6 Myths About Inverter Batteries Debunked

Inverter Batteries

Myths and legends are a part of your lives, some of which we tend to believe, others not quite that much.

Like every other product, even inverter batteries have some myths associated with them, and if you are not aware of those myths, you might be making a mistake as a consumer.

So, we are going to debunk some of those myths to help you make a more informed purchase decision and avoid any mistakes. 

Here are 6 inverter battery myths that need to be debunked right now!

Watering batteries like plants

Inverter batteries are not plants that need to be watered frequently. However, since the most commonly used inverter batteries are wet batteries; therefore, some of us might think that it’s OK to frequently top up the water.

But, on the contrary, you don’t need to top them up as frequently as you might think. Here’s the thing, a normal 150Ah 12V tubular battery will function good enough with a water top-up of once in 2 months at max.

And this will work even if the battery is used frequently. So, it’s a myth that you need to constantly keep your batteries topped up all the time!

You can top up the water with common tap water

Well, this might sound enticing, but the truth is that a battery water top-up doesn’t mean putting any type of water inside.

Always use distilled water for battery top-up, as tap water contains minerals and contaminants that will reduce the efficiency of your battery.

So, the answer is ‘NO!’ You cannot put tap water inside inverter batteries for topping it up. It is advised to use only de-mineralized water for topping up.

Battery functions regardless of outside temperature

It’s a myth! If the temperature outside is either too hot or cold, it will affect your battery and can make it perform slower.

Moreover, it can also drastically reduce its overall lifecycle. It will reduce both the efficiency and the efficacy of the battery even if you keep it charging.

Moreover, this will increase your electricity bills significantly. Everything from the temperature to the altitude and humidity affects the battery’s performance.

Therefore, a battery will not perform as efficiently in extreme conditions as it would under normal circumstances. It is advised to install the battery in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat sources & moisture.

Discharging the battery completely before charging it back up

Although, it’s recommended to discharge the battery fully and charge it up again once a month. Doing that often, will not give you any backup eventually.

Because if you keep discharging the battery every now and then try to charge it back up when the actual voltage is not optimum, it will take longer to charge, and consume more electricity.

So, don’t do that frequently. It is always recommended to discharge the battery only through an inverter. Typically, inverters are having a protection circuit, which does not allow the batteries to get discharged beyond a certain limit.

Premature battery breakdown

A battery can prematurely break down due to a number of factors such as overcharging, undercharging or frequent discharge.

However, one of the other reasons that are not known by many is that an inverter battery breakdown could also be a result of battery plate sulphation.

This happens when sulfate crystals form on the battery’s plates obstructing the chemical process… However, this can be avoided by immediately recharging the battery after a discharge.

Inverter Battery Chargers are Insignificant

This one’s a myth! An inverter is directly responsible for the efficiency at which a battery is being charged. Therefore, you must always invest in a high-quality inverter if you don’t want the battery to die a slow death.

These days, inverters come with 3 stage charging technology to increase the overall efficiency of the battery’s charging.

You may not have considered these things about inverters and batteries, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Taking care of your appliances the right way is always a good idea to increase their life span.

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