Pitsky dog breed

These dogs’ breeds are a handsome and robust cross between the Alaskan or Siberian Husky and an American Pitbull Terrier, with these dogs taking on characteristics of its parents thus are excellent hiking buddies. Furthermore, they require a lot of exercises hence thrive best in high energy homes.

Pitskies have a distinctive appearance with no two resembling each other, and these dog breeds are perfect if you love either of the breeds.

It is particularly so if you are a husky-lover who resides in warm climates that do not suit purebred huskies.

Additionally, these dog breeds can either have long or short hair, come in various colors, with blue eyes frequently seen in Huskies as well as having an either floppy or stand up ears.


The origin of the Pitsky breed is not known.


Pitskies are usually crossed between Huskies, either the Alaskan or Siberian husky and pit bulls, and are well-built, stocky and robust.

Despite Pitskies having an unknown origin, they have been around for a quite long time, and there exist many generations, with the first generation being the original cross between the two breeds.

Subsequently, the second and third generations were bred from the initial two Pitsky parents.


Since Pitskies are very active, meals with high fat and plenty of protein are ideal, with these dog breeds being large and carrying plenty of muscle, thus making big breed formulas is an excellent choice for these dogs.

Despite these breeds being lean, putting them on a grain-free diet prevents these dogs from gaining weight, and the addition of Glucosamine supplements in their food helps to ensure their joints remain healthy and robust.


Appropriate training needs to be done from a tender age, as early as when these puppies are eight weeks young, and these dogs make excellent companions.

Moreover, being highly intelligent creatures, Pitskies require a job to remain balanced due to their strong personalities and tend to be destructive if not trained properly.

To prevent Pitskies from chasing tiny animals, socialization is critical, and they also excel in various kinds of dog work, pulling and agility.

It is a loyal dog breed which necessitates plenty of attention, so it is crucial starting from a young age to train it to get used being alone, with crate training critical in guaranteeing this dog is always safe.

Since Pitskies are never happy being left alone, it is vital to train them while they are puppies that they have a secure spot of their own, hence preventing them from chewing up the house or hurting themselves when all alone.


Usually, these dog breed weighs between 35 and 80 pounds.


With both Huskies and Pitbulls having high energy levels, with Pitskies also possessing this trait making this breed not ideal for low energy families or apartment living. Furthermore, these dog breeds are loving and cheerful thus get along well with children.

These dog breeds are extraordinarily loyal but need plenty of attention, therefore are not perfect for individuals with long working hours since this will result in anxiety and frustration to these dogs.

Due to separation anxiety, Pitskies can take it out on the house thus causing a lot of damage to the household equipment if not properly attended.

Common Health Complications

Because this breed has just been recently considered to be a separate breed, there are not many well-documented health ailments specifically affecting the Pitsky.

Hyperthyroidism, which has symptoms like shortness of breath and wheezing is the only complication Pitsky suffer from often.

Furthermore, to prevent anything else from coming up, it is crucial to keep Pitsky well-exercised and well-fed to avoid any condition from arising while also closely monitoring both their stance and joints. It is because hip dysplasia is frequent in both parent breeds.

Life Expectancy Typically, the Pitsky dog breed has an average of lifespan of 15 years.

Exercise Requirement

To remain happy, Pitskies need plenty of exercises to continue being happy, and they love to play, run, hike and pull.

Additionally, they require obedience training and mental exercises to remain happy, with the more exercise they get, the more comfortable these dogs become.

Also, backpacks are excellent for this breed since both parent breeds have a tremendous amount of stamina and since it is likely you will get tired before you dog, these backpacks will assist you in making them wear out a lot faster.

These dogs do not like being left all alone for extended periods, and if it is a must they be left alone, it is important to start training them from an early age to avert destructive behavior.

Additionally, Pitskies do not gain any benefit from interactive and treat dispensing toys and having a Kong will be an excellent lifesaver especially if you require to get some work done.

Known Clubs

Because Pitsky is a hybrid/designer breed, it is not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club. Nevertheless, Pitsky receives recognition from The Dog Registry of America.


Usually, the coating present on a Pitsky puppy differs in every dog, since the pitbull has short, dense fur whereas the husky has a long coat. Additionally, the colors vary thus the dog’s skin can be of any color.


One of the best parts of getting the Pitsky pup is that you do not know how they will look like after maturing into adults.

This breed can have standing or floppy ears, short or long hair, so there is no possible way you to know when choosing a puppy which might also have mismatched or blue eyes.

Therefore, to have a better understanding of how the puppy will look like, you need to have a look at the Pitsky puppy’s parents and to understand what generation they are.

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