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Ooni of Ife Might Not Be Getting a New Queen

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The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, is one of Africa’s most respected monarch and people are often eager to be in the know when it comes to his activities, and that includes his love life. Knowing that the young king had recently parted ways with his queen, it is expected that he gets involved with someone else so that the position of the Olori would not be vacant for too long.


Although the throne remained silent on the matter of the separation between the monarch and his queen, there has been news that the king might have found a new beautiful flower befitting for the throne. But how accurate is the story that the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi has secretly replaced his old queen?

In 2017 the former queen of the monarch, Olori Wuraola, came out to debunk the news on social media that her marriage to the Ooni ended on the grounds of her infidelity. The former queen claimed that such an accusation was perpetrated by some people who didn’t know the truth about why her marriage actually hit the rocks.  After the breakup, Olori Wuraola changed her name on social media to Zainab and did not give an apparent reason for the divorce. However, she hinted that there might have been cases of domestic violence, but Zainab Otiti Obanor warned the public to desist from spreading information they were unclear about.

Zainab  Otiti Obanor who is from Edo state Nigeria said that no matter what people say, how much insults, or the circumstances that victims of domestic violence find themselves, they should never be afraid to speak up and seek help. She added that the culture of tarnishing a woman’s image and accusing her of infidelity once a marriage fails in cowardice and unhealthy, thus it has to be stopped. Going further, Olori Wuraola said there is no proof to back up the rumour of infertility and infidelity on her path.

However, with the small talks and speculations on social media concerning the Ooni getting a new queen, the throne has found it imperative to set the record straight before things go out of hand.

Prince Fadairo, who is the brother-in-law of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi spoke on behalf of the monarch saying that getting a new queen was not top priority for the King at the moment. Furthermore, the spokesperson added that it was far from possible for the king to re-marry in silence because his marriage entails a lot more than that of regular people. If the Ooni decides to marry, it does not only become the business of the royal family, it becomes the business of the entire Yoruba nation. Hence, any news that has not come from the palace is false and should be avoided.

People have linked the monarch to some attractive females and rumour has it that one of them who happens to be a devoted Christian has been particularly suspected to be the one the king has chosen.

If the Monarch says he is not thinking about getting a queen soon, who are we to say otherwise?


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