How to Apply For NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization?

NYSC Revalidation

Every year thousands of Nigerian graduates register for the National Youth Service Corps program and are sent to different parts of the country to serve their fatherland. This process is called NYSC Mobilization,

While the vast majority is successful in their mobilization attempts, not everyone reports to NYSC camps, and also, not everyone completes their service year,

If you are looking for information on NYSC Remobilization or revalidation, this guide is for you. Note, for either of them to work; you must have registered for mobilization before in any previous batch.

NYSC Revalidation

NYSC Revalidation option is meant for those who;

  • Those refused to go camping after they have been mobilized maybe because of distance or financial reason.
  • Those forgot to check their NYSC dashboard for their letter of mobilization. As funny as it sounds, a friend missed camp because he thought the letter would be mailed to him or sent via school, forgetting he will have to print it from his dashboard. The lack of email/SMS notification for the printing of letter didn’t help anyways.
  • Those who forgot vital documents when they went camping hence they weren’t registered.
  • Those who went late to camp and got there after the registration window must have expired, so they weren’t registered.
  • Anyone who had been mobilized and for any reason didn’t show up at camp or wasn’t registered at camp.

If you don’t have a State Code number (Unique NYSC number that identifies your Service State, Year, Batch and personnel number), you fall into this group. A State Code number looks like State/Year&Batch/personnel number, eg KW/17B/0001, DT/18C/1786

How to Apply for NYSC Revalidation?

To apply for revalidation, you will have to follow those who are applying for mobilization.

Once a new batch of Prospective Corp Members are applying for mobilization, open the NYSC Portal and click on the Registration button.

On the next page, you will see the Revalidation option. Click on it and follow the instructions to revalidate your profile (usually only fingerprint recapture) and voila, you are done.

If revalidation is done within the same batch (maybe you missed Batch A Stream 1 Camping and apply alongside Batch A Stream II) you will likely be posted back to the same state. Else, if you missed Batch A camping and applied alongside Batch B or C, you will be posted to a different state.

NYSC Remobilization

NYSC Remobilization is meant for those who;

  • after registration at the CAMP or after being posted to a PPA (place of primary assignment) absconded and didn’t complete the service year.
  • May also be the option for corpers who were sent out of camp for participating in sexual activities or gambling, smoking, fighting. I am only certain about the first option.

So if you didn’t report to your PPA for the period of 90 days to 110 days, you would be declared as ABSCONDED CORP MEMBER. Unlike Revalidation, you will not go camping again (NYSC doesn’t allow an individual to camp twice).

How to Apply for NYSC Remobilization?

On the average, it takes the NYSC state secretariat about 5 months to declare a corp member as absconded and notify the main headquarters. This is because the LGI, ZI and State Coordinator will have to verify that you have fled.

If you absconded immediately after camp without collecting any allowance (other than the ones paid at the camp) good for you. If you absconded from service after receiving an allowance outside the camp, you are refunding it. The steps to apply for Remobilization is quite stressful though.

You will have to make sure you have been declared as absconded corp member else you can go back and continue service with Extension of service. If you have been reported as an absconded corp member and remobilised, you will be posted to a different state for service.

To apply for Remobilization;

1. You will have to travel down to the NYSC secretariat of the state you were posted to (good luck if it is far from you).

2. There, locate the Office of Corps Discipline and Reward. Inform them that you want to apply for remobilization and you came to check for “LETTER OF DECISION“.

If the state officials haven’t sent their letter of decision to Abuja, you will be given the option of returning to service with extension for the number of days missed. If they have submitted their decision, the head of the department will check if the National Headquarters have sent a remobilization decision.

If no, your long wait begins. Letter of decisions usually takes about 3 months to return from Abuja (except you somehow manage to influence the speed, maybe by divine intervention). If there is a letter of decision, good, if not you go home and return some other time.

3. Go to your bank (the one you registered for collection of allowee) and request for Bank Account Statement. This will serve as proof that you either received an allowance or not. If you did not receive any allowance outside the camp, go to the next step. If you did, calculate how much NYSC paid into your account and refund via REMITA.

