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Top 10 Offline Music Apps for Android

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Music is food for the soul. It is more than a form of entertainment that keeps our company when we are alone; It also establishes our mood and affects our emotions as we go about our lives. That is why listening to music is one of the most commonly used features of our Android phones.

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Over the years, music has changed with the progress of humankind. Digital technology has made music more compact and more easily accessible to people. Today, most of us listen to songs through our phones or digital devices, which has gone beyond the traditional way of storing and selling music on vinyl, cassette, or CD.

An offline music app is an application specially designed to play downloaded music files stored on your phone. An online music app is an application that you use to stream music over the internet.

Some apps support downloading and streaming music. No matter how you listen to music, you will need a music app to play digital music.

In this write-up, we have put together the top offline music apps for Android, which would allow you to listen to songs anywhere and anytime.

Spotify Music


When it comes to listening to digital music, Spotify is the top app of choice. In fact, its name has become synonymous with digital music. Spotify is a top offline music app for Android that basically offers all the features that the average music fanatic needs.

It’s not just a free app, as it also allows you to listen to songs for free. It provides you with a free subscription plan that allows anyone with an internet connection to enjoy songs without paying and without those annoying ads popping up in the middle of a song.

As one of the top offline music apps for Android in the world, it sets the standards for what an offline music app should be like which includes compatibility with different devices; access to music of all genres and countries; the ability to search for artists and songs, create a personal playlist, and the ability to download songs.

Only the premium version will allow you to download songs so that you can listen to music offline, even without the internet. As everyone needs music, Spotify has also become a need for every Android phone user.



Soundcloud is a top offline music app for Android that targets music lovers. In this regard, we mean music listeners and music composers with their families of different SoundCloud products that offer a range of options in addition to listening pleasure and downloading their original songs and sharing them publicly.


In addition to the traditional function of downloading and playing music files, it gives you the option to transfer and stream your material, perfect for beginners.

Along with having access to mainstream music, you also get the fresh material from non-commercial and independent artists. This free offline music app also offers daily music recommendations based on your taste or desired genre. This allows you to explore new music that is always behind the veil of anonymity.

SoundCloud has the world’s largest platform for streaming music and audio with its growing community of users, music artists, and performers. And it is continually expanding to this day.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

If anyone knows how to make the best free offline music apps for Android phones and devices, it would be the creator of Android. Google Play Music has free ad-supported radio and music of all genres that you can search for by artist, album, genre, mood, generation, and more. You can transfer your music collection and play it with this free offline music app.

Google Play Music offers the typical functionality of a great music player app. To make free music, streamings would include advertisements. However, what makes this app great is its effort to make music more accessible to users.

It offers a family plan that allows six people to enjoy their different music on-demand on their phones with a single subscription. This subscription also will allow you to download music and listen to its sounds without connecting to the internet. Indeed, Google Play Music is a top offline music app for androids.

Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player

Whenever you come across reviews or recommendations of the top offline music apps for Android, Deezer is one app that has never been left off the list.

This is because they have all the necessary and key features of the top-rated music apps on the internet, from conveniently finding your favorite artists and songs to making your playlist, singing, and exploring other music, download music to listen to offline and even get paid with a reduced rate.

The sound quality is excellent for an average music listener. But it still delivers improved sound and sound quality when you buy its premium version.

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is a phenomenal music app that is exclusively offline. This means that it does not support streaming or downloading music. The internet doesn’t need the internet to work, but you need to have your music files on your device.


This free offline music app focuses on features that support the fun of listening to the music you own. It helps you create multiple lines, like creating different soundtracks/custom collections. It integrates well with the helmet controls.

It has a built-in equalizer so that you can adjust the sound quality as you like and also include a simple graphical user interface for easy navigation.

Music Player Offline

The music player offline, which has been named as one of the top offline music apps for Android, is designed to play all music files on your Android device.

What makes this application powerful is its ability to play almost all types of audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, AIFF, WMA, and MIDI.

Regardless of the format, the MP3 player will play them in high quality, complemented by a stylish equalizer for the custom bass, midrange, and treble. And to keep you stylish, this offline music app also comes with a variety of layout designs and themes.



This free offline music app is mainly designed as your input to stream music from radio stations, channels, and podcasts that are available on the internet. You can access thousands of local and international radio stations from around the world.

iHeartRadio is a top offline music app for Android, which has multiple playlists to choose from, organized by mood, activity, generation, and gender so that you can play the right soundtrack right away.

As an offline music app, you can easily switch iHeartRadio to the offline mode by tapping the switch next to “Offline.” Once launched, you can now play your favorite songs stored on your device.



Audiomack is one of the top offline music apps for Android that allows you to download songs for free and plays offline.

Audiomack is also ideal for musical artists who share their works with the public. While it is a standalone offline music app, it is also designed to integrate with other music apps like Spotify, Google Play, and Soundcloud to complement its functionality.




AIMP is a relatively top offline music app for androids. It supports the common types of music files, including the major ones such as FLAC, MP3, MP4, and others. You also get extensive customization options, themes, and other similar fun things.

The app has a user interface, and we had no issues navigating and listening to music. It just does it with a decent hardware design interface.

AIMP also has a great equalizer, live HTTP streaming, and volume normalization. It is a step ahead of most basic music playback apps. There is also a desktop version in case you want to kill two birds with one app.


Napster is a fantastic offline music app for Android. It gives you an endless amount of audio and radio streaming without the annoying ads that can make you want to smash your smartphone. Fidelity isn’t compromised here, and you can expect to hear quality sounds from the Napster cloud.

If you have a child who enjoys listening to music, you can allow them to interact with the Napster KIDS app’s enjoyable and safe functionality. The exciting part of this offline music app is that you can use it on virtually any device you can think of.

And of course, this app also allows you to enjoy your music offline so that you can listen and enjoy your songs without an active internet connection.


The digitization of music has created two modern ways of listening to music, namely downloading and streaming. The first is transferring and storing digital audio files on your device, such as a phone, and playing those files. The latter means listening to music directly from your database or from sources that would require an internet connection.

In this write-up, we have listed the top offline music apps for androids, which you can download these apps for free on your Android phones. However, you will need to upgrade and pay for its premium versions to unlock all its features and functionality.

However, as offline music apps, you will still need your music files stored on your mobile phone to listen to songs offline. With the free availability of these top offline music apps for Androids, you are guaranteed the best things in life.

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