10 Online Plagiarism Detection Tools in 2021

Plagiarism Detection Tools

The best free plagiarism detection tools eLearning professionals should consider. Modern technology and the development of the Internet have allowed us to access information when we want it and anywhere on the planet.

Original ideas are becoming increasingly rare. Everyone seems to reproduce the opinions of others and present them as their own. While this practice is not new, many would argue that it has reached its peak today.

In this write-up, I will list the ten best free plagiarism detection tools that will allow eLearning professionals to face the plagiarism nightmare.

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Table of Contents

1. DupliChecker

DupliChecker Plagiarism Detection Tools

Dupli Checker is one of the most active free plagiarism detection tools on the Internet. Although it doesn’t have a smooth interface, the job certainly works well.


  • Free of Charge
    You have nothing to pay. Whether you are an individual user or plan to take full advantage of this free daily plagiarism detection tool, you will not be charged for a subscription.
  • Easy to Use
    It is equipped with a basic functional design that does not require prior experience with plagiarism detection tools.
  • Two ways to check plagiarism
    Duplichecker allows you to copy and paste text in a field, then check plagiarism or transfer a text or Docx file from your laptop/computer.
  • 50 plagiarism scans daily for registered users
    If you register for free, Duplichecker allows you to do 50 plagiarism checks in one day.


  • One search per day for unregistered users
    If you choose not to receive a free subscription, you are limited to only one plagiarism check per day.

Plans and Prices

  • No paid version available.

2. Copyleaks

Copyleaks.com  Plagiarism Detection Tools

This cloud-based authentication platform allows you to track your use of e-learning content online.


  • For education and work
    Different parts of the platform for educational and commercial purposes. The business section targets publishers and SEO agencies, while the education section targets schools, students, and universities.
  • Multiple file formats and languages
    Copyleaks can analyze content in a variety of file formats and all Unicode languages.
  • A variety of tools
    Copyleaks enables you to use the API tool to search for plagiarized e-learning content on the Internet. It also offers a mobile application as well as an add-on for MS Office with which you can search for plagiarism when writing a document in MS Word.


  • You can only use it after registration
    Unfortunately, you must first open an account before you can search for plagiarized e-learning content.
  • Free page restriction
    Only the first ten pages are free.
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Plans and Prices

  • For a job
    If you sign up for free, you can check 2,500 words per month. Flexible subscription plans start at $ 9.99 per month to confirm up to 25,000 words with no daily limit. You can also choose to give a prepaid amount of money after it matches a certain number of words to be checked monthly.
  • For education
    The free package works the same way as for businesses. You can check up to 25,000 words from just $ 10.99. A prepaid business option is also available here.

3. PaperRater

PaperRater Plagiarism Detection Tools

A free and versatile plagiarism detection tool used in over 140 countries.


  • Three tools in 1: grammar proofreading and checking, vocabulary creation, plagiarism checking
    If you need to check the text for grammatical errors, correct it with suggestions of different formulations or check for plagiarism, this is a tool.
  • Developed by industry experts
    It was developed by a team of computer linguists and subject matter experts.
  • Quick results
    PaperRater has precise results in seconds.


  • There are no options to save the report
    If you want to save a report on the results, you’re out of luck here.

Plans and Prices

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  • Basic, fundamental
    Free presentations up to 5 pages, grammar, and spelling checks, writing suggestion tools, and automated punctuation.
  • Premium
    $ 95.40 per year or $ 7.95 per month. All of the above, including multiple editors with concurrent plagiarism checking, no ads, faster file transfer capabilities, and faster processing times.

4. Plagiarisma


It is an essential and straightforward, versatile tool to detect plagiarism, used by students, teachers, writers, and various literary industry members.


  • Over 190 languages are supported
    There are hardly any languages excluded from the list.
  • Confirm plagiarism by URL, network or file download
    Copy and paste or input text in the appropriate field, specify a URL or transfer the file from your computer. Supported file types include: TXT, DOC, HTML, RTF, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, ODT, EPUB, FB2, PDB.
  • Firefox and Chrome extensions
    Quickly display text by downloading plug-ins.


  • Plagiarism check limited daily.
    If you are searching for a tool for general use, look elsewhere. The free version has a small number of plagiarism checks.