4. To refund via REMITA, go to a CYBER CAFE and inform them you want to make REMITA payment to the TREASURY SINGLE ACCOUNT under NYSC, and select Personnel Cost as Purpose of Payment?(you can verify this by heading to the Accounts department of the State NYSC and asking for directions on how to refund allowance).

Make the payment at the nearest bank using your generated RRR number and make about four photocopies of the Teller, Remita payment slip and Account Statement as proof.

5. After presenting your Account Statement? (and proof of payment in case you refunded allowee) at the Corps Discipline and Reward office, you will be asked to write a letter to the DG informing Him of your willingness to return to service. The Head of Corps Discipline and Reward will guide you on how to do that.

6. Next, you will be sent to the ICT office to submit the documents alongside a copy Letter of Decision.

7. Then you go home and wait for remobilization portal to open (usually a week after camp). Go to NYSC portal, click on remobilization,

remob 1

Select the option with? “click here if you registered online and in camp” and log in.


If you see a successfully remobilised message, you can proceed to print remobilization slip? on your dashboard and also Certificate of remobilization.

print letter

vii. head over to the NYSC secretariat of the new state you have been posted to and begin serving immediately. When remobilised, you only serve 11 months.

NOTE: In case your letter of decision has not been sent, you can go ahead to get your statement of account and refund the allowance if any (excluding whatever you received at the camp). This will speed things up once you get the letter of decision.

Mind you, the only way to know if your letter of decision has been sent is by visiting the office of Corps Discipline and Reward at the state headquarters of the state you were posted to.

Except you have your way of communicating with them, be prepared for transportation cost. If you have any questions or suggestion don’t forget to leave it below.

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  1. This is a very insightful article. Thank you.
    I had to remobilse and I searched and searched for information online and I could not get any. Luckily for me a classmate that had the same issue put me through. My question is do I need another Letter of Fitness to serve to get my new state code in the state I’ve been mobilised to. and can I do the registration for the new state code during the orientation camp or I have to wait till after it? Thank you

    1. 1. You dont need another certificate of fitness to get anything. If you still have your green card, good. if you don’t print out your letter of remobilisation.
      2. Please check your letter of remobilisation for the last days you have to report to your new state. If it falls with the period of the camp, you can proceed to the state secretariat for registration to get a new state code. If it falls on orientation camp period, you may need to proceed to the orientation camp to register. Though you are not going to camp again if you have camped before. Do well to ask for those in ICT department and explain yourself there.

      1. Hy Lawrence, I followed all process for remobilization and when I check my remobilization status, it shows successful but I can’t find any letter of remobilization on my dashboard and my call up number and state code is still the same

    1. Wow i really got educated thanks.. Please my question is how do I know I have been posted because my call up number has changed, I tried printing the slip I can only see he has been redeploy to your state..but I’m not seeing the state.. Please what do I do

    1. Hello Joshua, first of all I wouldn?t advise you to try absconding inorder to force Remobilization.

      It is not possible to try and postpone mobilization, except you have not registered before.

      Remobilization is a stressful process. There is no guarantee that you will able to return to batch c next year.

      Also I heard the laws are now stricter although I can?t guarantee the accuracy of the information.

      If whatever you want to do is very important to warranty that 1 year absence, you may seek advice from the nearest NYSC office (every local government Secretariat has one)

  2. Please can I still get posted to my state of choice I.e my husband state of residence if i fail to show up in camp and want to wait for another batch ,reason being that after registering as a married woman,i was still posted to a far state .

  3. Pls I have a very big problem I was exempted due to my negligence, my years was overdue for service year, the person that registered me online accepted the exemption option. On my dashboard it’s written your exemption letter is been printed and will be sent to your institution. But I really want to serve cos I need the certificate not exemption letter. Pls what should I do. You can email me thanks

  4. I just printed my call up letter yesterday and swearing in is today. So i can’t make it to bauchi so I’m not going with batch c stream 2. Hope i can revalidate for batch A stream 1 2020

  5. Hi, I have a serious issue
    I worked my posting to Lagos and the guy that did that posted some document on my profile making it seem like I?m married which I?m not and I wasn?t aware until I got to camp and they said I can?t be registered. Now I don?t know what to do, do I need to re register or re apply because I can?t use that call up letter. Please help me out.

