A New Born Entry and a Toddler Jealousy

Toddler Jealousy

Parenting is not as an easy task; it comes up with such huge responsibility. Parenting seems a bliss for many couples and for some it’s a pack of complication.

Although, it has been studied that parenting is the task that everyone dream about, and it’s really distressful for many couples who are not able to conceived pregnancy they linger to infertility solutions or keep praying to become parent and when they do, ask their views once and you’ll heard them saying ; yeah we love our child but to raise them is not an easy task.

Many couples when going through pregnancy encounter with the problems of jealousy in the first child. Any parent who is going through the second pregnancy has to make their self ready for the new show called “sibling jealousy”.

Many of the parents believed that it doesn’t occur in their house as their first babies are quiet co-operative and love even the concept of having a younger sister and brother but the belief proof wrong with the passage of time.

Many parents are actually living their own concern that they are able to give the same care and love which they have given to their first child.

Although, in the corner of your mind you firmly has a belief that why would he feel insecure even though I have given him everything and actually do the mental preparation, so why would my child feel insecure and jealous.

The things you need to understand to stop the jealousy of a toddler from the newborn:

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Jealousy is natural

May be if you are the elder sibling you have been gone through from the same phase. It’s really natural, so expect the fact that your child is going to feel insecure one way or another. No matter how much you do care for your older kids, he still going to feel insecure.

Because your attention is somehow is going to get diverted. The attention and care he is the only one that holds, but now the attentive care and love starts sharing and it makes him insecure.

Kids’ give hard time

When your kids see your divert attention and care, maybe he will act and speak in a really negative way. Might be your toddler is going to ask you to return your newborn to the to the shop from where you buy him, or asked you to toss him in the dustbin and most apparent blame you will go to receive from your elder one is that you don’t leave me anymore.

These conditions and statement are normal, how could expect a child to understand all these things, he will not be. Might be the other siblings become happy with the newborn for a certain time period, but with the passage of time they blow up when the baby responses get increase and people start admiring the cuteness of the baby in front of the your toddles which initiates the angry feeling.

So as a present you don’t need to scold them just try to overcome the impact and seriously as the time will pass, the kids will get adjusted to each other. Don’t fret about that.

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Maintain interaction

The most essential way to develop harmony in the siblings, try to make their interaction strong. You can try to make a connection with your older child with the baby in the early stages of your pregnancy. Let your elder one knows about the baby and indulge him talking with the baby make him talk to him.

Teach him to how to take care of your newborn and demonstrate what not to do assign your child to take care of the baby when you have to go to the kitchen or when you are playing with the new born ask your child to do so to talk to him and said constantly that baby likes you, the baby wants to play with you.

These types of statement encouragement to the older one and somehow build the bond between the siblings, which somehow serves to stop the aggressive behavior.

Don’t say “no” too much

As a new baby comes around the whole schedule is going to upheaval which certainly disturbs the other toddler life. Unintentionally you find yourself saying No a lot more to the other kids than usual. Like we can’t play this time, don’t make noise baby will get awake, don’t touch the things of the baby without washing hands.

These are the “No” that our toddler bear now and then, but do we have another choice we can’t say yes to everything try an alternative like we will play after the baby sleep or let’s move to another room, this will deliver the message and without emphasis on the word “no”.

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Introducing your newborn is an asset to the family and make certain that the changes which are going to upcoming in your toddler’s life to make him adjust to the new baby.

Analyze what changes are going to appear in your life and throughout the pregnancy maintain a habit of your toddlers, so when baby come he would not have to deal with such huge changes.

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