Plans and Prices

  • Variety of plans
    The free version of Plagiarisma offers all of the above benefits. If you are registered, you can upgrade to Premium members. Price plans range from $ 5 a day for up to 100 searches. There is a subscription from $ 25 to $ 30 for 3 or 6 months for unlimited searches. Up to 25 users, there is a monthly subscription of $ 25 for an unlimited number of searches.
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5. Plagiarism Checker

Easy to use and completely free plagiarism detection tool to check if the content is plagiarized.


  • Detailed guidelines
    One of the most straightforward free plagiarism detection tools due to the gradual focus on how to use it.
  • Make sure others have plagiarized your content online.
    Click on the “For Authors” option to verify that they have placed their content and published it on the Internet. You can also receive an email notification.
  • Completely online
    No download required.


  • They only support Google or Yahoo browsers
    If you don’t use either of these two browsers, you may want to look elsewhere,

Plans and Prices


6. Plagium

Plagium Plagiarism Detection Tools

An essential but fully functional free plagiarism detection tool with different search levels.


  • Easy to use
  • Copy and paste the text. It has two types of search, a quick search, and an in-depth search.
  • Free up to 5000 characters each time
  • For a maximum of 5,000 characters per search, you do not have to pay any fees.


  • Limited free features
    Only by registering can you download the file, view it, and get a word usage report.

Plans and Prices

  • Quick search and deep search offers
    When you are a regular/frequent user of the platform, Plagium asks you to pay a subscription. For $ 9.99 a month, you can do 287 quick searches and 143 deep searches. For $ 24.99 a month, you can do 699 quick searches and 349 deep searches. The last option is a monthly subscription of $ 99.99, which offers 2,949 quick searches and 1,474 in-depth searches.

7. PlagScan

PlagScan Plagiarism Detection Tools

A plagiarism detection tool for individuals and companies that checks texts with online content, scientific journals, and user documents.


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  • Completely online
    No download required.
  • Three ways to check plagiarism
    You can choose between a) paste the text directly into the appropriate field, b) import the file from the web by pasting its URL in the specified area or download from cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, c ) download the file from the desktop.
  • There is no subscription for private users.
    The user pays on demand according to his needs.
  • Integration features
    Companies can integrate Plagscan into a variety of learning and content management systems (CMS / LMS).


  • Relatively complicated interface
    Unlike competing platforms, the interface seems quite advanced.

Plans and Prices

  • Private users
    It starts at $ 5.99 per month, and online storage time can be up to 6 months.
  • Organizations
    Accounts for schools, universities, or businesses start at $19.99 per month with unlimited online storage and a variety of cloud and management capabilities.

8. PlagTracker


A free and fast plagiarism detection tool that searches university websites and databases by copying and pasting text or transferring files.

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  • Addressing different user groups
    Students, publishers, teachers, and site owners can take advantage of Plagtracker.
  • Detailed reports
    The user receives information on the parts to be specified and a list of sources to be used.
  • Six languages are supported
    Check the content of online learning in English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, and Italian.


  • There is no file transfer in the free version
    You must purchase a premium package before you can download and validate the file.

Plans and Prices

  • Premium offer
    For $7.49 per month, you can download and check larger files with faster processing times, grammar checks, and an unlimited multi-document checking.

9. Quetext


The basic design and functional interface verified on the Internet, as well as various databases.


  • No subscription
    Quetext is entirely free.
  • Unlimited use
    No account, registration or download required.


  • No file transfer
    Users can copy and paste text only in a specific area.

Plans and prices

  • Free. No premium members. No subscription is available.

10. Plagiarismhunt


One-click online plagiarism check with five different plagiarism software systems.


  • You can scan text with five different plagiarism checks and see which one will show the best results on a website.
  • You can try scanning with a free tool.
  • No need for registration, password, etc. The system encrypts all transmitted data and will delete it after 24 hours.


  • Slower steering speed. While other tools will scan your paper in 2 minutes, this tool will take approximately 4 minutes.
  • Ad hoc verification. You cannot retrieve previously verified documents and resend them later, as the documents will be deleted after 24 hours.

Plans and Prices

  • Free. You can download your work, and the Checker will show you the plagiarism rate for free.
  • All the scan inspect. For $45, your document will be scanned using plagiarism checks like Copyscape, Unicheck, and 3. You will see which verifier has detected most of the plagiarism.
  • Consult a tool. For $15, you can choose a plagiarism check from the list and scan your paper with it.
  • Open a detailed report. For $6, you can view any report to see which pieces of text have been copied and what the original font is.

Plagiarism is not a small act in the world of e-learning. Still not convinced of the importance of plagiarism verification platforms in e-learning?

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