  6. Hi, I have done all the processes for remobilization and the man in charge called me to inform me that I have been accepted that I should print my certificate in my dashboard, I have been checking regularly on my dashboard but no way. I even tried to register on the remobilization portal again yesterday I was told a certificate has been printed, please how can I get this certificate?

  7. I could not make it to camp so I did revalidation to go with batch c stream 2 and I could not make it again with this stream .
    Can I revalidate again with batch A 2020

  8. Hi Lauren I have done all processes of remobilization and I have been posted to the my previous state again when I go there that is jigawa last when I saw remobilization letter in my dash board and mind you my call up number doesn’t change that was last week and they told me that Remobilization has not been open i should wait for the portal open and register I.e the portal will show with date line as they said and I would not serve again in same state am absconded .thanks.pls give more light .

    1. Hello Abba, I am not sure if you have been posted cause

      1. You are not supposed to serve in the same state again.
      2. Your callup number is supposed to change. Same with your Batch Number and later state code.

      To the best of mt knowledge, remobilisation portal is still open. If you are still in Jigawa, please go to the NYSC secretariat and ask for the Office of Corp Discipline and Reward. Tell them you absconded and you are there for “LETTER of Descision”. The letter will show you the state you have been posted to. Though you will still have to wait for it to reflect on your dashboard before you can proceed.

      To confirm though, click on print slip on your dashboard to see if your posting has changed.

      1. Hi Laurence I have the same problem with Abba. I just clicked on the print slip and I saw the letter of remobilization but my call up no is still the same and also when I got the letter of decision I was posted to Enugu but in the letter I saw kwara.

        1. Hello chiamaka. We seems to have same problem and also posted to same state Can you send your number to me. Whatsapp or call me 08030937725

    2. Abba please can you send me a DM we have d same problem from jigawa too 07011301863is my WhatsApp number

    3. Hi abba. Please can we chat on WhatsApp. Bcos I was posted to jigawa too batch B 2021 and later get absconded. My LGI said I should remobilise again. Pls can u chat me up bcos I need guidance thanks. WhatsApp contact. 09026736333

  9. Please I want to know if the online remobilization registration will require fresh thumb printing? I had difficulty in my thumb printing when I went to camp in 2018, though it was later successful and I absconded afterwards.
    I guess the machine from the cafe was faulty because some of my friends we used same cafe had similar issues. In fact, they faced this thumb printing challenge during their service year and most times they had to resort to manual clearance.

  10. Hi. Pls I was posted to somewhere I couldn’t go to. And I revalidated for batch c 2019 stream 2. But I couldn’t also go. Am I supposed to revalidate or rembolise now

    1. Hello Esther,
      I’m currently in the same shoes……can you post your email address so I can contact You?

  11. I find this very useful thanks for the article but hope the remobilization won’t take up to a year because I have plans of absconding to return next year for service.

    1. Going back to service after absconding is difficult. Usually takes 6 months to a year depending on when a decision is reached to allow you back

  12. My wife could not make it to Batch C 2019 Minna because she is pregnant. is she suppose to do re-validation or re-mobilization.

    What is on the portal now is Remobilization 2019,C. what is she suppose to do please. any idea.


  13. Hello,
    My name is included in 2019 batch c but I didn’t register because I was not in Nigeria then. Please what’s the necessary step to follow now.
    Is it revitalization or remobilization?

  14. Hi Lawrence, thanks for the article. I was mobilized last year batch B stream 2. But I didn?t register because I wasn?t feeling fine. I want to go for this batch A. Am I re-validating too?

    Secondly: My institution have collected my school ID card after giving me my DEGREE. I heard you need to show your school ID card in camp. What will I do sir? Should I be worried.

    I would be grateful for your prompt reply sir.

