Nicky Oppenheimer Biography and Net Worth

Nicky Oppenheimer

The top personality we will be discussing today is none other than Nicky Oppenheimer. If you are an African, this name should not sound so strange as he is on of the richest men Africa has ever produced in its entire rich history.

Most specifically, he will be well known to South Africans because he is a well established business magnate in the country. Introducing him as one of the richest in Africa obviously builds your curiosity as to how much Nicky Oppenheimer net worth really is.

We will satisfy that curiosity in no time and all you need to do is to follow us through this article as we give you an overview of his life, career, relationships and finally his net worth.

Nicky Oppenheimer Profile

  • Full Name: Nicky F. Oppenheimer
  • Age: 74 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • State of Origin: Pretoria
  • State of residence: Cape Town
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur

Nicky Oppenheimer Age

Nicky was born on the 8th of June, 1945 in South Africa to his parents, Bridget and Harry Oppenheimer who was the grandson of Ernest Oppenheimer (The first generation to chair De Beers Starting from 1929).

Nicky’s father is of German Jewish descent and his mother origin is still quite unknown.

Nicky Oppenheimer Education

Nicky had his education while growing up at the Harrow school and Christ church in Oxford. He graduated with a degree and masters in Philosophy, Economics and Politics.

All these knowledge he gained obviously had their contributions in the successful career of Nicky.

Nicky Oppenheimer Career

Nicky Oppenheimer

Nicky was employed as the director of Anglo American in 1974. This was his first notable position he held ever since joining the company since 1968.

After spending 9 years as director of the company, he was appointed a AB the deputy Chairman in 1983. He later opted to become a non-executive director till 2011 after he resigned as deputy Chairman in 2001.

In 1984, Nicky was given the deputy Chairman role in the Central selling organization which was later renamed as the Diamond trading company. He also got a position as deputy Chairman of De Beers consolidated mines, and without much time got the Chairman role in the same company.

He then resigned from his role as Chairman in 2012 after the stake of the family was bought by the Anglo American. All through his career, Nicky held himself as an exemplary figure to others through his noble acts of philanthropy that earned him great plaudits and awards.

Most of the philanthropy work were focused on conserving cultural inheritance and heritage of the South African nation. He is one known to have his country at heart, also reaching out to the more rural areas of the region by providing education, health, nature and arts.

He has a foundation to his name called the Brent Hurst Foundation, whose major function was to bring positive reviews to the debate on the plans and policies to help grow and improve the African economy through sustainable development.

Though it has not been a really easy ride for Nicky Oppenheimer throughout his career due to one controversy over another, he has always stood out. This contributes to his incredible success and riches.

He received some honorary awards for his excellent works through the Technikon Witwatersand. He was also recognized on the national level when he received the Presidential Order of Honor from the ex president of Botswana and also another award from the London business school in 2009.

Nicky Oppenheimer Relationship

Nicky got married to his wife in a colorful wedding in 1968 to Orcillia Strilli Lasch who was then the daughter of another business magnate in the name of Helli Lasch.

Though his father was born as a Jew, he converted to Anglicanism and so did Nicky. His wife also is an Anglican.

Nicky Oppenheimer Achievement

Just like earlier listed, the achievements of Nick Oppenheimer cannot be over emphasized through the tremendous works he has done and the beautiful career he had.

Not just that, he strived to give back to the society that raised him by setting up a lot of educational institutions, health, business and many others.

His people are definitely proud of the kind of achievement and work he has done to bring Africa to the global stage and ensure the African economy is growing by the day.

Nicky Oppenheimer Net worth

Nicky is not new to the rich list and we can bet that it won’t change anytime soon. He was first seen on the Sunday Times list of richest people in the United Kingdom, a ranking where he was positioned at 23rd with a net worth of $6 billion.

As at 2019, net worth further improved after he was declared as the richest south African with an estimated net worth of $7.8 billion according to Forbes in 2020.

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