NYSC Relocation: All You Need To Know

NYSC Relocation

This piece on NYSC Relocation is one of our NYSC articles. NYSC gives a wonderful chance to explore different parts of Nigeria for a year but sometimes, it also comes with a little bit of scare.

While the need to serve is still there, often times most youths are actually looking for places with opportunities or states that pay corp members. Still, some others don’t want to move from their region where they feel comfortable.

When they have posted their call up letters, many corp members always cry over the states there were deployed too. NYSC offers a way out for genuine cases in the form of RELOCATION (often mistaken for NYSC remobilization. Check out what NYSC remobilization is here).

The relocation proceedings usually take up to 3 months though now that NYSC has gone digital, corp members can now apply anytime between 11 days in camp till the third month of service via their dashboard (going to camp soon, check this article on how to prepare for camp).

NYSC relocation is possible under three to four conditions that will be discussed in this post. Those of you in camp already can read this piece on how to get the best out of your NYSC camping period.

NYSC Relocation Based on Health Condition

This is the most common way to get relocation. In most cases, a medical certificate stating the corps member’s condition and a handwritten letter is needed.

In camps, pregnant women are given instant relocation to avoid stress on both the mother, baby, and NYSC officials. Severe health attacks that happen in camps also give room for relocation when the person is ruled to be in harm’s way due to the weather condition. These people are usually sent back to their home state (place of residence).

Medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy, sickle cell, and a few others are special cases that also grant instant relocation in camp if an attack occurs in camp.

For those that have symptoms but are managing, they are allowed to apply for relocation and undergo a medical screening test (answering series of questions relating to the said condition) before they are ruled fit or unfit.

While this process is fair, trying to cheat your way out and getting caught may lead to queries and possible sanctions. Those who pass the test may be posted to any state of their choice or neighboring state.

Relocation based on Security Reasons

Corp members posted to restive places like Adamawa, Yobem Borno, and other North-Eastern states are allowed to apply for state relocation due to security reasons.

For some corp members who couldn’t get their preferred states, these states are like blank checks. Although the states are restive, it is worth knowing that not all parts of these states are going through security challenges so corp members are expected to stay.

Relocation based on Marital grounds

This option is open for women only. Women who got married in school are expected to indicate so in their NYSC registration form and upload valid documents like Marriage certificates and Change of Name notice on Newspapers.

Those who got married in Camp or after camp are also expected to apply for relocation (if they want to). They will also submit required documents but there is a catch.

Applying for relocation on the marital ground simply means that your surname will be replaced by your Husband’s family name on your NYSC certificate.

Special Cases

Special cases are surrounded by mysteries so I can’t really explain but there are relocations based o DG’s directive. Somehow some people get this special directive to be relocated and are instantly moved.

Some of these persons may be family members of influential kings and persons who feel their safety and well being are not guaranteed where they are (remember this paragraph is purely speculative)

Either way, relocation on this ground has no reason whatsoever as the DG is the one who oversees the affairs of NYSC at the national level and can move personnel and corp members at his will.

How To Apply For NYSC Relocation

To apply for relocation in camp, get the relocation form when it is announced, fill it and submit it. After the screening, the ICT office will upload it to your dashboard and apply for relocation on your behalf.

NYSC relocation

To Apply for relocation after camp, login to your NYSC dashboard and click on RELOCATION (the last option on your dashboard), select the reason for applying and upload required documents.

People who chose Good health condition during registration for mobilization will not see the health option when applying.

DISCLAIMER: No place in this article mentioned that agents or persons are paid money to enable them to process relocation. While there have been allegations that such practices exist (many people advertise themselves in online platforms whenever camping is going home), I have no knowledge of it so I can’t write on it.

I will also not entertain any question on it. Thank you

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