    1. If you havn’t registered previously then you are to register freshly (mobilisation)

      As for the ID card, you can go back to your school, get a photocopy and maybe ask the registrar to Vet it with his signature

  15. Hello laurence thanks for the article I absconded Nysc a while back but i fid some remobilization processing now and the print slip option on my dashboard has gotten a letter of remobilization in it but the call up number and the deployed state is still the same as the previous one please shed light on it bro one love

  16. Hello lawrence thanks for the article I absconded Nysc a while back but i fid some remobilization processing now and the print slip option on my dashboard has gotten a letter of remobilization in it but the call up number and the deployed state is still the same as the previous one please shed light on it bro one love

    1. Honestly I don?t know if the rules had been changed but absconding meant you would have a new call up number and new deployed state.

      You may proceed to your old state to confirm manually by asking for letter of decision from the corps discipline and reward office

  17. Honestly I don’t know if the rules had been changed but absconding meant you would have a new call up number and new deployed state.

    You may proceed to your old state to confirm manually by asking for letter of decision from the corps discipline and reward office

      1. Can you remobilise with aNY batch or you need to wait for the batch you were mobilized with… for example if I was mobilized and went to camp with stream 1 batch A do I have to wait till next stream 1 or I can go with any stream and batch

    1. To refund via REMITA, go to a CYBER CAFE and inform them you want to make REMITA payment to the TREASURY SINGLE ACCOUNT under NYSC, and select Personnel Cost as Purpose of Payment (you can verify this by heading to the Accounts department of the State NYSC and asking for directions on how to refund allowance).

  18. Sir i happens to be part of batch A but due to my health challengies i couldnt make it and am planning to for batch B pls i need a guide shuld i register now with batch A i need a guide pls sir

    1. There are two ways. Choose one.

      1. You can register now and not print out your call up letter. When Batch B registration starts, you validate. Though NYSC is implementing laws everyday and they may implement one that punishes this option.

      2. You can just wait till batch B and register afresh

  19. If as a foreign student you made payment but did not come for the physical verification, are you going to pay the fee to be remobilise, and revalidate

    1. I doubt. NYSC didn’t charge me for remobilisation. As long as your name is uploaded in senate list, you should be fine. Try and visit any NYSC zonal or state secretariat close to your for more clarifications though

  20. I printed my call up letter batch b 2018 but I was unable to go for camp, after revalidation will I make another payment for the printing of call up letter

  21. Pls wen revalidating, can u change ur marrital status from being single to married, and can u stil chose different states from the once chosen before?

    1. You can choose new state but it marital status you may have to take your documents to NYSC camp for the ICT officials to update your profile

  22. I absconded Nysc a while back. I got my decision Letter on September last year that I have been remobilized to Osun State. Since then, i have been checking my dash board. Not untill today, i was able to print my remobilization Letter. But the call up number and the deployed state is still the same as the previous one. And also I tried to print my certificate format but I am still unable print it. It pop up blank sheet whenever I want to print it. shed light on it.

    1. Hello Bolaji. We are having same issue here. Can i have your number or you can call or whatsapp me lets put head together. 08030937725

  23. Good afternoon. I’m not fit to go with batch A stream I dues to familly issue and i haven’t printed my call-up letter. Am i to revalidate or print my callup letter when stream II are printing theirs?…..

  24. I was deployed to yobe state in stream1 batch A,i can’t go der due to d long distance bt I have printed my callup letter. I am a nursing mother. Can I revalidate nd b posted to another state,if yes,how do I go abt it?

  25. If I don’t report to camp and try to work out my posting on stream 2 to the state of my choice will it work?

    1. I know nothing about working posting. The only thing I have noticed is that people who miss printing call up letters in stream I and revalidate in stream II usually get the same state.

      Those who revalidate in different batches usually gets different states.

  26. Hello, good afternoon.
    Please I really need your help, I applied for remobilization since September 2019 and till now I have not been mobilised. I was always checking my dashboard to see if there was anything new on it, after sometimes I saw DISCIPLINARY CASE written on my dashboard and when I click on it, I saw something like NO MASSAGE TRIAL FOUND, please what dose it means because am confused.

  27. After reading your article, I decided to log in to my dashboard again, I click on print slip and behold my remobilization letter was there but I was still posted to the same state again, and am to serve for 11 months.
    My question is if I go my my marital documents and others, can I still be relocated to my husband residence?
    And since I was not paid before, will I still be paid the monthly allowance during my service now.

