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Paneer: The Indian Cheese

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A favourite among South Asians, paneer is a type of fresh cheese. It is called Chena in the eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent. An all time popular ingredient, one can do nothing but indulge in the divine taste of paneer.

Thanks to this soft and cheesy local flavour, a sumptuous meal awaits us at the dinner table! Easy to cook and easy to make, paneer never ceases to amaze most of us.

Paneer can be easily made at home using milk and lemon juice. Because of its delicate milky flavour it is used in preparing a variety of dishes – from curries to desserts.

Since rennet is not used in making paneer, vegetarians can also relish its glorious taste. An excellent source of Vitamin D and calcium, homemade paneer is not rich in calories.

So those who feared a weight gain on eating paneer can ease your tensions and try the different delicacies made using it. It is a favourite among small children too. One of the easiest homemade cheeses, paneer is very similar to queso blanco (Greek feta cheese); chewy with a mild flavour.

Normally a paneer is square shaped and it doesn’t melt while sautéing, frying or cooking. It is very popular among the North Indians in India and is a must in classic Indian dishes like Korma and Palak.

Paneer is also one among the few types of cheese indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and is a great source of proteins to the vegans. Salads, curries, desserts, snacks paneer can be used to make anything.

Here is a list of some of the most popular paneer dishes. Try some, refresh your taste buds and discover the new flavour of world cuisine.

  • Let me start off with the Paneer Tikka Masala, a gourmet dish that is easy to cook but very delicious. Marinated paneer with tomato gravy is the main ingredient of Tikka Masala. It makes an excellent formal dinner.
  • Bell peppers, green chilies and other spices added to paneer make the simple yet spicy Chilli Paneer.
  • Deep fry some mildly spiced batter coated paneer until it turns slightly brown. Then toss it in butter and pepper masala to prepare Paneer Butter Pepper Fry.
  • The Punjabi Paneer Paratha is a delicious double-layered paratha filled with spiced paneer or cottage cheese.
  • Another popular paneer recipe is the Kadai Paneer. Cubed paneer is added to spicy kadhai gravy and simmering tomatoes. I strongly recommend you try this delicious delight and enjoy it.
  • Cook some cubed Indian cottage cheese in thick creamy gravy and the tasty Paneer Butter Masala is ready.
  • A must-try for green peas lovers Mattar Paneer is an excellent and delicious dish that is often found in restaurant menus. A culinary delight of North Indian origin Mattar Paneer goes well with Rotis. It is an excellent midday meal.
  • You can chill during the chilly evenings munching the crunchy and hot Paneer Pakoda made using cottage cheese and besan.
  • Who can resist a plate of mouth-watering Rossogollas? An important mishti (dessert) of the Bengal cuisine, Rossogollas are made from pure Chena (cottage cheese).
  • An easy-to-make dessert among Indian sweets, Paneer Kheer is the second most popular paneer dish in India after Rasagullas.
  • Feeding kids is a tough task for many mothers. Let’s make this an easy job preparing the special Paneer sandwich – a healthy vegetarian sandwich, a quick evening snack, and a favorite among kids.
  • Paneer Kulchas are also worth trying. Kulchas stuffed with paneer are cooked over the stovetop and served with Channa Masala. A hearty meal is in store for you!
  • At the sound of the grill, the first thing that comes to our mind is the aroma of the grilled chicken. But if you want to make your morning meal extra special you have to try the Grilled Paneer Sandwich. Extremely delicious and filling, you must have it with a glass of chilled juice or smoothie. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • If you are a fan of the egg burji, you must surely try the Amritsari Paneer burji as it is extra special, extra delicious, and extra ‘ordinary’. It is one of the easiest and most loved paneer concoctions. It is a mash-up of paneer, tomatoes, spices, lime, and coriander leaves.
  • The pudding is a weakness for many across the globe. And when it is the Hot Paneer Sandesh Pudding you can never control your greedy cravings. Made using paneer and organic fruits, the pudding keeps you perfectly healthy and fit.
  • Small round-shaped paneer in deep, rich gravy never fails to entertain friends and family. Paneer Kofta tastes great with hot crisp naan or roti.
  • When you are hungry and craving something delicious, pick the simple Tomato Paneer recipe. On a low-fat diet, paneer chunks are tossed in olive oil and cooked with mild spices, milk, puree, and capsicum.
  • Last but not least is the Roomali Paneer and Chutney Butter. It is a showcase of creativity where paneer pinwheels baked in an aromatic butter crust are mixed with chutney and nuts.

These are some exotic and yummy paneer delights. Enjoy!

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