomes make it easy and convenient. You have the kitchen, bed and washrooms in the same car. This is so good since you will only need to carry with you your food stuffs and you can cook comfortably.

Motorhomes are easy to drive. When travelling, not all people like when you need to keep pulling the trailer. Motorhomes are a whole and thus driving it becomes so easy.


  1. They are quite expensive. Unlike other types of RVs, this category of vehicles goes at very high prices depending on the dealer. This however is due to the luxury you get in them.
  2. Maintenance and service fee is very high. Apart from the buying prices, motorhomes remain expensive with their spare parts being sold quite expensive.
  3. The larger sizes motorhomes like the class A type are hard to drive. The big sizes make some people feel like it is difficult driving them especially when manoeuvring rough terrains.

Motorhomes are the best type of recreational vehicles ever found in the market. However, before you order for one, you should know of the various dealers so that you can find one with the most favourable prices.


This also can be a good source of income since you can rent it for touring purposes. Find the best model in the market and you will never regret.

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