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7 Must-Have Android Apps for Netflix Users

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Netflix hosts some of the best movies, TV shows and original contents, documentaries. Perhaps the best thing about this platform is it just knows what you want to watch, and this is thanks to its advanced algorithms.

The powerful home page and thumbnails look attractive, but the discovery is still a challenge.

That inadequacy is evident especially when you are in a mood to experiment or when you want to try out new genres. And that is when you feel like you have no options to tell you about reviews, hidden movies, sub-genres, and then you have the search option as your last resort.

So what do you do? Allow Netflix to take control of your watching habits? What if you want it the other way around?

In this article, we will be talking about some of the must-have Android apps that will boost your Netflix experience and then help to fill the void. Let’s begin.

1. Flutter

If you’re an avid fan of Netflix, you must know by now that the thumbnails are tailored as per your watch history. Imagine coming across an interesting movie thumbnail only to find out that the movie was not worth it.

netflix alter

Would you wish you could get access to view IMBD scores on Netflix easily? This is done to figure out a particular movie’s ratings and other details before investing your precious time in it.

Flutter brings you movies rating within the Netflix app using a great overlay where the ranks can be seen as soon as you open a title. That is how the app makes it simple to understand the highest-rated content on Netflix.

This app sources movie ratings from IMDB so you won’t worry since many consider it as a reliable source for TV shows and Movies ratings.

Although, Flutter requires access to your device Accessibility settings and Overlay permission to work.


You can also find the trending movies and shows through the app. make sure that you keep the app in the Not Optimized list under Battery Optimization. Download Flutter

2. JustWatch

Have you ever contemplated the movie you should watch in a particular time or hour? This app solves this issue through its catalogue of all the decent additions to Netflix. Aside from displaying all the titles, it shows a timeline whenever a particular movie is added.


You can customise the search by specifying the average rating and then the type of moves you would like to watch.


To use this app, you will need to select the region and then the service ‘Netflix’. Once this is done, the app will display all the new Netflix content. And to filter the shows and movies, tap in Filter and customise it as per your taste.


Download JustWatch (Free)

3. Rave

Rave takes a community watching to an entirely new level. This little app allows you to watch TV shows and movies with your friends even when they are in a different location.

All you need to do is to invite them with valid Netflix credentials to your virtual party. There are also many public viewing streams that you can join.

This app creates a copy of the Netflix home screen on your device. Once a title is selected, scroll down and then tap on the Privacy >> Friends, afterwards, share the link with your friends over an SMS or email.


Apart from the above features, the app integrates chat just in case you want to have a quick word with your friends. It also supports a couple of other services like YouTube, History Channel, Vimeo and Liked.

You may face some delay issues but not too annoying to spoil your fun.

Note: Both parties would need a working Netflix account for this app to work. Download Rave

4. HideIPVPN for Global Content

The other day while I was searching for Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix, i was shocked i could not find it although I did a quick research on Google which revealed that the title was indeed available on Netflix, for only selected regions only.


Netflix serves content in different regions, and each region has a separate catalog of contents. So how do you bypass such restrictions? It turns out that there’s a way around it.

The answer to the problem is VPN apps. However, there are so many VPN apps out there in the Play Store, HideIPVPN is one of the best for the job. It’s free, and it’s faster compared to other apps.


As is the practice with these apps, you would need to log in to a US VPN then you can access Netflix and see the magic that will unfold before you.

Note: if you plan on using any VPN service, then the experience and the speed may not be optimised for it. So this will require a bit of trial and error on your part. Download HideIPVPN

5. VidAngel

Do you want to erase any form of nudity, adult language and violence from your movies? VidAngel is the one for you. These neat app filters mature content from movies thereby making them ideal for viewing with the family.

You would need to connect your Netflix account to use this app. The best thing about this app is that it lets you choose the content you want to skip.


Before you kick, start any show, make sure to tap on Filters to list the objectionable content. All you have to do is tap on the ones which you want to skip. Once that is done, VidAngel will tailor the stream for you.


This app is perfect for you if you want to skip the NSFW (Not Safe for Work) scenes to watch your favourite shows on your daily commute or during your office hours.

Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, and Disney sued VidAngel back in 2016 for copy write infringement. After losing the legal battle, VidAngel switched its operation to digital streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

Note: VidAngel has a free 30 days period after which you are to pay $9.99/ month to continue using the service. Download (Free)

6. Secret Movie Categories

Forget digging through Netflix’s archive to search for movies. Secret Movie Categories makes this job quite easy for you by listing all the hidden and obscure sub-genres.


What I love about this app is that you don’t need to connect your Netflix account. Launch the app and then choose a category and all the movies that belong to that genre will display on the original Netflix app.


Note that the catalogue will depend on your region’s content. Download Secret Movie Categories

7. Simkl Lists

Do you sometimes miss watching your favourite shows and movies? If that is the case, then Simkl Lists is going to interest you. This app helps to create a watch list for tracking your films and shows easily. It even sends you emails about your favourite shows, so that you don?t miss them again.


Apart from that, it also gives you complete information about the titles. You can check out IMDB ratings and then watch the trailer.

This app aces with Netflix, and it also works for other streaming services like Amazon Video, Look, Hulu and others. Download Simkl Lists for free

Those are some of the must-have Android apps for Netflix lovers. Each one of them has its unique feature and gives you much-added functionality which can be found missing in the Netflix app.

Share your thoughts with us by using the comments section below.

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