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NdaniTV: Everything You Need to Know

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NdaniTV is an online television platform showcasing and celebrating the best of African fashion, art, film, sports, business, and much more.

The platform was launched in 2012 and had its headquarters located in Plot 173B Moshood Olugbani, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. The platform is proudly powered by Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

NdaniTV has been at the cutting edge of online African content with hit shows such as The Juice, Gidi Up, The Interview with Frank Donga, Skinny Girl in Transit as well as many others.

The word Ndani means inside in Swahili, and it represents the platform’s singular proposition: To take its viewers inside Africa.

With breathtaking visuals, compelling and unique stories for Africans in Africa, around the rest of the world, and the Diaspora, Ndani promises to take us on a journey through the depths of Africa. We can also discover the best of the Neo-Soul of Africa on Ndani Sessions.

Ndani TV aims to be the number one online destination for premium African industry, travel content, and entertainment.

NdaniTV also provides backstage access and exclusive interviews with Africa’s most prominent fashion events.

The platforms also aim to be the purveyor of Pan African taste. It also features the most exciting sports analytics and interviews and the most beautiful destinations on the continent.

Categories offered by NdaniTV

1. Business

This category contains TV shows that educate Nigerians on financial and economic issues affecting the country and how to solve these issues as an entrepreneur. Most times, celebrities are called to view what business is all about on some of the shows.

For example, 37 Questions (a business show to know your favorite celebrities and entrepreneurs in just 37 Questions). Other shows in the category include:

  • African Dream
  • Analyze This
  • Digits

2. Fashion

The fashion category contains a list of fashion shows where fashion designers are being called to showcase their upcoming accessories or line of clothing. On the show, the guests (fashion designers) show off aesthetics or points of view on a specific topic. Fashion Insider is one of the fashion shows on the platform.

3. Food and Recipes

We can find TV shows teaching viewers how to cook or different cooking techniques from several guests in this category. These TV shows include:

  • Ndani Recipes
  • GT Bank Food and Drink Fair
  • Dishing Out and so on.

4. Comedy

This category contains TV shows that make people laugh. The leading TV show on this platform is Officer Titus.

5. Ndani Music

In this category, we will find a list of TV shows containing live performances from several musicians and songwriters. The leading TV show in this category is called Ndani Sessions.

6. Ndani Travel

In this category, explore places. The platform will take us on a journey into the depths of Africa, discovering the beauty within from Kenya’s own Silicon Valley, the beautiful South African coasts, to Nigeria’s wide entertainment landscape.

7. NdaniShortFilms

In this category, we will find is a list of films that is too short to be considered a feature film. One of the movies in this category is The House Wife.

You can always find time out of your busy schedule to entertain yourself with NdaniTV. This could be an outlet to not only stay informed but to also deal with stress.


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