    1. Hello Nancy sorry for the slow replies.
      I believe there may be issues with the remobilization software. Go to the NYSC secretariat and obtain a letter of decision. The letter will contain the state you have been remobilized to.

      Then you can go to that state with your remobilization letter and apply for relocation based on marital grounds.

      And yes you will be paid the new allowance.

  28. Hello good day pls , I need your advice, I registered for nysc I was sent my call up number and letter but I couldn?t go to camp because I was not in Nigeria and still not in Nigeria. I want to know if I can do revalidation without
    My thumbprint as i am not available to do it myself

  29. Sir Lawrence, concerning the thumb printing issue sir.I have done thumb printing initially when I was registering. Now if I want to revalidate would I still need to do thumb printing because there is no thumbprint option there. It only says that once I click revalidation button it would revalidate automatically.Could that mean there is no need for thumbprinting any longer

  30. Sir lawrence,
    I absconded from Nysc 2019 B 1, I want to know if I cant apply for remobilization on the portal without getting letter of decision from the state secretariat were I was posted to initially.
    Thank you.

  31. please i need you to tell what to do i was posted for batch A i cold not make to the camp due to my health now i want revalidate i could not find the option for re validate for 2020

  32. Good day, I’m having a issue concerning revalidation. I was mobilized with batch c 2018 but due to military training I couldn’t go and now I’m back I want to revalidate so I can apply for exemption but what I’m seeing on my dashboard I don’t know what to do

  33. Pls I don’t know how to print my certificate of remobilization.. I need assistance and my call up no is still the same…. Also I have not been able to register for remobilization still showing invalid entry

    1. hy i think you need to go to your state of previous deployment and make an inquiry,.. please share your experience with us after

  34. Hii lawrence I received my letter of remobilization but i only got the state I?m posted to and the call up number but not where to report to in the given state or time to report

    1. Hello @Korsbee, I am really sorry for the slow reply I have been away for a while now. PLease report to the state as soon as possible. If they are already in camp, you may want to go and meet them there if possible because NYSC starts counting from the day you report to the state Secretariat. I think you have only 2 weeks to do that

  35. Hello, thanks for the enlightenment.
    I’m having an issue.
    I am being mobilised for camping on 5th December 2020 but I don’t want to go for camping.
    Reason is that, I’m pursuing another degree course and post ume will be on very soon. And if I start serving and at the same time get admission, I won’t be able to complete my service and I will be an absconded corper. If I had knowledge of this article, I wouldnt have registered at first.

    Please, can I leave going to camp and revalidate when I am ready? Assuming it takes 6 years from now, can I still validate
    Please answer is urgently needed

    1. Please, how can I be sure that NYSC will post me to another state come January 2021, as I revalidates my registration. I missed out this year because of health issues. Thank you.

  36. Please, how can I be sure that NYSC will post me to another state come January 2021, as I revalidates my registration. I missed out this year because of health issues. Thank you.

  37. Thanks for the insightful article. A lot of sites om the web hardly have sufficient information on the issue of revalidation.

    I do have some questions because I want to be absolutely sure that I didn’t make a mistake deferring my 2020 batch b stream 1b mobilization even though I was automatically revalidated in the second stream.

    – Will fresh states appear for me to select from during the 2021 fresh batch?
    – Will I have to go to a Cafe to revalidate or can it be done at home?


    1. Hello Sharon,
      1. Will fresh states appear for me to select from during the 2021 fresh batch?

      revalidation is just confirming your details on the NYSC database. It’s just like registering all over again, only this time mos of your details had been captured in the 20020 stream B. As long as you head over to the Cafe on the first day of registration/revalidaton exercise, you will be able to select from all 36 states + FCT.

      2. Will I have to go to a Cafe to revalidate or can it be done at home?

      If you have the Digital Persona 4000 U are U fingerprint scanner at your disposal, you can do it at home as verifying your fingerprint is the only requirement needed to continue with revalidation. If you don’t have it, you will have to go to the cafe

  38. Hello Sir Laurence, I have been re-mobilized and posted to another state.I reported to the secretariat of the new state and was told that they couldn’t generate my state code number and ask me to report after camping. On getting there immediately after camping, I was told the portal has been closed and there was no deadline stated in the letter. Kindly advise of the way forward. Thank u sir

    1. Really sorry for the slow replies

      Deadlines used to be around 30 days

      If you can go to the main Defense Headquarters at Abuja, please go there, else as them for a way forward at the state Secretariat

  39. If I was to go to camp with the current steam but didn’t and printed my call up letter.
    What is my next line of action?

