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Pet Meds You Need to Carry Along When Taking Your Dog for a Road Trip

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There is a mystical bond between a dog and a car. Our canine buddies are hardwired to get hyper-excited every time they are led to believe they are going for a car ride. Even hearing words like “car” can trigger their excitement.


Their very excitement poses a challenge when you decide to take your dog for a road trip. For example, pets often get anxious when inside a moving vehicle. The excitement and the motion can also cause car sickness in dogs. Dogs also get thirsty more often, all thanks to their habit of putting their heads outside the window.

While there is no denying the fun factor of going on a spontaneous road trip, you should never go on a road trip with your dog unprepared.  

How to Prepare Your Dog for a Road Trip?

The first thing you need to do before hitting the road is taking your dog to the vet’s office. This allows the vet to perform a quick physical to check if your dog is ready for a road trip. Vets also suggest certain medications to combat road sickness and anxiety. Take note and buy pet meds online to ensure you can treat these common health issues on the road. While you at the vet’s office, it’s also a good idea to get your dog microchipped.

Apart from a vet visit, it also makes sense to get your dog familiarized with the car. If you take your dog out regularly on car rides, this is not necessary. It’s also important to crate train your dog.

What are the Types of Pet Meds You Need for a Road Trip?

Nausea and anxiety attacks are two of the most common health issues you need to keep an eye out for. While anxious behavior is pretty easy to spot, nausea can be difficult to detect in dogs. Until of course your dog throws up in your car and makes that guilty face. Excessive drooling is a telltale sign of a carsick dog. Nauseated dogs often put their heads towards the seat, which can also be a sign.

A First Aid Kit for Your Dogs: Prepare a first aid kit for your dog to treat injuries. A basic dog first aid kit should contain the following items.

  • Vet Wrap (Fur-Friendly)
  • Sterilized cotton,
  • Surgical tape
  • Styptic Powder
  • Antiseptic liquid such as povidone iodine
  • Tweezers and Scissors
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (To Induce Vomiting to treat Poisoning)
  • Alcohol Wipes,
  • Saline Solution
  • Emergency Thermal Foil Blanket

Anti-Anxiety Medication: From alprazolam to diazepam, there are dozens of anxiety medications available for dogs. Speak to a qualified veterinarian to learn more about them. Ask the vet for an emergency anxiety pill for dogs. These easy-to-administer pet meds help your pet to calm down when out on the road.


Medication for Nausea: As mentioned earlier vomiting and car sickness are common problems. To reduce the chances of carsickness refrain from feeding your dog just before a long trip. Vets usually prescribe pet meds such as metoclopramide, maropitant citrate, or famotidine to treat nausea in dogs.


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