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Pet Household Hazards

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Just like we need to be careful with babies and kids about leaving poisonous things around the house, so do we need to be careful not to leave poisonous items around the house for dogs and cats.


There are some things we are aware of that can be detrimental but I bet all of us are not aware of all the household items that may cause sickness and perhaps even death in our pets.

One of the major hazards for pets that come from the bathroom are the medications that humans take. As you probably already know, you should not give your pet any medications unless your vet gives you the go ahead on this.

The following human medicines that you probably have in your bathroom or medicine cabinet should be in a tightly covered container and stored in your medicine cabinet way above the counter in a locked cabinet so there is no chance of your pet getting into them.

Any type of a non-steroidal type medication, this includes such things as Aleve, Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen should be locked up as well as antihistamines, diet pills/vitamins, antidepressants, acetaminophen, cold medicines and any prescription drugs.

While they may smell good, many potpourris contain products that can cause oral ulcers and other problems.

Mothballs also have the ability to make your cats and dogs seriously ill, and those mothballs that have naphthalene may cause serious illnesses such as kidney, liver and blood cell damage, seizures, digestive and respiratory tract irritation, swelling of brain tissue, coma and even death.

Other products that your pet may come across in your bedroom that could be dangerous or deadly to them include alkaline batteries (those in your remote controls), pennies (those that are minted after 1982 contain zinc), and tobacco will cause serious illnesses if ingested.

Many foods that we take for granted as being perfectly safe for humans can be dangerous for pets.

These foods include such things as chocolate, grapes, raisins, coffee grounds, yeast dough, tea, alcohol, salt, fatty foods, garlic, avocados, macadamia nuts and onions. Also you make sure you keep your garbage out of the reach of your pet because rotting food contains molds or bacteria that can cause food poisoning.


Other things you need to be careful of in your kitchen are cleaning products. Many times we keep these products under our sink and it would be really easy for your pet to get into them if someone left the cabinet door ajar.

These items include such things as bleach, which if ingested by your cat or dog it may cause an upset stomach, drooling, vomit, severe burns if swallowed, and if inhaled in great quantities can cause respiratory tract irritation.

Another item you want to be extremely careful with in the kitchen when it comes to pets are dish washing detergents especially if they contain phenols as an ingredient.

If you keep your cleaning products in the kitchen you will need to take special care for them, too. As with household cleaners, read and follow label instructions before using any type of pesticide in your pet’s environment.

For example if you have tick and flea products that say use on your cat only do not use them on your dog or vice verse. Serious consequences could occur if you do. Just because something is appropriate for one species does not mean it will work for another.

If you have rat or mouse poisoning and your pet ingests it, your pet could become ill to the point where their life is in danger. If you use these items around the house, make sure your pet has no access to those areas you are using it.


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