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Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies: Effective Yet Simple!

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Yellow teeth are most people’s pet peeve, but our eating habits and poor hygiene can stain them.

Teeth whitening treatments are expensive; not everyone can afford them.

Yellow teeth lower your confidence, and you can smile carelessly. You are always conscious of your teeth, making you uncomfortable in social gatherings.

We have your back if you want whiter teeth without professional dental care services. This article has amazing hacks that can help you get whiter teeth quickly.

You will get those pearly whites back if you consistently use these remedies. Dive right in for some magical hacks!

Remedies to Get Naturally White Teeth!

If you want white teeth, you must know how to decrease inflammation and deal with gum issues. Healthy oral hygiene is crucial to look good and feeling confident.

These remedies below will help you smile openly and socialize like no tomorrow.

Let’s begin:

1.    Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is one of the most popular remedies to get whiter teeth and the best oral hygiene.

It is a great remedy for killing bacteria in the mouth, loosening tart, and removing yellow stains from the teeth. You can use coconut or any organic oil for this method, but heat it a little.

You need at least 2-3 tablespoons of oil for oil pulling because your mouth should be full.

Oil pulling is best done first thing in the morning, even before brushing your teeth. Swirl the oil in your mouth to ensure you get all the areas.

You must do oil pulling every day or alternative day for at least 30 minutes. With time, you will notice your teeth getting whiter and shiny because oil helps reduce stains.

You can brush your teeth afterward thoroughly and get to the curves of your mouth and behind your teeth.

Pulling oil is also a great way to eliminate bacteria and bad breath. Many celebrities use oil pulling to maintain oral hygiene and get shinier teeth.

2.     Hydrogen Peroxide

Many kinds of toothpaste have hydrogen peroxide as it is a great ingredient for teeth whitening.

It is a great disinfectant that helps kill bacteria and remove stains from your mouth.

However, toothpaste has many other ingredients that reduce hydrogen peroxide’s powerful action.

You can use hydrogen peroxide by mixing it with equal parts of water.

You can use it as a mouthwash before brushing your teeth. It is also advisable to mix its little quantity in your toothpaste to whiten your teeth faster.

However, using hydrogen peroxide excessively causes your gums to weaken and creates sensitivity. Hence, it is essential to use it in moderation; once a week is enough.

3.    Use Toothpaste with Baking Soda

Using toothpaste with baking soda is one of the oldest yet most effective hacks to get brighter teeth.

Baking soda has whitening and disinfecting properties that help remove yellow stains. It also makes your toothpaste a stronger cleaning agent eliminating foul breath.

Sprinkle baking soda on your toothpaste and thoroughly brush your teeth. Scrub your teeth nicely and rinse off with warm water to eliminate bacteria.

It is essential to use baking soda only once a week and not more than that. 

It is a great cleaning agent, but its excessive use can make your teeth sensitive. Is excedrin an nsaid? Most people like to use medication to treat sensitivity.

However, you must get to its root cause and consult a dentist.

4.    Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the best for whitening teeth and removing dirt. Charcoal attracts dirt and cleans your teeth better than regular toothpaste.

You can find charcoal toothpaste everywhere; invest in them if you want whiter teeth fast.

On the other hand, you can get your hands on charcoal powder, as it has strong cleaning and antibacterial properties.

Dip your brush in charcoal powder and brush your teeth for at least two minutes. Let the charcoal powder sit on your teeth for another two minutes.

Rinse your mouth off and use regular toothpaste afterward. You can use charcoal daily as it has no side effects and does not weaken your teeth.

Final Verdict

Yellow teeth can be a huge reason people feel uncomfortable socializing or smiling brightly.

Whitening treatments are super expensive; hence, not everyone can afford them.

However, a few natural remedies can help you get a brighter and whiter smile. You need to be consistent with these remedies to see good results.

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