Play, Think, Learn, Develop – Useful Android Games to Challenge Your Brain

Infinity Loop Energy

Man’s ability to think and learn is what set him apart from other animals. Puzzle games have always been there for a very long time, right from the days of Sudoku. I would not be faulted If I said they are almost as old as man.

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While puzzle games help stimulate our brain and thinking capability, they are not always fun.

There are a plethora of games in the Google Play Store, and they all aim to either serve the purpose of Entertainment or Education. These apps below sorted from the play store by us will make you get your thinking hats as you play, learn and think.

Infinity Loop Energy

The Infinity loop games series is one of the best endless games I have played in a long while. I was addicted to infinity loop energy right from installation.

Simple, fun but challenging, the series requires you to form a loop to pass levels. Infinity Loop Energy game is a colorful game that requires you to connect a series of bulbs and Wi-Fi to a power source to complete the stages.

Once completed, the connection forms a cool graphical design that can be saved and used as wallpaper on your phone. Infinity Loop Energy is addictive and helps you on the journey to deveLOOPing your mind in problem-solving. You can play it with friends. Click Here To Download Infinity Loop Energy

4 Pics 1 Word

4 PICS 1 WORD is a top-rated game, and it is just four pictures and one word. Here you get four pictures, and you look for a word that best describes them.

The game can be frustrating at times as you have to find a way to crack the PICS. Sometimes you have to unscramble the words within your head to get the answers, and everything is not really as it seems.

You may spend days on one stage, and couples can play this game and enjoy it. Two good thinking heads are better than one here. You can play it too via Facebook messenger also if you wish to challenge your friends. Click Here To Download 4 Pics 1 Word

Vocabulary Builder

The vocabulary builder is an exciting game for those who want to improve their vocabulary and have fun at same time. This app helps you study for your English, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS tests or personal development with short quizzes each day.

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Different stages in the game range from basic to master.

The brain behind the app is an online test prep company Magoosh, that focuses on teaching students and preparing them for International Exams.

The app allows you to track your progress and no matter how bad you perform at first, you will master it and watch your grammar improve. Click Here To Download Vocabulary Builder

Math Tricks

Think you know mathematics, Want to understand mathematics and have fun same time? Welcome to MathemaTRICKS. Math Tricks is like a quiz app that presents math questions for you to solve to have points.

It has a single game, joint game, training and multiplayer mode and you can learn different tricks used in solving exponentiations, nth root and multiplications and any other -ions out there.

The best part of the app, it shows clear workings and should you fail in the quiz mode, it will work out the solutions for you with small tricks you never expected. The “joint mode” allows you to compete against your friends in a bid to see who finishes first.

With 84 different tricks, you will be addicted and solving equations in no time I guess. Click Here To Download Math Tricks

Skillz – Logical Brain

Skillz – Logical brains is a game that seeks to train your mind on logic, accuracy, and skills thereby increasing your memory and attention span. With 10 million downloads and a 4.7 rating, they present various challenging but straightforward mini-games to train you.

It can mess you up if you don’t pay attention to details but once you get it right, you will realize it is entertaining and captivating. Each level is designed to test your skills and abilities to its peak and comes with stars to rank your performance.

There is also a multiplayer mode to enable you to play against your friends or random players. It is also suitable for training kids on colors, increase their reflexes and speed to boost their morale. Click Here To Download Skillz

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Words With Friends

This app is like the Ultimate scrabble game for android. Made by Zynga, the Word with Friends series (consisting of Words With Friends Classic, Words With Friends Play Free, and Words With Friends 2) is a Scrabble-like game series that allows you to challenge your friends and random people across the world to prove your Word Supremacy.

This game is also available on Facebook Messenger where you can challenge many friends and family members, unscramble letters to form words and also learn new words from your opponents as you try to get most points and top them. Click Here to download Words With Friends Classic or ClickHere to Download Words With Friends Free or Click here to download Words With Friends 2

Word Search

I first had a chance to play word crush sometime in 2014, and ever since then I never stopped loving it. Word search presents you with a list of hidden words which you must find and highlight to get an excellent rating.

It has infinite play mode with automatically generated grids. It is simple yet challenging. It has no special feature, but that is absolutely why you will love this less than 3MB app that has about 50million Play Store Downloads which proves that sometimes, less is better. Click Here To Download Word Search.

Brain It on Physics Puzzles

This app should replace the physics curriculum, and we will be alright playing our ways to A’s as we learn. “It looks easy, how difficult can it be?” so I thought till I started playing wondered how naïve I was.

The puzzles are deceptive, and you need to crack your brains to figure out the right answers. Physics, trying to trash me even in games. Click Here To Download BIOPS

Word Cross / Word Alot

The number 1 top free word game on Playstore has to feature on this list for it to be complete right? Word Play is a crossword puzzle-like game that includes word scramble to make you work your brain.

With over 2000 challenges, this free app starts with easy stages but quickly becomes tasking as the gameplay becomes challenging to play.

Word Alot, like Word Cross, is a puzzle crossword game but instead of pure text, the answers are linked to objects in a Picture. If 4 Pics 1 Word and Word Cross had a child, it would be Word Alot. Click Here To Download Word Cross or Click Here To Download Word Alot

2048 / 4096

2048 is a mathematical game that requires you to add tiles of like numbers together to form the final answer – 2048. The addition is done by like swiping tiles into each other, and with each swipe, new tiles are immediately added.

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This brain training, family friendly yet addictive game usually starts pretty easy but gets real serious quick. Starting with 2, you add and get 4, 8, 16, etc. right down to 2048.

If at the end you feel 2048 is not challenging enough try 4096. There are other types like 8192 and 2048 hexa, but they are still in test mode anyways. Click Here To Download 2048 or Click Here To Download 4096


Domino is a logic board game that supports single and multiplayer, which requires you to match bones with the same number of dots and score most points. Bone selection is random, and it has three modes;

Muggins – which requires a little knowledge of simple addition and subtraction to score points multiples of 5, Block – where the player with the fewest bones score wins and Draw.

You can play against friends or bots (which are fantastic opponents) or against random players online who you can also chat with. Click Here To Download Dominos

Guns and Glory

This one is for those who love a bit of action in their thinking. Guns and Glory is a small Strategy game that requires you to move your small assembled army consisting of gunslingers, Native Indians shooting arrows, Canons, Snipers, warships, and Trains with Gatling guns around to prevent settlers from the west from crossing and setting in your homeland.

You must maximize your gains, think fast as to which soldier to hire, destroy carriages carrying people and gold to prevent them from escaping as you race against time else the Sheriff is going to hear about it and come for you.

The game has nice sounds and visual effects to make it more interesting. The free version is riddled with ads, restricted to easy mode (which is rather too easy if I must say) and limited to one state but the premium version brings in more difficulty, more options, and more bosses. Click Here To Download Guns and Glory Free or Click Here To Download Guns and Glory Pro

Roll the Ball – Slide Puzzle

100 Million downloads on play store, 4.5 Stars rating by 1.3 Million Users, Editors’ Choice, One of The Ultimate puzzle and brain training games ever because it is simple and simplicity is the key. Your mission is to create a path for the moving ball to reach its goal which is easy right, but riveted blocks can’t be moved.

This game falls under eight puzzle genres such as sliding, maze, brain teasers, physics, retro, exam & Tutoring, and family puzzle games. It has tons of levels, no time limit and available offline. Click Here To Download Roll The Ball

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Other worthy mentions include WORD CRUSH, CYBERLORDS ARCOLOGY (PAID) which is a Role-Playing Game technically, LARA CROFT (PAID) and THE ROOM (PAID).

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