What Your Nails Says About You?


There is a teaching which determines the relationship between the psychic components and the human body. That teaching is called psychosomatic teaching.

In psychosomatic teachings, the hands are considered a zone of contact with the rest of the world and how we contact the world via our hands tell so much about us this is most especially true for females because they have the opportunity to express themselves better with the help of manicure.

In this article, you will be learning how to reveal what the inner world of a girl looks like just by taking a look at her nails.

Three main characteristics

Nail shape

let us see what’s the shape of a girl’s nails say about her

– The round or oval shape speaks of an emotional, sensual, and dreamy nature. People with such kind of fingernails live by their own rules and also believe in your ideals.

It is impossible for them to understand cruelty. Girls with this kind of nails are very romantic the never afraid of the truth and always seek justice.

– People with rectangular shaped nails are used to living life in a very big way. Their main features are optimism and maximalism, and it is often easy for them to achieve what they desire even though they are overly emotional and they also tend to idealize.

Girls with this kind of nails are accustomed to depending only on themselves they are very hardworking and have a bright personality.

– If you meet a girl with square nails, bear in mind that she’s a person with a cold mind. Girls like this do not follow only their heart, but they followed their head as well.

The good thing about them is that they have leadership qualities, they are reliable, and can take on so much at a time. People with square-shaped fingernails are board independence and resolute

– People with pointed nails are usually referred, to as creative. They are mostly sculptors, musicians, and also artist.

People like these are very into the arts; they have a non-standard thinking, they are passionate about everything they see, they are dreamy, impatient, vulnerable, impressionable, freedom loving, and above all very creative

Nail colour preferences


Each shade of colour characterises a representation of the beautiful half of humanity from a specific side.

– The red colour means that this is a femme fatale, vampire woman. Perhaps this lady only place this role. However, a choice of colour was made for a specific reason. She is all about paying attention to herself for the purpose of arousing interest in people. Success, independence, and freedom are important indicators for such women.

– Burgundy colour is one for women who have a strong and sexual nature. Such ladies are not accustomed to having their time wasted just to prove something to anybody. Women like that know what they want and they have the perfect plan to achieve it.

– For ladies who love to paint their nails black, the primary thing in life is order and clarity. Their way of achieving goals is through stiffness. Weakness and stupidity and not words in the dictionary.

– Ladies who paint their nails orange or yellow colour treat life very easily they have a large reserve of vital energy. However, they lack perseverance and purposefulness

– The easiest way to spot a lady who is happy, contented, and harmonious is by searching for a green coloured manicure. Girls who rock green coloured manicure are usually successful and very reasonable the primary thing in life for such people is simplicity and consistency.

– The blue colour of nail polish are for girls who are balanced and have a pleasant character. It is very easy to touch them, so when it comes to physical and spiritual safety it is a priority for them.

The blue colour also means that a wearer is a thorough person, has focus and seriousness in any business she decides to embark on. This the reason why she picks such colour, and it is a vital quality because thoroughness affects her life in different ways. It will take some time for her to switch from a bad mood to a better one

– Girls who get a bright pink manicure love to always stand out from the general mass of people. Such ladies prefer not to notice any problems, and they look at life in a very easy fashion and never lose heart.

Women who are successful and also very interesting, love to have colourful nails. However, the colour they choose can also reveal the process of searching for inner harmony and peace.

Those who love to wear french manicure our ladies who seek to look perfect but are not interested in getting undue attention to their person they are very elegant and do not follow fashion in a blind manner.

Nail length

As important as the colour of a woman’s nails are so also is the length. Every woman likes to wear her nails differently, so it is only reasonable to see different beautiful women rocking different nail length.

And whenever this nail length may be, it also has messages that they send across to the rest of the world. There are three major new lens that you would see around the short nail the medium length nails and the very long nails.

Short nails: short nails signify a strong nature which in a lot of cases is diversified and possesses so much energy girls who wear short nails are demanding and very hot-tempered they seek to be the leaders in every situation.

Medium length nails: when you see a girl wearing medium length nails what it means is that she has a very strong character people like that are logical and are known to make informed decisions.

Long nails: females who like to wear long nails are usually extravagant and prone to unexpected or spontaneous actions. Most of the time such females do not take things very seriously. However, it is in their nature to be daring and ready to take risks no matter what the consequences may be.

Regardless of a woman’s social class, Occupation or mentality it is never the best thing to move around with dirty or unattractive nails. As much as the hair, the face, and skin need care, so also do the nails deserve care because this is says so much about how classy a lady is.

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