11 Must Have WooCommerce Plugins 2021


WooCommerce is a successful WordPress plugin among the businessmen who lead an online store based on a number of products. It is widely preferred by the small and the medium level store owners to display their products worldwide.

However, owning a Woocommerce site alone will not guarantee your sales; you will have to make your site appear good just like the e-commerce store giants.

But, how do you implement that? Not all the online store owners sound technically well; also, it is not possible to appoint a developer for enhancing your store outlook.

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So, to help these people face the issue and build a site with premium features, WooCommerce offers a number of free plugins that can be customized to make your site look better.

Here Is A List Of The WooCommerce Plugins To Use For Your Online Store:

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1. Woocommerce Multilingual

It is an essential plugin if you wish to target audience from different states. The plugin helps in translating the contents of the website to any desired language according to the customer query.

Also, it helps in emailing the clients and admins in their preferred language. In addition to this, it also enables using the site in the same language till the end of the checkout process.

2. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

This plugin will be useful for those who wish to have a total shipping cost calculator on their website. It makes the process of calculating the total shipping with respect to the region, currency, postal code, number of items, weight, etc.

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3. Receiptful

This plugin will help in supplying your customers with a receipt of their purchase. With a receipt, the number of customers visiting the site is known to increase tremendously.

Also, receiptful offers a number of templates to choose the style of the receipt you wish to provide your customers. Also, you can customize the templates to design it unique too.

4. YITH Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier

Even if you display products in different angles, people usually wish to look at the product in a close view. It helps them in examining the intricate design of the product by magnifying.

Once you install the plugin, your customer can magnify the product by a mouseover on the image. Further, you can customize the size of the zoomed image, their position, etc.

5. Woocommerce Memberships

In case if you wish to offer membership and subscription plans for your online store, you can use this free plugin. It allows customizing the products to be viewed by the particular members and restricts viewing certain products by the members. Also, you can easily set the plan for a particular length of time to be active.

6. Pay With Amazon

This awesome plugin allows you to make customers stay on your website for a long time and reduce the risks involved in the payment. As amazon is a trusted website, customers will keep reverting to your store for purchasing the products often.

7. Aftership

The biggest trouble faced by the online store owners is updating the details of the shipment after purchase. Every customer wishes to track the status of their purchased goods conveniently.

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It can be met by the WordPress online store owners by installing the Aftership plugin. The plugin helps in tracking the shipment by providing updated information from time to time.

8. Woocommerce Direct Check Out

There are customers who wish to skip the cart and proceed to checkout directly as the add to cart feature makes them purchase more of the unwanted stuff from the store. To meet the needs of those customers you can install this simple plugin and make the purchasing process neat and simple.

9. Jetpack

Having an eye on the page traffic is quite essential to develop a successful site. In that regard, this plugin helps in providing you the page statistics from time to time.

With that, you can focus on improving the customers from visiting the page by increasing the speed of the image loading time. All this can be done right from your dashboard with no extra effort.

10. Woocommerce Currency Switcher

A problem among the online stores is that it displays the price list of the product only in a single currency format according to the one, input by the owner. But, customers will prefer the sites which list the price in multiple currency formats. By installing the currency switcher plugin, you can successfully overcome this issue.

11. Woocommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Shopping online is not always successful. There are times when you proceed to checkout and your server turns down. It will end up in loss of sales and the clients too. By installing this recover abandoned cart plugin, you can manage the cart of your client and recover it back.

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