NYSC Terms You Should Be Familiar With

NYSC Terms

NYSC is a term that has been around for years and it is widely used by different people. Due to its popularity, some other terms relating to the scheme are also in use but not all are understood clearly.

This article seeks to reveal and explain these terms. Here are some of the terms that I know;


National Youth Service Corps is a mandatory one year scheme aimed at tertiary graduates. The goal of the NYSC is to unite the country by allowing its corp members to have and understand different cultural and economic experience while embarking on Nation building.


Prospective Corp Members are graduates selected to participate in the NYSC scheme. They have not yet been screened and also have not taken the oath of service.


CM means corp members who have been screened and have taken the oath of service, and have been fully inducted into the corps. These members can be posted to different PPAs, queried and sanctions.

Orientation Camp

The Orientation camp is an NYSC camp where Prospective Corp Members are gathered to undergo orientation. Here they are taught the different values of NYSC and how to behave, security concerns amid others. Social activities are allowed too and competitions


Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Programme. SAED is compulsory in camp as it opens ways for corps members to pick up different useful skills that will fetch them money during and after the service year.


This is a stipend paid to the corp members to enable them to take care of themselves. Presently it is N33000 monthly for 12 months. Some states pay too (Rivers state pays N15000 monthly) and some PPA also pay stipends.


A slang used to refer to youth corp members

White Fowl

A slang used to refer to corp members undergoing orientation due to the fact that they have to put on white clothes throughout the orientation period.


The Zonal Inspector. All NYSC local government secretariats are grouped into Zones to enable easy administration and filing. The Zonal Inspector is in charge of the Zones under him


The Local (Government) Inspector who directly in charge of corp members. All corp members are to directly report to him and through him in case of any emergency. He also oversees clearance and sometimes CDS.


The Chief (or Corpers) Liason Officer. He works directly with the LGI to oversee corp members. If there is a case that demands the LGI’s attention, the CLO puts forward the issue to the LGI. He sometimes acts on the LGI’s behalf to settle very minor issues


Community Development Service. The CDS is a mandatory exercise all corp members must undergo to ensure while in service. It involves corp members using their skills to solve issues and contribute to developing their environment.


Place of Primary Assignment. This is the institution where the corp members undergo the one year service. Most PPAs are schools.


Passing Out Parade – An exercise that signifies the end of the service year.


This refers to corp members that absconded (left service) and later retured to be remobilized for service. You can read more about it here.


This refers to sending Corp Members to their PPA. There is also Reposting for Corp members that were rejected by their PPA.


Similar to an extension of a failed course in school, here corp members found wanted are sanctioned by having extra days, weeks or months added to their 1-year service duration.

More items will be added as time goes on. If you know any other term that I have not added, please let me know by using the comment box below.

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