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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Nasty Things Couples Do Together

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Couples that question how close they are with each other should consider the level of comfortability with each other as a yardstick for measuring their closeness. Partners eat, bath, sleep and gossip together but again, anyone can do that.

What about couples that do nasty dirty things with each other? Are partners comfortable with each other enough that they do naughty and nasty things with any form of shyness?

What are the things they do? Nasty things couples do that shows how comfortable they are with each other.

1. Farting

Couples who are close to each other don’t mind letting the gas out in each other’s presence, no matter how foul it stinks. They could even take the gas party outdoor without feeling embarrassed for as long as they are together. Most couples also find it funny, and sometimes even daring.

2. Belching

Partners who have attained a level of closeness don’t mind belching in front of each other before, during or after a meal. This single act that most people would find disgusting doesn’t seem to shake couples who are really into each other. They would often even laugh it off and tease each other with name callings. “such a pig”!

3. Pooping

It is almost as if, the more disgusting the act, the closer the couples become. Some habits not only show how close partners are with each other but it also tightens the bond even more. Using the toilet while your spouse watches you, despite the fact that poop the stink proves just how at ease couples are with each other.

4. Snoring

Most individuals find this act not only offensive but unbearable. Relationships have met their finish line with this habit as some people cant stand the sound, but when two people who are together not only mind the loud sound of their partners close to them but equally sleep safe and sound, then you can be sure nothing else can come between them.

5. Bad breath

Quite a number people find it very uncomfortable having bad breathes especially in the mornings, but partners who have gotten close to each other would sometimes kiss and make out no matter how bad their morning breathes are. Some would even use it as an avenue to tease and laugh at each other. “go brush up silly, your mouth stinks”.

6. Nose picking and scratching the private areas

It would disgust anybody to find random strangers or even acquaintances picking on their noses or scratching their private regions, but the case is different with partners who don’t mind at all. They pick on their noses, scratch their buttlines, sex organs, armpits and sometimes even take a whiff at the odour at how much they stink. Are there even limits to these nasty habits?

7. Blackheads/ zits popping

Blackheads and pimples are a personal thing, and most people with it find it uncomfortable dealing with them in the presence of others, however, partners who are as comfortable as old shoes tend to not only pop the zits and blackheads on their own body but also on their partner’s.

If you and your partner fall into this category of people who don’t mind doing nasty things with their partners, guess what? You are in luck. Your closeness with your spouse shouldn’t be doubted. Enjoy.

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