  40. Hello sir, i’ve gone through all the process for Remobilization I was mobilised but due to wrong information I wasn’t able to get to the state I was mobilised on time. On getting there they said I have to apply for new one. Now my dashboard info is changed…pls am I going to apply with the current info or my previous info. Thanks

    1. Your remobilization is rendered invalid the moment you missed out on getting to the Secretariat before it expires.the only valid information and details are your previous DATA

  41. GOOD DAY laurence, my issue is ” i was posted to ekiti for orientation camp and afeter the camp i was posted to my PPA but didn’t report and apply for online relocation after 7month i was relocated back to YOBE state. i go and register in yobe but i was told that i was abscond have to wait for my set to complete their service before applying for remobilisation. after my set complete their service i apply but my state code change to yobe. i apply for remob online i go to secretariat and apply and face the DC committe but after remobilisation list came out i was send to ONDO but cant print my remob letter. so what can i do pls thank you have a nice day.

  42. I have printed my call up letter but I can’t find it anymore. So I don’t know my call up number but I want to apply for revalidation. What do I do

    1. Your call up number is your ID with NYSC. You have to login into your dashboard.the call up number is still supposed to be there.

      Also, if your school keeps records, your call up should be at the students affairs department of I remember correctly

      1. Good evening sir, please I printed my call up letter batch A stream 1 but I was unable to go to camp due to some problem, but now I when to do revaildation but my problem now is when to do it, is it after remobilization or when pls

  43. Please I need your help.. after leaving the orientation camp, I was posted to a PPA visited the place and I went back home. Since then I’ve not showed up in my PPA due to distance from Osun to Cross River, my health And the situation of East nw. And I tried relocating but not working. Tried uploading my marriage documents but not yet approved batchA 21A. I know that’s Remobilization already. But please sir can I collect the decision letter in Abuja headquarter of Nysc myself or is it a must to travel to my former state to get it? Cos my parents is scared of allowing me to travel to the east this time around. Thanks sir

      1. Please Mr Laurence i absconded Katsina since 2017 due to illness, now i am ready to go back to sort it out . But i am really scared to embark on that journey due to the distance and all. Can’t i go to Abuja to get my letter of decision then start my process ? But averagely how long does the whole process take ? Please do you know anybody who can help me influence it to make it faster . Here is my number 08108322103

  44. Hi Laurence. My case is this. I went to cross river camp with pregnancy so filled relocation form and you know they don’t allow pregnant women stay in camp after registration which made me left early. Now am in relocation didn’t work. What can I do. Am still pregnant and even due and can’t risk it to go cross river again. How can I make my relocation work to Lagos or Can I leave it now and revalidate later

  45. Good evening Mr Laurence…pls I registered last year June and I did not go for camping becos of some reasons and also did not print out my call up letter as at when I finish registration, thumbprint and online payment becos the right information was not pass to me about printing out call up letter since I was not ready to go then, so sir, Pls what can I do now to make sure I follow the next batch that is going.

    Then regarding the school Id card is there no other means of getting the id card rather than travelling back to my school?. Thank you

  46. Morning sir I did get my remobilization letter. Does that mean I don’t need the “ relocation approval letter “ or do I just take the remobilization letter to the ICT department of the new state I’ve been posted to for registration? Thank you

  47. Hi I was posted to kaduna to serve ,I went to camp thinking I would relocate ,but now the relocation is not working…I plan on not going back ,I don’t want to serve again ,so I am thinking if I wait for after 5years ( I am 25 now) I already have A good paying job now
    Will I be giving exemption letter?? Or me going to camp in the first place has spoiled it?
    And if I am giving exemption letter,will I be given nysc certificate?
    Can I wait 5years before remobilizing?

