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MSI DS502 Gaming 7.1 Headset Review

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Gaming Headsets Are Becoming Very Popular Day by Day and Msi DS502 is One of Them


We use many headsets , cheap ones expensive ones very expensive ones until today but we could not say for any headset that it is price/performance product. Here is the new Msi’s headset Msi DS502. This headset is not expensive one but it has better quality than we expected.

First of all you can buy Msi DS502 through amazon for $ 49 , maybe now you have some questions about that headset , why is it very cheap ?. Yes it is cheap but at the same time very efficient headset.

If we talk about features of Msi DS502 the important thing is 7.1 surround sound system. It performs very well both in the game and listening music. The headset has quite simple box.

When you open you are gonna see one driver CD and one mini user guide and of course Msi DS502. What really impressed us most was the headset bass. Msi has done really very good job about it , headset has vibration for bass and you are feeling strongly. But one advice , do not use it for a long time or you will have headache.

What is the most important thing for Youtubers or Gamers ? , yes it is microphone!! . About microphone performance DS502 offers high quality . With Msi Software you can adjust the voice by yourself.

Also with some of the features of the program you can change your voice for have fun. We can say that Msi DS502 has one of the best microphone in the market , even you can hear some voices with headset that your ears can’t hear. BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Ergonomic Design


Msi produced this headphone exactly for long-term use. The headband of Msi DS502 has very comfortable design almost you are not feeling that you have headset. You can play games hours and hours without get tired or stress.

The long braided cable looks very strong and useful. There are two Msi’s dragon logo with lighting in both sides of the headset. Also it has red lighting on microphone.



  • Almost perfect bass and sound system
  • Comfortable use
  • High quality Microphone


  • The design of Box could be better

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