    1. Yemi…mine is similar to urs….pls can u call me let’s see of it is possible to apply for exemption after camping?

    2. Even if you wait 10 years, as long as you graduated before 30, you are going to serve.

  48. Sir Lawrence, I was posted 2019 batch c and I went to camp. I fell sick and it was serious that i could not report to my redeployed state. I just went there last week with my letters and medical report. I want to know if I can fill remobilization form online or I wait before after they call me coz they told me they will call me after writing series of letters before I can fill the form.

    1. You have to apply for remobilization and face the disciplinary and reward committee before you can be remobilized. Alot has changed recently so you have to wait for them to ca you.

  49. Is it compulsory I have to go to my state of deployment before I can apply for remobilization online.

    1. You need the get the LETTER OF DECISION before you can apply for remobilization. And you can only get that from your state of deployment

  50. Even if you wait 10 years, as long as you graduated before 30, you are going to serve.

  51. Hello Sir Laurence,
    I was deployed in Batch A stream 1 2021 but was unable to report camp due to delayed of my NOR. Not the registration as started for Batch B. I checked my dashboard unfortunately it as been changed to Batch B. Now I’m trying to revalidate, it doesn’t work.. It’s just returning me back to my dashboard. Pls what should I do?? …. I really want to go with Batch B. Pls help me out sir

  52. Hello sir I was posted to jigawa state for orientation batchAstream2 they relocated me based on health ground and later they cancelled my relocation so I was asked to go back to jigawa and I can’t go for now due to my health status,so can I possibly abscond and revalidate or what do you advise I do Sir..I would be expecting your feedback sir

  53. Hello sir, I ought to go for nysc camp last batch but couldn’t make it and I have already registered for it online can I go for batch C

  54. I have collected one month allawee after camping and I don’t think that my LETTER OF DECISION has been sent to Abuja can my lgi do anything to help me continue without having to pass through the numerous procedures?

  55. Hello sir, I registered for batch B stream 1 2021,but due to some reason I will not be going, I heard that nysc have changed that I can not go again this year,that I will have to wait for a year before I can go , how true is this?

  56. I am currently serving in Abuja, but my law school is here. I do not want to do it currently. I heard it is possible to suspend NYSC and continue later. Please is this possible, and if it is, and if it’s not, how do I go about it?

  57. Good evening. Please I was posted to Gombe for my NYSC batch C 2021 but my parents don’t want me to go. Please can I mobilize for Batch D 2021.

  58. Please Lawrence, I want to know if provision is made for reasons why one didn’t go to the camp after deployment to a state, during revalidation.

    1. I am not sure. You just straight up go to the cafe, validate your finger prints, choose preferred states and you are pretty much done

  59. I am having issue over documents required for registeration @ the katsina camp.i was with the required ones but they started asking for irrelevant documents not needed for registration. Please if it happens that i will not be registered,can i revalidate or remobilize with next year’s batch A and go to another camp.

      1. Morning. Please since I left camp and documented at my ppa, I didn’t go back to the state. And after 3 months my relocation was approved and I documented and even did clearance at my new state. But I just saw it on my portal dat I absconded. And the penalty is remobilisation. So my main issue now is that is it my new state secretariat that I wil av to go for decision letter or the state wea I called because my state code has bin changed already Nd av bin working in my new ppa. Please hep me wt dis thanks sir.

  60. Is it possible to be remobilization after 10 months of service and successful clearance? I’ve gone through this article and I haven’t seen such

  61. Due to financial constraint I can’t go for batch A, stream 1.
    Will revalidation for batch A, stream 2 cost me anything?
    And how soon is stream 2 to resume after stream 1??

  62. Hi, thank you for this article. I absconded from my nysc and it’s been a year after now and I’m finally ready to remobilize. My problem now is my initial state of deployment is far from me. Can someone else help me get those documents from the state secretariat or does it have to be me that’ll go myself? I’d really appreciate a response. Thank you 🙏🏾

  63. Good afternoon
    I applied for remobilization online just last month the feedback I given was “sorry you can’t apply here, your record has been entered already by the system”.
    Is there something I need to do
    Because am confused right now
    Because reading this it saying letters of decision which makes me blankoff
    Pls reply thank you

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